American Renaissance is totally the Master Race

National Review Online has fired not one, but two racist contributors this past week. And while John Derbyshire will fit comfortably in the Wingnut Welfare system and get plenty of new jobs, the second contributor – Robert Weissberg – will have to hide a bit further under the rock of disgusting. Here he is (second… Continue reading American Renaissance is totally the Master Race

Drain Clogs – Love means never having to say “I’ll Deport You!” Edition

Some roundup stuff from the past week you may have missed… Republican Delegate Dave Albo, one of the co-sponsors of Virginia’s trans-vaginal ultrasound bill (aka state-sanctioned rape), explains that his wife has stopped having sex with him because of his sponsoring of the bill. And, yes, the trans-vaginal portion of the bill was modified, but… Continue reading Drain Clogs – Love means never having to say “I’ll Deport You!” Edition

Drain Clogs – Gun Down Them Condoms! Edition

If you remember the Susan G Komen dumping Planned Parenthood debacle, don’t think that’s the end, because the Republicans have gone full speed crazy into the War on Contraception as part of their War on Women and War on the Poor. The Virginia House of Delegates just passed a bill requiring a vaginal ultrasound before… Continue reading Drain Clogs – Gun Down Them Condoms! Edition

Drain Clogs – One Ding-a-ling to Rule Them All Edition…

Alabama State Senator Shadrack McGill (R, of course!) thinks the Bible says we should give teachers crappy pay. He doesn’t think that about Alabama State Senators, as he voted for his own 67% salary increase. Like Jesus would do. A 14-year-old home schooled girl asked the Maryland state lawmakers to ban same-sex marriage for her… Continue reading Drain Clogs – One Ding-a-ling to Rule Them All Edition…

Drain Clogs – Women killed the Mammoths Edition

Conservatives have turned to murder and mutilation of cats in order to threaten Democrats: NSFW for Dead Cat Photo These gun target signs put up on the doors of Missouri Democrats are totally peaceful surveyor symbols and not a threat the FBI should deal with! And another conservative calls for murdering the President to save… Continue reading Drain Clogs – Women killed the Mammoths Edition

Drain Clogs

Newt Gingrich believes in socialism of his penis, but his then-wife was not impressed. Lamar Smith and the MPAA are giant babies, but the SOPA and PIPA protest had an effect as supporters flee the bill like Italian cruise line captains flee their stranded vessels. Megaupload has been shut down by the FBI, despite the… Continue reading Drain Clogs

Drain Clogs – 01-12-2012

US Coast Guard to escort grain ship as the military is now being used against striking workers. This is the first time since 1970 and Nixon ordered troops during the postal strike. Between that and the indefinite detention, it’s a proud time to be an American! Conservative Huttese Gangster Rush Limbaugh defended attacks against Mitt… Continue reading Drain Clogs – 01-12-2012

Drain Clogs – 01-06-2012

The party never stops, even when you take a break! Politisink salutes Rick Santorum, and hopes the Santorum rises all over the Republican electorate! South Carolina State Representative Thad Viers – currently running for Congress – has been arrested for harassing a woman who dumped him. He also has a prior record of leaving threatening… Continue reading Drain Clogs – 01-06-2012

Drain Clogs – 08-01-2011

US Military Contractors have been funding the Taliban. The FAA got shut down because the Republicans are trying to bust unions, costing us $25 million a day, and airlines are taking advantage of not having to charge taxes by raising their prices to make up the difference, disproving the whole “lower taxes and prices will… Continue reading Drain Clogs – 08-01-2011

Drain Clogs – 06-20-2011

Clarence Thomas being corrupts as fuck is finally getting a wee bit of traction. Nothing will happen, of course. I’m sure having an Obama impersonator tell racial jokes will totally get more minority votes! The Best Health Care in the World means robbing a bank for $1 just so you can get health care. Two… Continue reading Drain Clogs – 06-20-2011