China will destroy America by being mean to animals

Resistnet poster rel find/forerunner (he posts under both accounts) has two passions: ranting about how alcohol can fuel every car in America, and ranting about how China will destroy America thanks to animal cruelty. Now, we here at love animals and abhor animal cruelty. However, there is a point where you go beyond a normal supporter of a cause and enter the Twilight Zone of Insanity. And brother, rel find is nucking futs!

As rel find/forerunner generally makes long giant posts that repeat a lot of the same content, this edition will be a highlight reel of quotes from several posts. We’re also skipping most of his alcohol fuel rants because we’re not sure if rel find is behind the site he keeps linking to or not. But let’s get to the main attraction, which is how China is going to destroy America.

The USA’s Downfall Is A Direct Result of Chinas Animal Abuse-Cruelty-Torture and Thereby All US Citizens Guilty-Liable-Complicit By Way of Massively Imbalanced Anti-American US-China FreeTrade Policy

This was the title of rel find’s big thread!

I believe we are in this mess because of a lack of morals. It’s amazing how we all don’t see and feel it. There will be no hope for any nation if they don’t dissacociate themseles with Communist China.

Communist China is the new AntiChrist.

If you want this nation to be saved then you must in your own way get that message flowing all over the internet.

Please don’t flow your message all over my keyboard!
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