Metapedia – the Antisemitic Encyclopedia anyone can edit!

Metapedia is the free antisemitic encyclopedia of choice for people who think Conservapedia is too controlled by the Secret Zionist Agenda! Let’s get us some nice choice quotes from Metapedia so we can be properly introduced to how the Jews run everything, even Wikipedia!

I don’t even know how crazy you have to be to think Jews invented the term Nazi

Did you know that…

…words like Nazi, anti-semite and conspiracy theory were all created by Jews as a means of thought control?

Of course, why not? Let’s just blame Mossad for every unsolved crime ever, including the time this guy stole a candy bar from my backpack in 3rd grade!

Did you know that…

Israel’s Mossad was responsible for the 2001 anthrax attacks?

The so-called agitation movement…

Martin Luther King Jr. …

was a leader of the so-called American Civil Rights Movement. King was successful in organizing Negros in marches and demonstrations in ending segregation in the South. King’s racial agitation was ended with his assassination in Memphis, Tennessee in 1968 by James Earl Ray.

Let’s check in on their Obama article…

Barack Obama was born in Honolulu, Hawaii to a Muslim, black African father from Kenya, Barack Hussein Obama, Sr., and a white American mother, Stanley Ann Dunham. According to divorce records they were married on February 2, 1961 in Maui. However, no guests attended the “ceremony” and there were no witnesses to the alleged marriage.[1] Also no marriage certificate has yet to appear.

Keep in mind, in this case Metapedia is less crazy than Conservapedia. From their entry on Obama:

Barack Hussein Obama II also known by the name Barry Soetoro during his time in Indonesia[1] (born August 4, 1961, probably in Kenya)

Metapedia may be crazy, but they aren’t Birther Crazy!

At the time one of Obama’s acquaintances and close friend of his grandfather was Frank Marshall Davis, a communist sympathizer and sexual degenerate. Davis and Obama had something of a father-son relationship and together sold cocaine on the beaches of Hawaii.

Okay, maybe they are that crazy…

Community Organizing is Jewish Communism!

Saul Alinsky

Known for So-called “community organising”. To control and incite certain groups for the antisocial whims of Judeo-communism.


Jewish human organ harvesting

But don’t worry, they love Ron Paul!

Unfortunately much of the content is still just copied from Wikipedia. But give Metapedia time to fully warp things into their own worldview, and it will soon become a much richer place to mine ridiculous things from!

2 thoughts on “Metapedia – the Antisemitic Encyclopedia anyone can edit!

  1. Good people aren’t antisemites just because they tell the truth about you, the synagogue of satan – as Jesus/God calls you. In fact, you’re girlish and hypocritical for calling anyone antisemites since you’re the worst antisemites of all. For forty years you’ve used your Western media monopoly to con us into annihilating the Arabs for you. The Arabs are descendants of Shem. I know you’ve degenerated into matrilinealism but you don’t have to be girls. In related news … THERE’S ONLY ONE REASON A CERTAIN GROUP SEEKS TO CONTROL INFORMATION – to make sure their viewpoint is the only one anybody sees or hears. If the “jews” didn’t learn anything else from Hitler, they learned that. The judeo-communists ( are trying to establish the same type of monopoly on the internet that they have in conventional media:

    Also, stop by and post your congratulations to the Swedes for having the balls very few Americans have. They just knocked the sh-t out of candidates supported by judeo-communists and anti-Swedish immigrants:


    DEAN BERRY MINISTRIES: “When a government outlaws ‘terrorism’, it’s planning something for which ‘terrorism’ is the only recourse. Obviously.”

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