Two more Freeper quote blogs

I found these two Freeper Quote blogs while looking up things related to people claiming Obama worshiped the serpent god from Conan, Set. Yes, someone claimed that. But regardless of the Set claim, here are the two blogs:

Freeper Madness, which goes all the way back to 2007 and is still going strong

Occupy Derp Street, which began in 2011 but is also still active.

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  1. I have a question for the caensrvotives on this site. Why do you let troglaman abuse you all the time? I know you think it’s better to take the high road and ignore the troll and all, but to be quite honest he makes all of you look incredibly stupid and wimpy. You can’t even stand up for yourselves. It’s really sad to see that. I know you guys are capable of giving him an overdose of his own medicine, as he surely deserves it and yet you don’t.This site would be more fun without him around to make fools of everyone. Come on – you can insult him so badly that he goes running to his mommy with his tail between his legs, and it’s be beautiful to see, but I dunno…are you guys truly that scared of this desperate loser?

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