FreeRepublic 2012 Purge – Newt or Die!

It’s a day that ends in Y, so it must be time for another purge on FreeRepublic! This time, temperamental site owner Jim Robinson has decided that Free Republic is going to endorse Newt Gingrich!
Newt Gingrich Free Republic
Newt Gingrich Free Republic
Newt Gingrich Free Republic

Sure, the former Speaker of the House is totally a Washington outsider in the same mold as the tea party. That makes perfect sense.

But the real meat of the story is the purge now happening on anyone who doesn’t tow the FreeRepublic line. At first, JimRob has just been zotting supporters of Mitt Romney, while yelling FUMR and similar things. Now, the zot has been extended to everyone who isn’t 100% Newt! And the usual FR sycophants are lined up right behind JimRob, reporting anyone with a dissenting opinion. And I bet he’s wondering why this round of the Freepathon is taking so long…
Newt Gingrich Free Republic

I sure hope Jim Robinson doesn’t zot this guy who posted in November, because that would be awkward!
Newt Gingrich Free Republic


  1. Freerepublic is just nuts. Whatever resemblence to a conservative, SANE, voice it had is just gone. They seem to have devolved into a core group metmom, onyx, and others who have disgusted any right thinking person.
    It’s sad to see. But, websites die eventually and FR looks like it is a goner.

  2. I went over to FreeRepublic for the first time in awile, they are at 43% for the quarter, since we are a little more than one third of the way through Q1 of 2012 that seems like they are on track to meeting their goal (unfortunately).

  3. I find it hillarious that Jim Rob endorsed Gingrich. How does he think Gingrich even has a chance of winning the nomination? Especially by now, when both Santorum and Romney have got him in a real vice grip? And either of the two have won a whole lot more than Gingrich has? South Carolina really doesn’t mean much by itself.

    As for Free Republic, it will ultimately collapse once the few core devotees either can’t use the computer anymore or simply bite the dust.

  4. I was recently banned from FR for suggesting the Santorum campaign would be better served by talking about issues like gas prices, jobs and debt. There is a huge socon led purge going on right now of people that want to focus on economic issues.

    The name calling, and questioning of people’s intellectual capacity is staggering.

    I anticipate that at some point in the near future FR boards will be home to 6 different posters challenging each other on…oh wait….they won’t be challenging one another because they’d have to zot each other.

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