A quick FreeRepublic update

FreeRepublic thinks the media is racist! Therefore, N-words for everyone!

Now, unfortunately for us, but fortunately for common decency, this first post was deleted. It is unfortunate because we were unable to screencap it in time, and have to rely on a copy/paste. But as you can see below it, there is still Google records of the actual post.

To: reaganator

“Define “racist”.

I’m starting to believe that “racist” is the new “n” word for anyone who does not agree with blacks and I am deeply offended. Thus, I will start using the word nigger until “they” stop using the word “racist”.

11 posted on Friday, August 27, 2010 5:06:30 AM by freeangel ( (free speech is only good until someone else doesn’t like what you say))

(thanks to Whilst farting I for the image)

And someone responded to it, so the not-banned poster freeangel responds:

This post was also deleted:

To: freeangel
If a black man uses the word “nigger” it is just fine. If I, a white man uses it, I’m called a racist. That is the very height (depth?) of discrimination… to ascribe to one a right or privilege denied to another based solely upon the differing colors of their skin.

It is as wrong as is using any term to denigrate another individual or group of individuals. And anybody who says any different is a bunch of nappy-headed ho’s!

16 posted on Friday, August 27, 2010 5:24:52 AM by Gargantua (Imam Hussein O’Bunga, The Maricone Mecca Macacque)

Gee, I wonder why “Los Negros” don’t like your racism…

Here’s some more stuff that I wonder why “Los Negros” just don’t seem to like…

Centurion2000, proud of genocide.

In other news, we’re famous on FreeRepublic.com!
People like Tars Tarkas. He called us “People”! That bastard! I wonder which Resistnet poster Hardraade is, or if he’s just a fan of my Something Awful work…

Meanwhile, people are confused by Hardraade…

While Hardraade seems to keep linking to me and sometimes writer for this site POTUShead’s Freeper blogs!

and just for fun, here is the other time that we show up on FR:

It’s refreshing being mentioned by someone other than Hardraade.

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