The RNC is bad with computers!

The RNC can’t do anything right when it comes to doing things on the internet. From website to shining website, it is a parade of failure! Let’s go marching, shall we?

First of all, the RNC has itself a minority problem. We all know that, but thanks to the RNC, we now know that all minorities are interchangeable! Thanks to RNC Latino, who decided to use photos of Asian kids as its headline banner of Latinos. Whoops! At least we know who designed the website, Former Nevada Senate candidate Sharron Angle!

RNC Latino Asian Kids

This takes "all look same" to new heights of dumb!

The parade doesn’t stop there, because the RNC is honest. And by honest, I mean totally dishonest and completely stole a DNC website to use for their own! The best part of this is the website they are using it for is to say that Obama doesn’t have any ideas! This is the most ironic thing to happen since Alanis Morissette was killed by 10,000 spoons on her rainy wedding day.

FreeRepublic faces its worst nightmare ever – Mitt Romney!

JimRob at FreeRepublic is still talking tough, but the cracks are starting to show as he realizes he’ll have to get behind Romney to keep the sweet sweet Freepathon money coming in long term.

The RINO GOP be damned!! FR will live to fight another day!! [FReepathon thread XIV]

Posted on Wednesday, April 25, 2012 12:33:28 PM by Jim Robinson

Howdy everyone!!

Looks like a man who has no conservative accomplishments whatsoever (actually, no REPUBLICAN accomplishments whatsoever) is going to get the GOP nomination. A man whose record virtually matches Obama’s in every respect, right down to his very own government mandated socialist compulsory health insurance program.

What were they thinking? It’s going to be an interesting election season, but then we live in interesting times.

To the RINO GOP:

I’m not going to campaign for this phony empty suit. Not going to cheerlead for a man with an abortionist, homosexualist, statist record. Cannot possibly vote for him. But y’all gotta do what y’all gotta do. I’m not going to stand in your way.

FR is going to live to fight another day!!

To our loyal conservative FReepers:

We are making slow but steady headway with our FReepathon. One percent per day keeps the 404 away!! Let’s keep ‘er going!!

Please keep those donations coming in folks. No matter who gets the nomination, or who gets elected, we conservatives are going to need FR more than ever to hold their feet to the fire!!

Free Republic is your conservative home on the Net. We are the resistance!!

Thank you all very much for your continuing support!!

Please click the link above to donate via secure server or mail checks to:

Free Republic, LLC – PO Box 9771 – Fresno, CA 93794

Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God!!

Vote wisely. Vote STRAIGHT conservative. Put in a big supply of STATIST-B-GONE and vote ’em OUT!!

Rebellion is ON!!

To: bkepley

FUMR!! Abortionist/statist bastard!!

171 posted on Wednesday, April 25, 2012 4:20:59 PM by Jim Robinson (There’s no crying in rebellion!!)
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But Freepathon threads are boring, with all the “Woo-hoos” and rolling monthlies. Let’s go to a more interesting thread…

Rick Perry Endorses Mitt Romney
This thread is awesome, filled with infighting and meltdowns:

lonestar starts the ball rolling with an epic takedown of onyx

To: onyx
BTW, TEXAS always comes in first on every FReepathon! Dang, you’re DUMB too!
What does that prove when the donations are down all over!?

Do you have a clue how many monthly donors from TX were zotted? Do you have a clue how many left voluntarily because they were just tired of the insults…many from you!

It was like a first grade playground… the insults that were being thrown at those of us who were supporting Perry. See post #55.

You might not have had a “ping list” but you and your buddies pinged each other and were like a bunch of playground bullies! Look at who you have pinged to your post about me. That is a perfect example of your MO.

I’d rather be dumb than insane and you and yours were constantly doing the same things over and over and expecting different consequences. I’m smart enough not to insult people when at the same time I’m asking them for money!…and that’s what you continue to do today.

I’ve been on FR since Feb., 1998. It is sickening to me what has been done to FR…and you are a major contributor, along with your pal DJMacWhoever. Have you noticed that you two are the jokes of other conservative sites? Guess why!

Do you actually think that FR is better because independent thinkers have been banned? Do you really think FR is better because some of us who thought Sarah wouldn’t run for POTUS and said so, were zotted?

Do you think FR is more relevant because old-time FReepers were zotted for expressing their opinions?

Psssst! Those banned FReepers are WHY JR didn’t have to contemplate selling ads! So, you think FR is better off today than a year ago?

I haven’t donated in the past year, IIRC. I didn’t donate because I was never sure I wouldn’t be banned the next day …like so many others.

So why don’t you get me banned. In your warped thinking that is what you do best and if you think FR will be better off without me, have at it. Punishment is your purpose in getting people banned and you have succeeded in helping bring FR to its knees. It won’t be long before you and your pals will have to turn on each other because there won’t be anybody else left to insult!

