Let’s Play Puffie!

WTF is Puffie, you ask?

Puffie is the latest scam circulating on the teabagger boards as a supposed “conspiracy” by the left to get the wingnuts to send lots of envelopes with white powder to elected officials so Obama can suspend the elections and become President for Lyfe. Because that would totally happen because of something this stupid. But try not to dig too deep in the logic of wingnuts, they see conspiracy everywhere because people on the radio tell them it is so.

*************** WARNING *******************

A number of ultra liberal left wing political
groups are plotting to stop the November 2010
elections in the United States.

Their plan it to have a large number of their
members play a game known as “Puffie” and to
get a large number of T-Party members to also
play “Puffie”.

The T-Party members will be fooled into thinking
they are helping their cause to SAVE the
United States by playing this game.

What the result of this game will be is to
spread fear and panic in candidates offices and
give Obama a seemingly valid reason to issue a
presidential order stopping the elections and
keeping the current politicians in office until
the US police forces can end the “Puffie” event
and arrest/prosecute those playing the game.

Of course, only Republicans, Independents, and
T-Party members will be suspects.

Here is the text of the e-mail messages that will
be sent to the T-Party members:

***** Save the United States *****

********** Play “Puffie” *********

“Puffie” was inspired by this eBook which you
can read on your Kindle (or Kindle app on your PC): http://www.amazon.com/-/dp/B003VD22UY

“Puffie” consists of many different people in
different locations sending letters to various
candidates with a threatening letter that says:
“Obama Rules” filled with some unidentified powder.

The senders of the letters mix different powders
of things found around the house and are very
careful to not leave any finger prints on the
letters and to seal the letters with a damp cloth.
Of course, use a bogus return address.

Send this message to others on your e-mail list,
along with candidates names and addresses, and
have them join the “Puffie” movement.

Watch the liberal press to see what the reaction is
from the candidates.


Oh, that Amazon link? It’s to an ebook Pending Global Disasters: Germ War Diary (Kindle Edition) by Donald P. Parks

Said ebook is only $6.66. Yes, the Mark of the Beast.

Product Description
This document is classified as SECRET.

Only persons having a need to know may read it. U.S. Government employees MUST be individually authorized by the author of this work IN WRITING before reading it.

The first version was published as an e-book in 1991 and may have been used to inspire the group that brought us the “Swine Flu” event in 2009.

It’s almost as if this entire conspiracy is just some guy using wingnut paranoia to promote his own crappy ebook from 20 years ago!

11 thoughts on “Let’s Play Puffie!

  1. Oh, this is too funny. There must be a list being passed around of crazy rumors about each administration, cuz I remember this one from the dreaded Cheney years. Also the one about the FEMA camps .

  2. Back in 2008 I posted a simple question from that e-Book on my facebook page.

    In response, I got 2 visits from a trio of lawmen (1 FBI, 1 SS, and 1 local sheriff) My kids living across town also got a visit from this trio and my son in Florida got a phone call. The lawmen said if I got a 3rd visit it would be to take me to jail.

    What about the Constitution thing we have in the U.S.?

    I can not get back on facebook. I don’t think I was in violation on any facebook rules.

  3. I totally believe this story and don’t think it is some lame marketing attempt with obvious attempts to hook people into buying your crappy e-book, Donald Parks.

  4. Did you read the e-book or are you a Federal Employee?

    Or are you part the the Pastor Terry Jones group and are
    sending out “koran Puffies”?

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