China will destroy America by being mean to animals

Resistnet poster rel find/forerunner (he posts under both accounts) has two passions: ranting about how alcohol can fuel every car in America, and ranting about how China will destroy America thanks to animal cruelty. Now, we here at love animals and abhor animal cruelty. However, there is a point where you go beyond a normal supporter of a cause and enter the Twilight Zone of Insanity. And brother, rel find is nucking futs!

As rel find/forerunner generally makes long giant posts that repeat a lot of the same content, this edition will be a highlight reel of quotes from several posts. We’re also skipping most of his alcohol fuel rants because we’re not sure if rel find is behind the site he keeps linking to or not. But let’s get to the main attraction, which is how China is going to destroy America.

The USA’s Downfall Is A Direct Result of Chinas Animal Abuse-Cruelty-Torture and Thereby All US Citizens Guilty-Liable-Complicit By Way of Massively Imbalanced Anti-American US-China FreeTrade Policy

This was the title of rel find’s big thread!

I believe we are in this mess because of a lack of morals. It’s amazing how we all don’t see and feel it. There will be no hope for any nation if they don’t dissacociate themseles with Communist China.

Communist China is the new AntiChrist.

If you want this nation to be saved then you must in your own way get that message flowing all over the internet.

Please don’t flow your message all over my keyboard!

We are being cursed for having anything to do with China. We are sending them 100’s of billions of $$$ per year to make our own personal goods. So in effect we have brought down upon us a very heavy-overbearing curse called Clinton-Bush-Obama.

China having not been invented until Bill Clinton created it in 1995…

It is a mistake to look for a cure-that is only getting rid of Obama-Democrat-Congress in such a way that can only at best alleviate the symptoms.

Did you not just read your previous paragraph where you were including Bush? Or is he now a Democrat?

We must get at the cause of the symptoms. Our massive overbearing guilt for being so indifferent to the massive amounts of cruelty that China infklicts on 100′ of millions of dogs, cats, rabbits, bears, and all manner of every type of animals.

Luckily, animal cruelty is not found in America, land of people who take care of their pets. They take such good care of them that I find them abandoned in parking lots!

Anyone who is educated and honest could not dismiss this topic away or the validity of what I’m saying about our collective guilt, hypocrisy, and liabilty to the barbaric treatment and suffering of the 100’s of millions-billions of dogs, cats, rabbits, bears, and other types of animals in the hands of the; uncivilized-barbaric, criminally-insane, psychoticly-deranged, depraved-beligerent, animal abusers-terrorizers-torturers Communist China.

Not just any China, but uncivilized-barbaric, criminally-insane, psychoticly-deranged, depraved-beligerent, animal abusers-terrorizers-torturers Communist China! Also, am I the only one who loves it when crazy people say things like “anyone who is educated and honest could not dismiss this topic”?

There is no doubt that the downward sapiral that we are all experiencing here and blaming solely on the lowlife leftist-liberal-Progressives-Obama-Clinton-Reid-Pelosi-Napolitano is a rtesult of our complete indifference to the unbelievablely barbaric and insanely cruel treatment of billions of animals per year, on a minute by minute basis in China.

This guy likes linking things together in dashes…

What we do in animal factory farming in the US is bad enough. As bad as it is it pales in comparison to the abysmal-heinous brutality that they engage in in China.

A rare acknowledgement that things suck here too, but easily dismissed because China is so much worse. Also ignore all other countries.

They put bears in a cage for its whole life laying on its side the whole time while they extract some kind of so-called medicine from the bear.

At the zoos in China, they put innocent-defenseless cows on stage in a big cage eating hay. Then all of a sudden they let a lion or tiger into the cage with the cow. The lowlives in the audience, families with children actually sit there and watch this as a form of entertainment in China.

Bring your Daughter to the Slaughter Day at the Zoo never caught on here…

In China they also go by the practice that all animals meat taste better when they are terrorized and in terror as they are being killed. So that means that each; dog, cat, rabbit, and every other kind of animal that they terrorize, abuse, torture and kill has most probably been treated that way as an emphasis, for a better food product as the Chinese claim it is.

Ah, yes, I remember the Terror Meat aisle at my local Chinese grocery store

Hasn’t it been said that most sociopaths-psychopaths-criminally-insane-murderers usually start off their criminal carreers by torturing-killing innocent defenseless animals ?

China is the new Dexter!

Most animal testing where the animals are harmed alot is useless-worthless-unneeded-unnecessary. The drug industry is a huge-massive criminal enterprize. Only medicines that help you through an emergency are great inventions. Almost all drugs dispensed are toxic poisons, either right away or in a short while of using them, even if they relieve some symptoms for a short while. They always have bad to devastating side effects.

Every major drug has an herbal, vitamin, mineral, amino-acid, specialty supplement, or food supplement that will cure the same conditions, that the drugs are prescribed for with no side effects. Usually you have to take a combination of supplememnts, improve the quality of the foods you choose, avoid environmental toxins.

All drugs are bad! But this untested mushroom juice will cure everything!

The whole US healthcare system/drugs is one of the top 3 of the 5 biggest frauds-criminal enterprizes ever perpetrated upon the US, along with unnecessary wars, using mostly polluting-burdensome-war-causing oil/gasoline and not setting up alcohol as an established, widely available, regularly used energy/fuel.

Top 3 of 5. Sort of like 3rd of 5 from the Borg.

Corrupt-criminal Fed-Reserve-Bank-Wall-Street-big-banks-secretly-hidden-raiding of the US Treasury-for-their-personal-use to-invest-in-every-way-available, keeping the profits for themselves and we have to pay when they lose, foreign sellout of the US in every aspect-illegal alien invasion-sellout-to; China-Japan-Saudi-Arabia-Mexico-Taiwan-Korea-India-Venezuela-Brazil.


