PatriotActionNetwork’s reaction to the Tucson shootings

The shooter was a crazy Tea Party patriot! The shooter was a crazy leftist marxist who had a shrine to Obama in his backyard!

Unsurprisingly, the talkers on both the left and the right are barking up the wrong tree again. Like everything else in the news these days the “substitutive debate” on this incident has been nothing more than finger pointing at who is responsible for this tragedy. Of course if the media were crazy enough to approach the real debate here, how the public receives and is influenced by the talking heads on television and radio, they’d be inditing themselves. Obviously we’ll never hear about this end of the story from the lamestream media.

However, the internet has been abuzz with speculation and finger pointing! I decided to check in with our good friends over at Resistnet PatriotActionNetwork to see what their take on the shootings were. Again, unsurprisingly, the discussion on this incident has taken a predictable turn on the PAN forums. As all good Resistnet threads have gone, it started with a “heartfelt” plea from admin Darla DeWald on how this tragedy is a tragedy and should not be an excuse to score political points on any side. And also how this particular thread should be dedicated to praying for the victims and NOT for debating or passing blame:

But like every other thread on Resistnet PatriotActionNetwork though it went from 0 to BLAME-CRAZY in about 7 seconds:

Just like the shooter, liberals are heartless and bloodless and find pleasure in killing children!

And another thing about our prayer and mourning THAT DANG COMMIE SHERIFF NEEDS TO GO

Obama encouraged a West Side Story-esque gang war during the elections! He is to blame!

Many people were tipped off to Jared Lee Loughner’s mental state through his nonsensical YouTube videos and Myspace ramblings. I wonder if Eric Elliott will pop up on any FBI radars now:

Yeah clearly no one in the media cared enough to report on these other tragedies. Their callousness is to blame!

The Muslims are to blam– Wait. What?

Them dang desensitized kids with their violent video games and their hippity hop are to blame!

Blame blame blame. Oh and someone should kill Jane Fonda

Let’s close this post out on a high note. A CRAZY HIGH NOTE (PS: Willie Mack and Eric Elliott don’t be surprised if you have some men in suits showing up to your doorsteps soon)

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  1. Hey boys! I see you are still trying valiantly to shut Resistnet down. Have a question for you kids. Um, if you’re being so successful, why is it the membership over there is 85k? Something tells me you guys are a great PR firm after all.

    Ok, whose gonna win the Super Bowl?

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