Rush Limbaugh listeners are classy!

Check out this class:

California State Senator Leland Yee (my state senator, btw) stood up to Rush Limbaugh’s latest racism and mocking of the Chinese language, and that ticked off Rush so much that someone isn’t putting up with his crap that he made fun of Yee on his show. And then suddenly Senator Yee got all these racist faxes and phone calls from “patriotic” Americans of the type who listen to Rush while massaging themselves with baby oil.

And check out this awesome voicemail that you should totally not listen to at work:

I’m sure one of the rightwing trolls will be by later in the comments to explain how this totally isn’t racist and also it was done by a liberal plant.

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  1. “and get uhh… uhhhhhhhh… whatchamacalit, an egg roll and an unfortunate cookie and eat it.”
    I’m surprised he didn’t cut himself with that RAPIER WIT.

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