Mission: Freepossible

Mission: Freepossible! Good morning, Mr. Phelps. You mission, should you choose to accept it, is to read this thread with posts by Dengar01, who goes nuts upon seeing his Muslim neighbor have cars in his driveway, so he calls the cops, the FBI, takes covert photographs of license plates, and then dresses in all black with black facepaint to go on a commando/photographing raid that results in his neighbors spotting him and Dengar01 running away. Although Dengar01 is calling the cops, one things we should call the cops on Dengar01 before he goes all John Ringo on an unsuspecting family that had guests over for dinner.

Dengar01 gets suspicious as his neighbor has people over. Did I mention his neighbor is Muslim??? And, in an area with a lot of Muslim people, another Muslim family had people over. Coincidence…or bin Laden Revenge????

Dengar01 begins to get worried…

Then he and his sister take photographs of cars and his neighbor’s house. Which might be a reason why he doesn’t have contact with this neighbor, because he’s always accusing him of Jihad.

Dengar01 then flips out on people who dare question him. Also Dengar01 reveals…..something when he mentions how few people came to his mother’s funeral.

Dengar 01 continues to get upset at the other responders not taking him seriously

Sample response with WW3 nuclear holocaust fetishism

Dengar01 actually calls the police and FBI

Mission: Freepossible begins as Dengar01 starts dressing in all black with black facepaint

Mission: Freepossible begins

Mission: Freepossible trip report: takes photos, runs at slight noise, freaks out neighbors

Dengar01 will then continue to get more and more upset and frustrated at the responders in the thread, bolding and making fonts bigger . I’ll let you read them with no commentary as they are much of the same paranoia. If there is any updates to Dengar01’s Mission: Freepossible adventure, you will hear it here.

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