Your biggest victim is Jim Robinson and that is the saddest consequence of your idiocy!…for whatever reason he allowed it to happen.

224 posted on Thursday, April 26, 2012 6:33:19 AM by lonestar (It takes a village of idiots to elect a village idiot.)
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DJ MacWoW is sad she wasn’t included…

To: lonestar; onyx; Jim Robinson
You mentioned me but didn’t ping me. That’s not nice.

I stayed on Palin and Gingrich threads. I seldom visited any other threads. My posting history is public, check it.

However, there were a band of bullies that ragged on Palin constantly. I defended her. On threads posted about her. If your friends were some of the people that came on those threads to cause trouble and to troll, how is that my fault, Jim’s or onyx’s?

And who is doing the name calling on this thread? Can’t you address someone without profanity?

And are you really saying that the owner of this board is controlled by poster/s?

You lash out at others, insult them, and then complain about their behavior.

I don’t think anyone wants you banned. But it might be nice if you’d find some manners.
238 posted on Thursday, April 26, 2012 7:45:18 AM by DJ MacWoW (America! The wolves are here! What will you do?)
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LibLieSlayer agrees with lonestar….

To: lonestar

I agree with you.


239 posted on Thursday, April 26, 2012 7:50:42 AM by LibLieSlayer (Pray hard and often!)
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But he still ain’t voting for Romney (yet!)

To: netmilsmom
Thomas Jefferson to William Smith… 1787

“The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots & tyrants. It is it’s natural manure.”

I pray that it never happens… I pray for our salvation… but I depend upon no man for it. Anyone that trusts any politician, party or celebrity is setting themselves up for massive disappointment. Mark Levin talked about this yesterday. romney will change nothing… the very same international cabal that backs obama and the left are aligned with romney. Jimmy Carter all but endorsed romney yesterday. Do you have any idea as to why carter did that?

You can work for romney and give him your money and your time and efforts and promote him every day on FR… but millions of us are not going to vote for him and for absolutely valid reasons… and nothing that you can say or do will change that fact. We warned the gop since 2008… and we mean what we say. Unlike many republicans… our words actually mean something and our honor and integrity is real. No romney… no way… ever!

243 posted on Thursday, April 26, 2012 8:11:36 AM by LibLieSlayer (Pray hard and often!)

We can’t have a thread without certified nutso presently no screen name screaming like a lunatic

To: altura
Some of them seem to have become almost cult-like in their stances.

That’s where you fit in with your praise for the liberal mormon.

Now we see who the mittbots/liberals are all along. Did you personally hear NEWT say he is dropping out hear Perry SAY he is supporting mitt? NO!! But you WANT to believe it – shows what you have been all on

There are MORE (r) and (i) voters who oppose same sex marriages and abortion and socialism healthcare – so your dream of people coming around to vote for your cult leader is your wishing thinking.

People sink to their own level – you have shown your level is scum. People of your caliber – given a chance between romeny or barry – there is no difference except Romney is clearly 1%.

So take your enthusiasm for a pro homo, baby killing candidate off a conservative site – scum don’t belong here. And how dare you clearly disobey the owner of this site with his warnings since ’08 and saying he and others here will rallying around your filth godless cult mentality.
260 posted on Thursday, April 26, 2012 9:06:47 AM by presently no screen name

lonestar continues…

To: DJ MacWoW
I have heard you called a lot of things but “Mrs. Manners” is not one of them!

After your post, somebody asked me if you think you “own the letters D & J” and if we use “dumb jerk,” do we have to ping you!

I think the point of the posts from people who agree with me is this:

Those of us who have been sickened by what has happened to FR, that you, too, are part of, is that enough is enough! We aren’t taking any more crap from any of you! You can dish it out but you can’t take it!

Should I point out that each of the candidates supported by FR crashed and burned…one by one? Do you really think you are relevant?

Another thing–do you know how old it got constantly being told that we were “invited to JR’s house?” If I wanted to spit on the floor, I would go home to spit! But on a conservative web site do you honestly think it is asking too much to express an opinion that you might not agree with?

Don’t mess with Texas!
261 posted on Thursday, April 26, 2012 9:10:11 AM by lonestar (It takes a village of idiots to elect a village idiot.)

onyx arrives to declare lonestar a TrueBlueFreedom poster! (shock!)

To: lonestar; Jim Robinson; vox_freedom; DJ MacWoW
I’ve been on FR since Feb., 1998. It is sickening to me what has been done to FR…and you are a major contributor, along with your pal DJMacWhoever. Have you noticed that you two are the jokes of other conservative sites? Guess why!

One quick look at your recent posting history reveals that you’re quick to accuse vox_freedom and DJMacWow along with me of running off FReepers, and also that you’re hanging out at anti-FReeper sites.

