US doomed due to Russian/Chinese Dream Sneak Attacks!

Looks like America is doomed again!

I recently read more than 10 stories of folk having “visions” given to them by God about Russia and China attacking the U.S. In one of the visions, Russia was able to attack the U.S. UNDETECTED by simply entering Canada from the Beaufort Sea through the Northwest territories Saskatchewan and attacked Minnesota while China took cues and attacked the state of California.

I don’t have proof but the only way I could see the U.S. getting attacked and caught off guard YET AGAIN was through the DADT repeal. Other armies of the world allow homosexuals to serve but yet they were never the most powerful because everyone is too busy in their own affairs to actually do their jobs. We were because we were always focused on the job at hand and not sexuality or relationships. That’s what made us the most powerful. I have a feeling like Russia and China are going to be able to catch us off guard and attack us because of this repeal. No one is going to be paying attention anymore. Gays will be paying attention to whether someone says a gay slur or not and how they will sue them. And Hetereos will be looking at what gay person is trying to get with them. Everyone is going to be caught up in things not pertaining to the actual job and this will give other countries free reign to test us and how far they can get through. That missle that flew through Southern California a few weeks ago, I suspect is from China testing the western borders of the U.S. to see if we were paying attention and can get their missles in undetected through radar. And it was quite the success because no one still knows where it came from. Mission accomplished. We were too busy focusing on gays getting married and DATD that they managed to pull that stunt with easy effort.

This nation has turned it’s back on God and that’s why he will allow them to attack. God said a nation from the north (Russia) and a nation from the east (the 200 million man army China) will attack this country and he will let them because of the sins and unrepentant hearts of this people. That is why so many natural disasters are happening as well. It doesn’t matter if you believe or don’t believe, Jesus the son of God is returning soon and all these disasters you see happening are the birth pains to come before he does. And they will only get worse.

Believe it when I say, when some stare or famous city like Las Vegas, Los Angeles, or New York has a major earthquake destruction, volcanoe, or flood, that’s when the enemy nations will attack. When our biggest cities that bring in the most money and tourism are destroyed and we are weak, they will pounce. You heard it hear first. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. All you have to do to be saved is believe in your heart Jesus is the son of God and that he died on the cross for your sins. Also ask for forgiveness for those sins. And you will be saved no matter if you die. This nation has many judgments coming upon it and God has not forgotten one thing from it’s history.

2 thoughts on “US doomed due to Russian/Chinese Dream Sneak Attacks!

  1. I am not well read Biblically, so I’m not sure why I had these “dreams,” but I have very vivid ones in the past couple years. The most recent one, China came on one side of our country, Russia on the other and Iran came up from the south in a surprise attack and overcame the United States. They had cut a deal that Russia could have the midwest for its cattle and farm land and China would take other resources. While looking at property in the midwest, it was interesting to me that many Russians had moved into at least one community and they were not mixing well with the citizens there. I believe if ever there was a good time to attack this country, now is the time. We have a very weak president who hates America for his own twisted mentally-ill reasons and along with that, he hates the military and has dispersed it to other parts of the world so as to weaken the home defenses. Combine that with the fact that the last few administrations have willingly shared military secrets with China and Russia and others… or at the very least, made it easy for this information to become stolen. Witness also the reluctance of even our so called conservative leaders to seal our borders, even after 9/11, when it should be such an obvious common sense move. We Americans are still secure in our homes only because the enemies have not yet chosen to strike. Cherish every moment. We will be soon knowing what it must have felt like to the Native Americans when they were run off their lands and murdered. We did not do that, we are not responsible for that, and many in that time were against it, but it still happened and people tend to be greedy and hold grudges. Unfortunately, the progressive/liberal peoples have allowed us to become an easy target.

  2. Sharon, thanks for your insight. I would’nt be surprise that your dream is from GOD, there’s alot of false dreams and so called visions, false prophecies, and false teachings out in deception land, but I would’nt be surprised that your dream is from GOD.Others as well have recieved dreams or visions frod GOD regarding America’s outcome. Read Jeremiah 5. America’s reflection begins behind the Pulpit and in the pew of Betrayal, not all, but most. Blessings.

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