Yada yada yada election results

So things turned out rather mixed-to-bad on Tuesday. The Republicans sweeped into the House, while control of the senate remains in Democratic hands thanks to some awful, awful candidates fronted by the teabaggers. Granted, a few teabagger senators did get elected (Rubio and Paul). We survived eight years under the Bush regime, we can survive two years of Speaker Boner and the No Squad doing nothing. Expect subpoenas on all sorts of things to waste our time and money, including the Black Panthers, ACORN, and Obama being a secret Kenyan Muslim. The best news of the night was the passage of Prop B in Missouri. That was the Puppy Mill Prop, which you may recall meant some puppy mill owners were posting in the comments here not too happy. I bet they are even less happy now, but the puppies win, and Politisink will always support protecting puppies from the forces of evil. A bold stance to take, I know.

But Politisink will still be here to go over the crazy things rightwing idiots do, teabagger craziness, and general awfulness of conservatives, because there’s gonna be a whole lot more of it! And soon he 2012 election season will begin, with Sarah Palin going to run until she fails badly and then quits again. And I think that awful governor from Mississippi wants to run for president, which will also be fun when he starts burning crosses. Let’s not forget that this was only a warmup with corporate cash going into political funding, by 2012 the process will be perfected and you will never see a non-political commercial on tv again.

The face of victory!

One thought on “Yada yada yada election results

  1. Ah ha! Now I know what happened to whats his face, um….skippo!
    I heard a while back that you were out of action for a while. Hope your doing better Tars.


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