Wingnut Web – FreeRepublic Itchin’ to shoot some Panthers Edition

Glenn Beck and Resistnet have dueling march on DC events in August/September. Beck has moved his event up in order to misuse MLK’s legacy to sell more copies of his terrible books, and also to rally his troops into a frothing, gnashing horde of hate. All because he’s a “real patriot”.

But wait! Remember when the Freepers went all nuts because some “Black Panthers” were at a voting place in 2008 and never shut up about it? They’re still talking about it, giving the guy lots of air time, in which he recently said…

Oh, snap! RAHOWA in the Hizzouse! FreeRepublic throws it down with their longing of shooting the darkies!

Never on my watch is locked and loaded to shoot anyone with a tan at the Lincoln Memorial

The irony of using crazy conservative rhetoric in the name of MLK Jr. is lost on Mr. Qbert

DCBryan1 is a Blackwater supporter, longing for them to shoot black people, and also calling for the murder of all journalists. Isn’t Beck still pretending to be a journalist?

Bring it on!

Hey, “boy”! It’s 1950s Alabama all of a sudden in here!

Black Panthers are controlled by…..SOROS!!!!

I remember last time we almost RAHOWAed…

Don’t start the RAHOWA without meee..!!!

This thread is still ongoing, so we’ll keep you posted on any updates!

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