—Multiple Choice Quiz: A to Z —

—Multiple Choice Quiz: A to Z —

Liberals / progressives / socialists / marxists / communists ( synonyms: the
agenda is the same no matter what they choose to call themselves )
are: ( pick one)

A. people who may be victims of an ivy league brain laundry.
B. self appointed elites who know better than the rest of us who are too dumb
to choose for ourselves.
C. people who have the talent to ignore facts that they don’t like.
D. people who believe “free speech” is the right so say only what they
agree with.
E. logicians who believe true is false and vice versa.
F. people who believe that charity is donating other peoples money.
G. people who like to make rules for other people to obey.
H. people who believe that taxes are for others to pay.
I. people who afraid that others with guns may shoot them.
J. people who think that we have the best government that money can buy.
K. brats who never grew up due to lack of spankings.
L. people who want atheism to be the national religion.
M. people who believe that Islam is a peaceful religion.
N. people who think that Muslims are good since they hate the U.S. too.
O. people who believe the U.S.Constitution doesn’t apply to them, except when
P. those that believe in global warming even when standing up to their ears
in snowdrifts, but still fly in their private jets.
Q. believers in buying chinese made windmills saving American jobs.
R. people who think that buying oil from Venezuela and Arabia is better
than drilling for our own oil.
S. believers in printing more money to spend will solve our problems.
T. people who think that borrowing money for our children and grandchildren
to repay is not a form of identity theft.
U. people who believe that all criminals must be conservatives or Tea Partiers.
V. those who think that fermenting our food supply to create auto fuel is a
good idea.
W. the ones that believe murderers like Mao and Che are heroes.
X. those that think that unemployment insurance is a job stimulus.
Y. people who think that government bureaucrats deserve twice the pay of
the average American worker.

Feel free to add to the list of choices.

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