Communist Video Games in American Stores – Are Communists using the WII to promote Communism ?

[adrotate banner=”1″]by Tony Rollo,

Here is a spooky experience my daughter and I had …

Last night my family made our weekly trip to get necessities.

At a big box store, my 9 year old daughter made a bee line to the WII demo setup as I was checking out computer hardware.

After I found what I needed, I went over to see what games were on demo that my daughter was checking out.

I am a fan of racing games. I am always looking for a good one for my ten minute vacations I take a few times a day.

My daughter was trying out one called “ModNation” for the WII … she was excited to show me the features.

One section was like a garage where you can choose a car design. A lot of cool car designs and graphics.

There were a lot of “ban the bomb” / peace movement (peace sign) symbols everywhere – but those have again come into vogue and are everywhere on everything these days … I can tolerate them.

But then – my daughter choose the next car design and THERE IT WAS –

A HUGE, RED COMMUNIST HAMMER & SICKLE on the car hood – like some kind of soft drink sponsor’s logo would appear.


My daughter let out a gasp when it appeared – she has been studying communist history in her home education studies …

I think she was more shocked than I was …

It was a very obvious yet subtle advertisement – I get it – it is not some innocent addition to the game.

Could you choose any national flags to decorate your car? NO …

The red hammer and sickle was the only recognizable symbol for decoration other than your run of the mill sports car type decorations.

Upon arriving home I did a search on the web for the game ModNation and communist symbol … I was shocked to see a large number of game sites with references –

But these were postings of kids arguing for and against communism …

Here are a few examples posted recently – (remember – these are KIDS)

Disgusting…might as well throw a swastika for us to mod our karts with if we are including the symbols of murderous regimes….just disgusting….probably gunna have to race around with a bunch of 13 year old communists who think its cool….*barfs*

All the more reason to blow them away amigo.

Why does it matter? You realize that the hammer and sickle is actually a symbol for unity between industry and agricultural systems? Which is what communism tried to do (I don’t argue that it failed). So the symbol itself is something that could be considered inspiring.

This jumped out at me too. If you’re not going to include a swastika in the game (and you shouldn’t), then the hammer and sickle shouldn’t be there either.

Oh well, at least it’s an easy way for idiots to self-identify online.

yes it is an easy way for idiots to self identify by getting their knickers in a knot of such a trivial thing. idiots that think the Swastika is an evil symbol.idiots that fear these 2 symbols for no reason need to learn a thing or two.The Hammer and sickle symbolises the unity between industrial and agricultural workers.

Ever heard of Lenin? The hammer and sickle actually represents a noble ideal, it wasn’t created by some random jerk who decided to kill all jews, if you think it’s a horrible symbol because of what Stalin then you obviously don’t know much about the birth of communism.

My mom and dad are from Russia, their parents and a lot of their family were murdered by Stalin’s regime. Communism is terrible and the Hammer and Sickle are very offensive. They barely escaped with their lives. Stalin is as bad as Hitler and you all don’t understand what he put the Russian people through with his mass murders.

you must be very uneducated to say the least. Haven’t we forgotten and gotten over millions being murdered? Hell, let’s just forget the 60+Million lives lost in the last great war on earth which is the reason for you to be able to live as you currently do–as a bozo and blowing farts on their memory. Shouldn’t we just get over all of them? Hell no, because once we do that’s when it will happen again. You’d be wise to remember that.

Seriously, do you people not realize the immense amount of BS that everyone in the world does. You will not find many symbols that are not frowned upon by some country or another. The america flag isnt known for its mass murders even though it was donned at the same time that Hitler and Stalin wore theirs. We dropped the A-bombs, we had the japs in concentration camps(not as severe as hitler but still) Why shouldnt the American flag be a symbolism of terror and horror if you look at the other flags as such, and the Rising Sun too cant use that either. Like everyone said, get over it. Thats the world we live in.

The symbols should be regarded as how they are meant to be regarded as. The people who took it for their symbol and used it for evil is a perversion and it should be looked at it as such. It all depends on the context.

I just have to make one thing clear: Japanese Americans were in relocation camps. Not concentration camps. Nobody was murdered or forced into slave labor. Some people may have died in the camps, but not because they were starved and worked all day.

5 bucks says we’ll be seeing topics like this if they include a cross sticker.

Ok lets look at a scenario. First we take a military force…what should we call them…hmmm I know we will call them Crusaders. Now they need a symbol, How about a crucifix. Now These Crusaders Slaughter millions of innocent people under the image of a Crucifix. now today in the modern world would the crucifix be seen as a sign of Fear and tyranny.

Oh wait that above scenario has happened…guess what The crucifix is seen to a lot off people as a good symbol. So what makes the hammer and sickle any different.

To me, this kind of rhetoric is chilling. A new generation of “useful idiots” are being cultivated in American living rooms on innocent video game consoles …

But isn’t it encouraging that some of the kids are standing up for the truth in history?

Winston Churchill made the best statement about the world we live in today:

“The empires of the future are the empires of the mind.”

I also had a conversation with a retired teacher / principal who was proud his little 4 year old grandson who was there was learning chinese in school.

That should make it a lot easier for the CHICOMS when they shout commands at his grandson in a couple of decades as he works on an assembly line under guards with machine guns.

You may think this is just reactionary. A lot of people believe that it is just silly to think that communism still exists in this modern “free” world we live in. Tyrrany never goes out of style to the tyrrants and ruling class …

As Benjamin Franklin said: “Small holes sink mighty ships”


  1. I happen to Love the hammer and sickle. It is a symbol of working class power and freedom, to some people.

    Just like the American flag is a symbol of genocide to many people around the world, the Hammer and Sickle could be scary. Especially to American’s who lack the freedom to properly research the topic.

  2. “I also had a conversation with a retired teacher / principal who was proud his little 4 year old grandson who was there was learning chinese in school.

    That should make it a lot easier for the CHICOMS when they shout commands at his grandson in a couple of decades as he works on an assembly line under guards with machine guns.”

    Seriously? Are there any anti-communists who aren’t racist?

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