Wingnut Web – Resistnet’s 9-11 Crocodile Tears and RaHoWa Fever

Wake up in the morning feeling like P-Diddy, until I get an email from Darla D! ruins everything. It seems that Darla Dawald is using 9-11 as a chance to act all sad that, home to racist hatemongers, has been taken over by racist hatemongers! It’s ironic! I had the brew she had the chronic, which is what Darla must be smoking to have not noticed the many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many racism and hate incidents we’ve spotted there. Just check out our archives here and back at the TarsTarkas.NET Blog!

But here’s her email…

Disappointment from Darla

Dear Patriots:

I write this letter to you this morning with a heavy heart. As I sit and look out my hotel window on Ground Zero and as I listen to the bagpipes play patriotic music many people are walking around Ground Zero paying their respects and keeping their promise that we will not forget.

I have to admit though, that in the midst of this atmosphere I have received reports from our admins that many people have basically been openly breaking our No Tolerance Policy, spewing hate, and working against everything we are attempting to do. I completely understand the anger toward the Islamic terrorists that brought down the towers and killed so many 9 years ago today. What I do NOT understand is why you will not follow our guidelines that the Constitution has afforded us as a private business. Your right to speech is guaranteed to you toward your government….that’s it. The 1st amendment does not give the right to any individual to infringe on their rights as a privately owned business or organization.

We appreciate so many of our members those who have attempted to reason with the individuals determined to argue, demean, incite violence, and infringe upon our rights. In my absence I have instructed the admins to issue warnings, shut down these discussions that have been out of control, and suspend those who will not listen to our warnings. Apparently, this is still an issue. So it is with great sadness that I must write this letter and inform you that if you break the rules we will not warn you, we will simply ban your account. We will not tolerate a mutiny and we will enforce our policies.

It may not be popular but it is necessary. We must protect the integrity of this site and the members who regularly abide by our terms of service.

Today is a reminder of the tragedy we have experienced at the hands of terrorists, let us not fight one another.

God Bless the families of victims and all Americans affected by this date.


Well, I’m sure Resistnet couldn’t be so full of racism before 9-11 that it makes this entire email laughable….let’s check!

  • Chuck Norris will save the day!

  • And now, Resistnet members dan taylor and William Wallace plan for RaHoWa…

  • Race war yeeeeeeeeha!

  • Blacks and Pedros


  • Wait! You guys aren’t RaHoWaing the groups I hate!

  • Yellow rice and Frijoles negros

  • Me hungry, me pregnant, give me money

  • fat, stupid, and useless, unlike all those fit and trim Resistnet members…

  • Oh, snap, I think I got clear gif tagged…or something…

  • Burn down all mosques…it’s payback time! (Peacefully)

  • Hey, look, more racists in Resistnet Chat! JEFF SD state director, Chris Culp, and Kenneth T. Fields discuss the finer points of all blacks being welfare queens with 10 kids

  • And the term “wetback” is used, but it’s totally not racist…

  • Suddenly, Weary Eagle shows up, shocked that everyone is completely racist!

  • He is mocked and driven off…

  • JEFF SD state director claims he tried to get all sorts of welfare but was denied for being white

  • JEFF SD state director is now claiming the British forced every American to have slaves…

  • Sure you have black friends…all racists have all sorts of black friends who don’t exist

  • In case you were concerned that any of these people got banned for this, here is dan taylor posting days later with Admin II, Dee posting right after him with no concern at all for what he is saying.

  • Planet of the Apes? Totally not racist, Sky_King!

  • More Machete paranoia…

  • I totally claim First Amendment Barf Rights!

  • The armour of God is high tech body armor and snipers!

  • Geese? Flying in a V? Totally a message from God and not just the way geese fly…

  • Back to chat for more delightful Resistnet Not Racism!

  • Hey, look, a moderator is totally cool with all this racism!

  • He hasn’t SEEN Warriors yet. But he should. It’s a good movie. Warriors, come out and play!

  • The “Most Rev. Archbishop” totally agrees with calling Obama naught swear words (and since even I am a Reverend on the internet…)

  • Hmm… “big boy pants”, “little boy”, it’s almost as if talking down to a black man like he’s a child is some sort of racial thing from the 1950s brought back by opponents of Obama to further belittle him without using the N-word…

  • Robert L. Rice love bad grammar and Oreos, and he’s all out of Oreos…

  • Dog=race card, but that smooth talking long-legged Mack Daddy who hates white people totally won’t get me to be racist!

  • All lawyers should be high school dropouts, like me!

  • So we got Moderators, Admins, and State Directors posting amongst and themselves posting racist crap without any consequences whatsoever! But Darla’s sad, because, somehow, someone was racist. I can’t imagine how that happened…

    Much much more next time, as we haven’t even gotten to the Mosque hate that was so bad Resistnet shut down their chat for two weeks, and the latest round of death threats! And remember to claim your First Amendment Barf Rights!

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