The Brutal Gang Rape of the United States of America – or at least of your mind when you read this guy

Our latest crazy conspiracy theory post will be delayed one day thanks to me not uploading all the images so I can finish the article at lunch! BOO! to me! Instead, enjoy this savage attack on an article written by a moron. And the weird line breaks and misspellings are just how it is.

“The Brutal Gang Rape of the United States of America”
By Ron Ewart, President
National Association of Rural Landowners
and nationally recognized author on freedom and property rights issues.

Hi, my name is Ron, and I love to trivialize rape! Good thing I have female fans like Resistnet’s Darla Dawald to repost my tripe on Resistnet so I can hide behind them when people point out how awful this is!

The rape of noblewoman Lucretia

Ron starts out by showing he looked up Lucretia in Wikipedia or something and fills up space. We’re skipping all that because it’s boring.

We watched the 1986 movie “Extremities” the other night, staring the now deceased Farah Fawcett.

Who is “We”? I sure wasn’t at your house watching rape movies…

It was a powerful movie on the subject of individual terror and rape. It
explored the raw emotions of both victim, rapist and the hapless
witnesses who stumbled on the scene

Ron goes on to describe the movie, wax poetic about how “Rape is bad, M’Kay”, and then suddenly goes off the rails…

We focus here on a desire for power, which to some politicians is all consuming, as is their desire for sex, which gets lots of them in trouble. As the rapist desires to control his
victim (99% of all rapes are conducted by
males) through fear and intimidation, so too do politicians
desire to control the masses with laws and the threat of enforcement of
laws, thus fulfilling their “need” for power.

Suddenly politicians are the rapists! The rapists of America. The rapists of Lady Liberty. They got a thing for green chicks.

In contrast, a
dictator needs no laws, as the dictator is the law. All the
dictator needs is an enforcer, usually a loyal military, to
enforce his dictates with brutality

Hey, way to unwittingly point out that Obama isn’t a dictator! Except you probably think you just did point out Obama is a dictator.

Subjugation of the masses can occur by two methods, 1) draconian over-regulation of every aspect of the individual’s life and the rising enforcement of that

If you have rules, you are oppressed. That’s why when I play Candyland, I play it without rules! Candy Cane Forest gets razed to the ground in out of control logging. Gum Drop Mountain has its entire top removed in mining for coal, polluting Chocolate Swamp and killing all the gummy fish.

or 2) by mass killings, executions, maiming, torture, false
imprisonment and mock trials.

Wait, WTF??? How in the world can you make that disconnect?

Americans, at least those that value liberty, have two choices in the year 2010, being 234 years after the birth of liberty. They can regain their pride, their dignity and
their freedom by subduing the brutal gang rapists of the United States
of America,

Rape is bad, but not as bad as Democrats!!!

like the heroin had the courage to do in the
movie “Extremities”,

Oh, snap, that movie was more surreal than I thought if it had living drugs beating down rapists!

or they can succumb to the slowly tightening chains
of draconian over-regulation, perpetrated by the gang rapists who
currently hold the seats of power. For this second choice,
the people of America will live in permanent fear of the “gang
rapist” for the rest of their lives.

The “gang rapist” just happens to be black…

Their choice will also
condemn their children’s lives and their grand children’s lives to
slavery by draconian regulation and the eventual police state it will

You want water standards? Police state. Drug testing? Police state. Clean air? Police state. No oil spills in the ocean? Police state. Fast food people washing their hands after the bathroom? Police state. Eat your Big Mac, Ron!

The first choice is the act of courage. The second choice is the act of cowards.

All cowards for D on election day!

America was once a nation of heroes. Has it now become a nation of
cowards? We don’t think so.

The spinoff of the tv show Heroes called Cowards got cancelled along with the main show, which lasted three seasons too long anyway.

The question is, will Americans turn the tables on their domestic attacker in time, or will America forever remain the victim of the brutal gang rapist, into the
foreseeable future?

If you vote Democrat you are literally raping yourself.

Ron Ewart, President
P. O. Box 1031, Issaquah, WA 98027
425 222-4742 or 1 800 682-7848
(Fax No. 425 222-4743)

If you wanna see some fun stuff, go to that website and look up their No Trespassing sign.

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