Wingnut Web – Osama Was Already Dead Edition

As news of Osama bin Laden’s death reached the world, all of Twitter became a long-running late night talk show monologue as we waited for Obama’s speech officially announcing it. But there are those with no sense of humor, no jaded sarcasm as the world changes around them. They are bitter, they are crazy, and they know that Kenyan Muslim is pulling the wool over their eyes! We go now to…

First reply, also LOL at Obama’s real name being Tim

You raise a valid point with the naming of Tim Osman

Only nine layers? I’ll pass…

When has Obama ever said the Pledge of Allegiance? Don’t give me examples, I got my fingers in my ears!

Nancy Ziegler doesn’t disappoint with another call for Obama’s murder on!

Folks, this is total BS because REAL AMERICAN NAVY SEALS would have brought him back alive!

Students are the new brownshirts

Don’t debunk, spread the word of your lunacy for all to hear! Shame is unAmerican.

His son’s wife is an Iman???

I became ill reading his post! No, wait, that was the clams…

Let’s write to Dear Abby Normal!

Darla DeWald pleads and pleads for members of PatriotActionNetwork to not be crazy, but it falls on deaf ears (deaf and CRAZY!! SO CRAZY!!)

Where’s Osama’s Birth Certificate???

It’s a setup, a setup!

Osama will be back in Zombie Milk Form!

That’s all for now, but the crazy is just beginning!

2 thoughts on “Wingnut Web – Osama Was Already Dead Edition

  1. “LOL at Obama’s real name being Tim”
    Was that intentional? Whether it was or not, I can’t believe how many people are making that mistake. The B and S keys aren’t that close to each other!

  2. Was the misspelling of “Osama” as “Obama” at the beginning there intentional? I already have a few complex conspiracy theories to explain it, but I want to give you a chance to lie like your precious Obongo.

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