America needs to elect Ron Paul type politicians all over the place, get its power back, and figure out innovative ways to work around all of the major obstacles to get the US manufacturing wheels rolling again, and start to make alot-alot of its own products again, and defend itself in every way from foreign countries and foreigners.

I’m sure Ron Paul’s philosophy of letting corporations do whatever the frak they want won’t result in lots more factory farms and animal torture in America.

Obviously Obama is a worthless person and as a leader in general and for this cause just as Bill Clinton and George Bush were too. Lets hope that his anti-American-US-bankrupting EPA-implemented-bypass-congress-cap-tax scheme-scam-fraud-plan fails to be allowed to happen, same goes for the latest on the illegal-alien-amnesry scheme-scam-fraud front.

Cap and Trade tortures animals.

We must not honor the uncivilized-deranged-depraved-sociopathic-barbaric-sadistic animal-abusers-torturers Communist China at the Toronto-Canada summit.

This is the 1st time I’ve ever agreed with those protesters. I’ve finally realized that they are our young brave defenders, even if they are coming from the left.

Defending the hippies?

Those protesters are showing courage and attacking the corrupt garbage crimina;s of humanity. And I salute them from the right, for those rich filths that they are protesting against are the enemy of this country and all of its citixens liberty.

You noble young ones who are probably naive to the dangers that you are up against, you are brave to attack those damned freakin-cretins and make them look like the creatures-ghouls that they really are.

This is the best hippy defense I have ever seen from a crazy wingnut. Don’t you know you are on the side of the rich business owners? Or do I need to connect more words with dashes for you to understand?

I’m against the criminal drug companies and their toxic drugs. Natural cures work much better and don’t have bad side effects.

So there really is no need for harmful animal testing-experiments for helping people to treat their ailments.

Have cancer? Sorry, you should have taken random leaves you find in the forest. No chemo for you!

They should use animals that are already sick and use them for testing herbal and nutritional cures, no harm there.

Or to further down the road of using or subjecting the animal to the risk of harm, they could induce an ailment in an animal and give them herbs and nutritional supplements as a form of testing. Because there is no doubt that they would fully recover.

Yes, let’s use already sick animals for their 100% sure chance of recovery! I see no problems with this.

The level of suffering that they subject animals to in disease testing is again criminally-insane, helps nobody, and destroys the US-America by way of its complete;immorality, stupidity, and worthlessness.

Thereby rendering the US-Americas moral, ethical, civility, and technological-scientific-research-value status to extreme discrediit and unworthiness.

Scientific America is an America filled with herbal supplements.

Meanwhile there is a huge vicious cuyrse habnging down onall of us because of having anything to do with the likes of Communist China, that the big-corporations have set us up into being a part of.

Spot the misspellings!

To save this country we must get away from having anything to do with China. If we did stop buying so muisch from them all of the corporate criminals plans for destroying tjhe-US-Americas soveriegnty and prosperity would be destroyed, because it’s all based on very cheap labor and goods from China, Taiwan, N-Korea, Mexico, and Brazil, with China being the main country leading and driving this whole anti-American pro-big-corporate-profits-$$$ trend.

Railing against big business is soooo Republican right now.

You can’t be that stupid, so stop being so ignorant.

Are you serious to say that, because abortion is wrong and the reason for Americas curse so then animal cruelty and torture is ok and not also a reason for America to be cursed.

In a response to one of the new abortion obsessives on Resistnet, rel find goes off that the Communist-China curse (or cuyrse) is worse than the abortion curse.

If we listened to you the USA would still be cursed, because if we legislated against-stopped abortions in the USA, you would still leave in place another widescale depraved-criminal-activity-animal-cruelty-abuse-torture-by-way-of; animal-factory-farming, US-China-trade-policy, which would still leave a-the massive curse that is a result of either of these heinous criminal activities being partaken in by the USA.

My curse is the worse curse.

What we have here is a classic case of misdirected crazy. rel find is obviously an animal lover, but instead of actually helping animals they instead turn to the internet to rail against large targets that aren’t going to care what one crazy person thinks. They also espouse views incompatible with the political entities they are aligned with. Would Resistnet support the dismantling of big business? Frak no, they’ll sell their souls to Wal-Mart the second they can. Would Resistnet support dismantling all medicine and switching over to herbs? Hell no. Would Resistnet, home of “Real Patriots” who spend all their time bashing hippies, stop eating meat in order to stop animal cruelty? Hell no, they’ll fire up the grill even hotter. The secret shame of rel find is she’s actually more progressive than conservative. Too bad for her she’s been driven so nuts by the conservative noise machine she’s terrified of the Left and spends much of her free time demonizing them just as she demonizes people who hurt her passions. She’s blinded by hate and it spills out on the internet as massive wall to text crazy that does nothing but give Politisink more material.

rel find, if you ever take your psychiatric medicine, I am sure you will have some inner soul searching to do.


  1. I need buy products from America right now.. i want to be trader but i don’t want the mark of the beast… i can using foods for trade only..

  2. rel find is right,

    He is a Conservative who is right about America needing to stop importing Chinese goods because they are; uncivilized-barbaric, criminally-insane, psychoticly-deranged, depraved-beligerent, animal abusers-terrorizers-torturers, and murderers.

    George Bush was-is a middle-east-oil-war-mongerer, sell-out to corrupt-criminal-China, Japan, Asia, EU, OPEC-Saudi-Iraq-Iran-Venezuela, Mexico, etc. !!!

    Bill Clintonista and Soebarkah Obamanation have also sold out the USA to; corrupt-criminal-China, Japan, Asia, EU, OPEC-Saudi-Iraq-Iran-Venezuela, Mexico, etc. !!!

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