Wingnut Web – PatriotActionNetwork loves well-done atheist Purple Lip Lovers Edition

Wingnut Web is not dead, it was just caught in the various hard drive explosions. But thanks to the constant stream of Right wing craziness, we’ll never stop having new content! So here is some fun racism and drama from the former, Patriot Action Network! Will PANetwork still be full of violent and racist dicks? Duh! Read on, good citizens!

Jim Soden starts us off with some non-racist racism:

Aren’t you glad he finds PatriotActionNetwork so warm and welcoming of his blatant racism?

Mike Travis thinks sending a demand letter gives him free reign to go all 2nd Amendment on random congressmen

Calling for Obama to be shot is a great way to get the FBI to come visiting

Julie Watkins is in the third wave of stupid

Goodbye, Jacques Ditte, for who PatriotActionNetwork is not violent and racist enough!

Whatever could this guy’s new plan be?…

ROBERTE. HESS shows that cocaine is a hell of a drug

He’s my new favorite poster!

Holy racist fuckwad!

That’s all for now, but there will be more….soon…because they can’t help themselves!

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