Seems like you’re pulling for Free Republic to falter, given that you admit you’re not donating and bragging about the number of alleged lost members and donations that were long ago run off or banned.

I have no power to ban anyone, and I do not keep track of who’s been banned, but I guess you do. Those anti-FReeper sites are the homes of the miserable banned who cannot get FR out of their miserable systems.

Jim is not a victim at all. Free Republic has rules which are enforced by him and his moderators. Nothing personal, and you should know that given your ’98 sign on date, which is why I find it perplexing and disgusting that you posted at Amy Place about me and whined that you expect to be banned for posting to me. It’s really in poor taste to bring your imagined problems to other threads and particularly to Amy’s Place. Shame on you. Boo-Hoo you, “imaginary victim.”

Of course you neglected to ping me, just like you neglected to ping DJMacWoW when you talked about her.

You are sure a whiner. I wonder if you ever have a nice, but don’t bother answering. At this point, I don’t care.

This ends my part in this “converstation.”
262 posted on Thursday, April 26, 2012 9:16:31 AM by onyx (SUPPORT FREE REPUBLIC, DONATE MONTHLY. If you want on Sarah Palin’s Ping List, let me know.)

presently no screen name.txt

To: altura
you can insult me but don’t insult Texas

YOU INSULTED YOURSELF. TX is big enough to kick your godless self to the curb.

Don’t associate yourself with TX’s known morality and patriotism! You already outed yourself with your enthusiasm for a PRO HOMO baby killer candidate. You can’t hide behind the goodness of TX because your filth shines through!

Like your bishop cult leader godless candidate has done with being on a GOP ticket.
264 posted on Thursday, April 26, 2012 9:22:44 AM by presently no screen name

onyx is wrong again…

To: onyx; JustAmy; MEG33
I don’t “hang out” at other sites. I have lurked occasionally but signed up with none. So you assume too much again!

No, I’m not pulling for FR to falter. I am pulling for YOU and others to realize that YOU faltered several months ago and don’t know it! I am pulling for FR to return to the site that it was in the past and I think you are an obstacle to that.

As for Amy’s place…an Oasis in the desert…and FYI, Weinie is my dead dog. You don’t “get it” so stay out of it! When I multiple posted on this thread I intended it once for Amy’s Place, thinking MEG33’s post was on Amy’s.

You also seem to think that you have a monopoly on whining. FYI, I’m a woman who just turned 73 and am not the least bit impressed with or intimidated by the likes of you.

I have a life off FR…you should try it; you might like it!
271 posted on Thursday, April 26, 2012 9:48:48 AM by lonestar (It takes a village of idiots to elect a village idiot.)


To: lonestar
Ahhhhh! You’re an anti-freeper.

Should I point out that each of the candidates supported by FR crashed and burned…one by one?

All of the candidates did. And it had nothing to do with FR.

At the founding of our country, they were afraid that political parties would tear the country apart and small factions would control politics. That is exactly what has happened. Romney was their choice and no one had a chance. The elites have used the MSM and fear tactics to control. It works, doesn’t it. And if it doesn’t, there’s always fraud. Do you honestly believe that voters chose McCain and Obama?

You want to blame FR for what a few powerful men are doing. You can if you want but you’re wrong. And all the info that you needed was right here, posted on FR

Keep your insults. I’m not impressed.
277 posted on Thursday, April 26, 2012 9:58:07 AM by DJ MacWoW (America! The wolves are here! What will you do?)

presently no screen name better calm down before he explodes

To: lonestar; onyx
I don’t know you or what you posted in the past but this one thing shows your lack of integrity…. some of us who thought Sarah wouldn’t run for POTUS and said so, were zotted?

I know for sure that is ONE BIG LIE!! No one knew for sure if she was going to run – so if that were the case, we ALL wouldn’t be here!

It was MORE like you and some didn’t want her to run with pissant behavior and constantly belittled a PATRIOT, a known conservative fighter, like Romney did constantly – with his hopes of her not running so he, a LIBERAL PRO HOMO, baby killing, cult leader could have his evil hands on you for his own and bring America down to his godless depths of filth. So now you walked right into his evil trap/his web of deception.

It’s time to start blaming yourself where this country is headed – take ownership of your disgust for conservatism as it’s clearly apparent.

All evil has to do is put fear in the weak and he has them firmly in his grasp.

How many conservatives are going to see your post and laugh at you? Didn’t donate for fear of being zotted – you delightedly in trashing conservatives like Romney has, didn’t support it but wanted to hang onto since you were here since ’98 – just like Romney needed to be on a GOP ticket. SAME MINDSET. Liberals playing the pretend game – deception runs through their veins.

