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Fundamentally Change America — #1

Whoever the frak Duzey is, their stuff gets copy/pasta-ed all over random Wingnut boards. What we here at Politisink have learned about Duzey is that Duzey loves dashes, and Duzey loves to speak biblically in Duzey’s attacks on Obama. Below is an actual Duzey article taken from a site that shall not be named where it was copy/pasta-ed everywhere…

——————–We the People——————–

Fundamentally Change America — #1

What did Obama mean by Fundamentally Change America?

To Fundamentally Change America: Obama plans to —Radically change— the essential structure, functions and facts of America!

Thanks for tell us what we already know!

America was established as a Republic to be governed by the Constitution based upon Godly Principles of Morality.

By removing the Morality of God from the Schools and Government in America is to —Fundamentally Change America— you end up with a Socialist Communist Anti-God Nation!

Obama is going to take prayers out of schools—wait a minute, that happened decades ago! And how can you be both Socialist and Communist? It’s almost like you don’t know what those words mean, Duzey!

Fact — President Obama has surrounded himself with Marxists, Socialists, Radicals and Self-proclaiming Communist Czars.

Fact — Obama supports Liberal Supreme Court Judges and other government people whom Hate God, but support Abortions (Murder of babies), Homosexuality, Sex Perverts and are Liars and Thieves Seeking to destroy our Constitution.

Fact — Duzey left his meds in the car one hot summer day
Fact — the meds haven’t worked quite right since then

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