Illuminati: New World Order and John Rockefeller Communists are using you all, Sheeple!

We’re kicking it conspiracy old school with some modern twists! We got our good old fashioned Zionist conspiracy mixed with the Rothschilds, and sprinkle on some Rockfellers, the Fed, card games, Dark Knight imagery, and we got us a hearty stew of conspiracy theory junk! And Resistnet is kind enough to help us get to the bottom of the conspiracy with no one bothering to refute any part of it!

Resistnet Poster EricktheRed9 posts this junk from Henry Makow, and then adds his own crazy at the end.

Sorry, Libs, y’all are just being used…by the Satanic Communists!

Richard Rodriguez is totally getting insulted here, but the thing to watch out for is LOOK IN THE EYES OF THE DEMON JOHN D. ROCKEFELLER. Extra bonus Rothschild Cabalist Man and a total slam on Pocahontas!

Jew Ramadan – the next step!

Excuse me while I throw in a photoshop for no reason…

Someone seems obsessed by sperm donors…

We now go on a diatribe that seems to debunk those ‘Libs are commies!” arguments, except it is being used as evidence that Liberals are all being secretly herded by Commies and only those of you who are crazy right wingers can see the truth.

Communists are now Atheists as well as terms continue to get mixed up by the dictionary impared

Now let’s go conspira-crazy!

Yes, Prodocols of the Elders of Zion, the bible of insane conspiracy theories. Let’s just ignore the fact it has been debunked since 1921 and pretend it is real! You see… “it is real“…Israel…You see the connection???

Photochop time

These quotes from a debunked book will further my cause…

As will this cartoon!

Jew Cancer is behind every -ism in the universe! Communism, Marxism, Jizm…

More photochops!!!

And now EriktheRed9 speaks to prove he makes Henry Makow look like Einstein

I’ll use this card game logo to prove the Illuminati exist! That will cluster thwack those libs!

Now the best image of all! We got a TRIPLE JOKER POSTER! Wooooo!!! I also love the “National Socialist Puppets of terror” tagline.

Here’s a blog if you wanna friend this guy! Maybe he should upgrade to Facebook and Blogspot.

MomOf3 links to a thread about the old BP Oil Spill board game that also mentions the old Illuminati CCG card game.

You see, the spawn of the devil make card games. That’s why Magic: The Gathering is so addictive!

FreedomLover posts images of some of the cards…

Causing MomOf3 to freak out even more. Despite posting threads about the cards, she didn’t bother to do any research on them at all.

Lone Eagle comes in to yak about the Matrix, and he admits he is on government assistance, the very same government assistance he fights to destroy, and is complaining because he isn’t getting enough and blaming it on the Illuminati!

Here is MomOf3’s earlier thread

and the lone reply, which goes on about human waste being used as fertilizer and how we should be pumping all our oil reserves that don’t exist in a profitable manner but ignore that!

[adrotate banner=”1″]As for the Illuminati card game they brought up — It’s a freaking card game! It was inspired by a book (also fiction) and turned into a role playing game and finally a CCG, but it is just a fake game. As someone who played CCGs in the late 90s I had some of the Illuminati cards, though i preferred the Star Trek CCG (at which I was awesome and won tons of tournies)

The card game is just that: at game. The fact things seem to be similar to your warped conspiracy theories is that these theories have been around almost forever. The specifics change, but the same general ideas are always there. Before Obama, it was Clinton. The Bushes. Then Carter. Nixon. Johnson. JFK. FDR. The conspiracies continue on.

If you google Illuminati: New World Order you find all sorts of sites claiming they are foretelling the future. And also mentioning they were mentioned by Dan Brown’s novel Angels & Demons, which somehow proves it is real and not that Dan Brown’s conspiracy crap is so unoriginal he’s stealing from modern sources.

One card – Terrorist Nuke – is claimed to have accurately predicted 9-11. This is also garbage. First of all, the game was published in 1995. You might remember the World Trade Center being bombed in 1993! Good job predicting the past, INWO! And the Terrorist Nuke on the card is a Nuke blowing up the WTCs, not a plane. So it predicted crap, but morons are morons so they believe anything.
Click for huge to see the Terrorist Nuke card and a few others:

You can see lots of the cards here on another site by a crazy guy who thinks they are real.

I’ve collected a few more links of dudes talking about this thinking it is real. Here and here are just a few. As the Right Wing will get more and more paranoid the next six years, expect to hear a lot more about this card game and how it has told the future. And just wait until the Wingnuts play Candyland and see how it is a Commu-Social-Marxi-Obama-Nazi-Conspira-Rotheschild-Jewish-Muslim-Grey-Reptillian brainwashing tool to get our kids fattened for their eventual consumption by UFO Overlords. You heard it hear first on!


  1. The nuke theory holds more truth than aeroplanes causing the collapse.

    1. We have molten cement pouring out of the Towers.
    2. We have witnesses claiming explosions before the collapse.
    3. We have atomised CPU crystals found in the dust.
    Now read that again. “Atomised CPU’s” made of hard crystal.
    Do you think atomising one of the hardest substances on
    earth is an easy task, even when dropping a building?

    This is a sick joke being played on us and our window time to act is closing.
    When you see injustice around you, rise up against it. Stand up.
    By letting injustice continue, you are encouraging it.

    Here are the latest victims: Now ask yourself if this looks natural…

  2. It never ceases to amaze me that someone can be smart enough to connect most dots, put the blame where it rightfully belongs, which is the zionist fake jews, realize that we have been screwed by big corps, and banks for years, who have run up our debt to 20 trillion.. and then at the end blame it all on TOO MUCH REGULATION.. when Alllllllllllll of that shit was caused by us REMOVING AKA GETTING RID OFF, PROTECTIONIST REGULATIONS………… Yes, getting rid off regulation.. giving the rich TOO MUCH freedom.. not too little…

    And yet you more than likely a Ron Paul fucknut, manage to do so.

    Also, preaching about Jesus Christ, but you dont believe that everyone should have single payer healthcare.. cause in your delusional mind, Jesus was a capilist, who would have no problem with charging people $50000 deductible

    YOu fucking idiots

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