Lonestar, if you want to regain ANY credibility – don’t lie about something most know about, like Romney does, and that is the CONTEMPT shown here for SARAH and bring it down to ‘just said I didn’t think she would run’ – right in fashion LIAR Romney. Evil hates goodness and evil hates truth.

And in the end – evil will never reside where there is goodness and truth.
284 posted on Thursday, April 26, 2012 10:19:31 AM by presently no screen name

Truthbombs dropped!

To: DJ MacWoW
Get a grip! Of course FR had nothing to do with the candidates floundering. My point is that your ranting and raving and running people off was detrimental to FR— for no good reason! —the people zotted for having an opinion not tolerated on FR, made no sense.

Oh, there was a day that FR was prominent and FReepers were on TV a lot. But those days are over and as long as people like you are very vocal, things will not improve. You have helped to send FR to the Re-cycle bin.

Why don’t you and your buddies take a good look at yourselves because your opinions mean zero to most people here. You are happiest when you have things and people to gripe about. You are in FReeper heaven when you have something to bitch about…and have made it an art form!

You’re welcome… for making your day! 1
286 posted on Thursday, April 26, 2012 10:24:24 AM by lonestar (It takes a village of idiots to elect a village idiot.)

presently no screen name is that guy on the street with a megaphone

To: altura
MY God always hears me, He lives within.

And you already showed your desperate attempt to hid behind something that is good – so your claim to a friend of God is bogus.

It’s apparent you don’t serve the God I serve because my God HATES evil.

Implementing a law that kills defenseless babies is DEMONIC.

Initiating same sex marriage is DEMONIC.

Satan has come to ROB, KILL and DESTROY and that is exactly what ROMNEY has done in MA. That same evil spirit wants it’s hands on America to do the same and MORE and YOU support that.

I am a child of The MOST HIGH and belong to no other for and His own NEVER bows to evil. My God says ‘fear not’, you god says ‘fear’.

EVIL supports evil and can only exist by it’s support. You are a godless enthusiastic supporter of evil. There is no place to hide anymore, you are outed by your own words.

I’m dismissing you as I’m busy sending off another check to Newt.
296 posted on Thursday, April 26, 2012 12:44:34 PM by presently no screen name

“Pretend it’s Obama!” yells woman as Santorum fires gun

Why, yes, some lady yelled “Pretend it’s Obama!” as Rick Santorum practiced firing his gun at a firing range in Louisiana during a campaign stop. Santorum rightfully denounced the comment. But we haven’t even reached the main event yet, and the Eliminationist rhetoric is spreading.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Jan Brewer endorses Romney, become FreeRepublic enemy

Guess you can’t do anything these days without becoming a sworn enemy of Arizona governor Jan Brewer endorsed Mitt Romney, now let’s watch the sparks fly!

The problem is women just don’t want to vote for the guy who cheats on his sick wives, because of college brainwashing!

To: DivineMomentsOfTruth

Most people do seem to call themselves conservatives in polls still. The big problem is women. Mitt has been winning far more of the women’s vote than the men’s vote. Studies show that women who attend college come out as liberals even if they entered as conservatives, while men who attend college don’t change their political viewpoint at all. The liberals have a done a wonderful job Balkanizing the country and turning every other demographic against white heterosexual males. Republicans need to fight against this more, without simply conceding their positions on things like abortion. Obviously in war or in politics, when you give up territory, you don’t appease your enemy, you only embolden them to go after more territory. I haven’t heard enough from any of the candidates seeking to unite the genders, races, etc. Newt did do a good job talking about the poor, blacks, etc. but needs to speak more to that soccer mom vote. Not by pandering, but by at least explaining how his policies will help everybody including them.

11 posted on Sun Feb 26 12:15:36 2012 by JediJones (Watch “Gingrich to Michigan: Change or Die” on YouTube. Best Speech Ever!)

Egads, the “college conspiracy” thing has legs!

To: JediJones

It’s difficult to change the minds of those who have been indoctrinated not to think for themselves.. This is why Obama and the Left are pushing for Everyone to get a college education.. They want their dumbed-down drones to vote for them.

15 posted on Sun Feb 26 12:49:34 2012 by DivineMomentsOfTruth (“Give me Liberty or I’ll stand up and get it for myself!”)

Brewer is a monster, a total monster…

To: All

I know all along she is a rino, doing everything with her own ambition in mind.

She vetoed the state’s presidential elig bill;
she had a chance to challenge obozo’s constitutional authority (he is not a legitimate president!) to rule against Az’s illegal immmigration law but she chose to fight it the hard way and lost. She endorsed McCain for senate in 2010 battle against J.D. Hayworth……
Of course she endorses Romney! Rino for Rino!

23 posted on Sun Feb 26 15:02:19 2012 by chrisnj

Drain Clogs – Women killed the Mammoths Edition

Drain Clogs