Fundamentally Change America — #1

Whoever the frak Duzey is, their stuff gets copy/pasta-ed all over random Wingnut boards. What we here at Politisink have learned about Duzey is that Duzey loves dashes, and Duzey loves to speak biblically in Duzey’s attacks on Obama. Below is an actual Duzey article taken from a site that shall not be named where it was copy/pasta-ed everywhere…

——————–We the People——————–

Fundamentally Change America — #1

What did Obama mean by Fundamentally Change America?

To Fundamentally Change America: Obama plans to —Radically change— the essential structure, functions and facts of America!

Thanks for tell us what we already know!

America was established as a Republic to be governed by the Constitution based upon Godly Principles of Morality.

By removing the Morality of God from the Schools and Government in America is to —Fundamentally Change America— you end up with a Socialist Communist Anti-God Nation!

Obama is going to take prayers out of schools—wait a minute, that happened decades ago! And how can you be both Socialist and Communist? It’s almost like you don’t know what those words mean, Duzey!

Fact — President Obama has surrounded himself with Marxists, Socialists, Radicals and Self-proclaiming Communist Czars.

Fact — Obama supports Liberal Supreme Court Judges and other government people whom Hate God, but support Abortions (Murder of babies), Homosexuality, Sex Perverts and are Liars and Thieves Seeking to destroy our Constitution.

Fact — Duzey left his meds in the car one hot summer day
Fact — the meds haven’t worked quite right since then

Fact — These Liberals are —Enemies of God—!

Fact — The more — dashes — you have — the truer — your — stat — ements are —!

Fact — These Anti-God Liberals have already taken over Major Auto manufactures, Banking and Financial institutions and Nationalized Healthcare.

Fact — They do not intent to Stop —now—.

Fact — Can’t stop, won’t stop

Fact — Fundamentally change means change everything.

Fact — These Anti-God Liberals intend to take away our entire God given Freedoms, Rights, and Liberties?

How can a question be a fact?

Fact — America was founded upon the —Morality— of our Creator God’s Principles!

Fact — This ignores all the Diest and non-religious founding fathers!

———-Obama’s quotes———

Fact — “America is the greatest country on Earth. Help me change it!”

Who in their right mind would want to change it if it is the Greatest country on Earth?

Fact — “We are not a Christian Nation.” — Another Obama Quote—

Fact — “We are going to fundamentally change America.”

Fact — “We are going to fundamentally transform the United States of America.”

Fact — “Spread the wealth around.” Take from the Taxpaying public and give to those who don’t work and pay taxes!

Fact — quotes made up and taken out of context are totally true!

The U.S. Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land

WE hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator, with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness –The Declaration of Independence–

True Authority only comes from Our Creator.

Our Founding Fathers understood Supreme Authority comes Only from Our Creator, and by this Authority they established Our Constitution as the Supreme Law of the Land.

Fact — The Constitution is not the Declaration of Independence
Fact — Duzey seems to not understand the previous Fact —

Our Government is not the problem!

Except for the Fact — this entire rant is just a giant complaint about the current government.

The problems are the Progressive Liberals that believe in Socialism, Marxism, Communism, etc, who have Hi-Jacked Our Government and Temporarily Kicked Our Creator out of Our Schools and Government.

It is the Duty of every Citizen to bring Our Constitution as the Supreme Law of the Land back into Our Schools and Government.

Fact — God wrote our Constitution on tablets on top of Mt. Sinai and gave it to Thomas Jefferson, who promptly had sex with his slaves to celebrate all men being created equal.

What Future Freedoms are there for our Kids when we allow these Anti-God Liberals to take away our God given Freedoms, Rights and Liberties??

How much Debt have these Anti-God Liberals piled upon our Kids?

How can our Kids have any Freedoms if they are strapped with all this Debt?

Fact — God tells us that the borrower is the servant of the Lender.

Fact — None of these “fiscal conservatives” made a peep when the money went to bombing brown people in the Middle East, but the second far less money goes to helping poor people in America we are suddenly stealing from our children.

What are —YOU— going to do to Protect your Kids Future God given Freedoms, Rights and Liberties from these Anti-God Liberals?

“The world is a Dangerous place to live, not because of the people who are Evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.” —-Albert Einstein—

Fact — Duzey seems to be getting threatening here…

What did Obama mean by Fundamentally Change America?

Fact — This is not what America voted for!

Fact — Actually, it IS What America voted for, what with the whole election and Obama winning the election and you idiots losing.

Another Article by —Duzey

Fact — Duzey needs to stop writing.

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