Drain Clogs – 11-09-10

Conservatives are now calling for the eradication of Grizzly Bears. I am not making this up. Please note my lack of Colbert jokes.

Texas’s budget problem is proportionally worse than California’s. Looks like fiscal conservatism doesn’t have all the answers! Who woulda thunk it?

Arizona state senator Russell Pearce (a sb1070 guy) is saying Arizona will refuse federal funding for health care, affecting the 1 million people on the program. What does Pearce say about them?

RESNIK: And the one million people on access, what’s their future?

PEARCE: They’ll probably be okay.

Newly elected congressman Allen West (who is a war criminal, btw!) hired a crazy person for his chief of staff. Who woulda thunk it??

Ben Franklin was for progressive taxation….that COMMIE!!!

Morgan Stanley wealth manager Martin Joel Erzinger committed a hit and run, and won’t be charged because he’s all rich and stuff. Colorado District Attorney Mark Hurlbert is the guy who won’t charge him, if you need someone to send angry emails to.

This is very gross.

Beck says something bad is coming! How can that be, when his book has already come out…

Cartoon of the Day:

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