FreeRepublic crashed again 2012 part 648220

FreeRepublic is down as of me writing this and has been down for hours and hours. Luckily, among the many alternative sites is a Yahoo group that I can cull quotes from to make us all feel that warm fuzzy feeling we get when we read Freeper quotes and bitter infighting!

dadbwo sez:

Dear Jim,

I don’t know how to communicate this in the most hearable way so I’ll just do my

A shocking number of folks are telling me by email that they are quite . . .
annoyed . . . to put it mildly . . . that there’s this kind of outage after the

And, I don’t know that a lot of them are that irate over the money etc. as much
as it’s more like the last straw of a list of grievances.

I realize your style is more to say they can kiss your rear but I hope you don’t
take that stance.

You tend to be a fairly horrible communciator in these situations and that
shoots yourself in the foot, frankly. I hate to see it. It wouldn’t cost you
that much more bother to communicate better, more charitably and more

It’s one thing to cast yourself as an imperious authoritarian demi-god immune to
all the ignorant serfs and slaves and their critiques. Circling the wagons
around an ever increasingly narrow strictly kosher group of close buddies does
not influence most favorably the widest possible group to help protect and
reclaim The Republic.

It’s another thing to seek financial and political support from as reasonably
broad a base of true conservatives as possible to do the best we all can in
behalf of The Republic.

I hate to see you shoot yourself in the foot so extensively so repeatedly in
this critical election year. It saddens me more than I can express.

I’ve never seen the outrage I’m getting from people by email–not in quantity
and not in degree of outrage. I encourage you to be very thoughtful and
understanding in how you handle all this.

I encourage you to communicate a lot more than you are accustomed to and in a
charitable cooperative vs authoritarian tone.

I realize your amen corner may well jump all over my effort to help you with
this msg as you may as well. However, you should be able to see my caring heart
in it, if you are willing to look.

Certainly we greatly appreciate all your labors and efforts in behalf of FR and
The Republic. Evidently many thousands of FREEPERS do not feel appreciated much
at all by you. That’s very sad.



jimrob posts:

We do the best we can with what we have. Others have tried and failed with more.
We’re under capitalized, under funded, under staffed and under water. Just too
damn stupid and too damn stubborn to know you can’t do what we’re doing on a
shoestring and live to tell the tale. No doubt someday all of our detractors
will be pleased to see us go down for the last time. But until then, damn the
torpedoes, full speed ahead!!

We are the resistance!! If not us, who?

Someone whose name I forgot to copy sez:

FR. All this “I’m getting emails” comment leads me to think dad is among a
number of like-minded compatriots who have been zotted in the last few months
and is taking advantage of the use of another forum to complain about FR. We’ve
seen it here in the Yahoo forum before.


Amen!!! I am wondering who this all important “FReeper” is to have SO many
“FReepers” emailing him/her to complain.

P.S. FR has not gone down in quite some time. J&JR knew we needed new servers,
hence our last FReepathon…..which tells me they did one HECK of a job taping
up the old servers just to keep us going this long.


womanvet sez:, you and anonymous FReepers are pissed because there is a problem with
technology? Well, I understand and aggree with them — who ever heard of a
server going down? I never spent every last zloty on a super fancy accessory and
ever had a problem with it. I never bought a brand new car that came up with a
mechanical problem in the first week, either.

Nope, the only thing that ever has effed up in the 150 years (give or take a
few)I’ve been around has been FR — after I sent money.

Well, not quite…I sent money to Fred Thompson and he quit the next day. I made
a donation to Herman Cain, and he dropped out. I gave to Rick Perry…well,
yeah, he’s out now. So, I gave money to my friend to send to Newt, cause I was
afraid to donate….his car broke down. So, even though I suspected FR was done
in by someone not wanting us to discuss the fraud that will go on in Michigan,
deep down I know it was the FReepathon. I is my fault.

So tell those anonymous whiners to be angry at me, not JimRob.

OneVike Ing sez:

In want to thank Jim for being so aware and on the ball that you knew
ahead of time that a problem existed and humbly asked the faithful Freepers for
the extra funds that would be needed to fix a problem he was aware could happen.

Great timing, and strong evidence that Jim knows how to keep FR going strong,
with minimal problems.

Thanks again Jim,

God bless,



  1. Jim,

    Just want to say my thanks with something Churchill said, “Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few.”

    We are battling the Scythians (in all forms) but freedom will win.

  2. I always find it funny how 1) FreeRepublic has recently had a shutdown, and they keep shrinking in terms of who can be conservative at FreeRepublic, or who should even be allowed to post. Again, it’s also funny how the exclusive religious right brings itself out of existence through increasing exclusiveness

  3. And wow, they just went down again today. Methinks using more recent web design updates than the quality might actually keep a website running, but apparently Jim Robinson hasn’t managed to do this with hundreds of thousands of dollars at his disposal.

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