For the record – Politisink HAS Goonies!

So suck it, Resistnet!

Resistnet WISHES they could truffle shuffle like us!

Never say die!


  1. Hey tars? To set the record straight:

    Bill Moderator sayeth:

    “David this comment is inappropriate and will be deleted,it incites violence.You must read No tolerance policy any comments like this will be deleted no warning and you can be banned.Only warning Reply by Dave Koch 10 hours ago
    It’s coming American’s. Look at what has happened in Europe. It is time to stop ANY Muslims from coming into America and kick out those that refuse to Obey OUR Laws. Americans better be prepared to Lock and Load, as it is coming and We Are The People who will Defend OUR COUNTRY from the Tyranny that Muslims want to instill on We The People. They have all ready want JIHAD in America, they want to put their Flag on our Capital.We have to put in Leaders that will DEFEND We The Peoples Rights and not those that are nothing but a bunch of Yellow Belly COWARDS , and 99% are Democrats who have no goonies. Lock and Load my Fellow American’s”

    Why don’t you explain to your world-wide fans how you don’t bother to go back and check the results? Check your stomper post’s too. I’m putting a few links in those for your world-wide fans as well.

    Tighten your chit up and take care lil bro! Tell mom and sis (especially) “HI” and their support checks are in the mail…

  2. Nothing from nothing Tars, his comment was censored. More than I can say on your behalf, pal.

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