Wingnut Web – Cheering the Misfortunes of Americans Edition

We haven’t visited Resistnet for a while, let’s see how they are doing! Remember, Resistnet claims to value personal liberty and freedom for all Americans, so when something like this is posted:
You can bet the responses will be filled with people totally upset that American citizens are fleeing a US state under fear of persecution for their race and being lumped in with a bunch of criminals.

Like this one, the first response from Resistnet National Director Darla Dawald:
Wait a minute, the National Director is cheerleading American citizens fleeing for their safety???

Luckily the rest of Resistnet couldn’t be so cruel!

Oh, wait…

All Hispanics are illegal, and swarm like locusts

Hispanics – 100% Illegal Aliens who sit under trees and force all good White Americans to be recluses.

Wishing misfortune on parts of America = True Patriotism

Less Brown, it’s a win WIN!

We shoot all Brown People in Upstate New York!

When Resistnet’s South Dakota state director is the Unabomber, I think there is a problem

Country Music – the Devil’s Playground

That’s how you patriotically resist – you badly Photoshop pregnant men! George Washington Photoshopped at the Delaware River and singlehandedly won us the Revolutionary War, he did!

Ronald Reagan – giant communist!

One Final Word: Zack Morris from Saved By The Bell is a Communist, as is Office Space!

Elite Billionaires are Pure Communists who are part of the Agenda 21 Plan from the NWO. This is Patriotic Resistance.

I see Brown People at my nursing home!

There is a Secret 13th Amendment that says I am King of America, and also the US is a Corporation which is Communist!

Everyone, write crazy letters to random attorneys! IT IS THE ONLY WAY!

The Agenda 21 Plan is worse that Communism…it’s Communitarianism!

Alex Jones videos are known for their truthfulness.

Bill O’Reilly didn’t read my mom’s letter…thus…CONSPIRACY!!!!

And with her last post the nursing home cut off internet access…

Meet me at McDonald’s for Jesus.

We are down the rabbit hole now, and through the rabbit tunnel, across the rabbit bridge, and taking a rabbit rocket ship to rabbit outer space. Once there, we’ll find out the true meaning of the conspiracies, the awfulness of the UN’s Agenda 21 Plan and the Communitarianism Agenda of the Communist Billionaire Bankers who are all George Soros. But that is next time on Wingnut Web!

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