The Ultimate Ironic Quote

At least for this week or something. Sorry, any cool Wingnut Web update I had planned just pale, so here were go. From this thread discussing the church going to do the Koran burning:;page=1

Holy 9-11, Batman!

Found by NATO

Anyone who condemns this country over the actions of 20 people are our enemies anyway. We are just flushing them out.

42 posted on 08.09.2010 17:56:44 by DManA

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  1. Except that America isn’t based on the principle of converting or exterminating all non-believers, while the 20 scum-sucking 9/11 jihadists that you excuse are part of islam which DOES hold to that principle.

    Get a clue, Tars. READ THE ENTIRE KORAN.

    And visit and compare it against America.

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