Obama releases Birth Certificate, Wingnuts unimpressed

Obama surrendered to the right once again and released his long-form birth certificate to try to quiet the insane birthers. Because Obama underestimates the insane racism of his opponents, this release matters 0.0000%, as no one ever will be convinced if they think he’s a foreign born Muslim commie Kenyan alien robot. Dissenters fall into two camps, one that is convinced this one is fake and is going to insane lengths to prove it, and the one that doesn’t care because they’re following an incorrect definition of “Natural born citizen.” Though this does make the Republicans look even more loony, so maybe this was a shrewd move.

A sample response:

Also, this has prompted death threats from at least one poster on PatriotActionNetwork.com (formerly Resistnet.com):

Despite their name change, we can always expect quality death threats against the president from Resistnet— I mean, PatriotActionNetwork!

more reactions below the fold.

One of many threads on FR:

Only the SCOTUS can review birth certificates accurately…

It’s a fake specifically to make people call it fake! Diabolical!

Simple but posted quite often

Where’s the footprints, 0bama??

My handwriting analysis proves this is FAAAAAKE!

More layers than an onion birthday cake…

Yes, if there’s one thing insane birtherism proves, it’s that OBAMA has no credibility.

Speculation: this poster wears tin foil hats.

I research and engineer ways to be more ignorant

I SOOOO want this to be another Rathergate I can taste it…

Let’s now go over to PANetwork and see how loony they are…

Sky_King starts us off strong

So full of caca!

Obama amended his dad to be African! This changes everything…

The Race Factor – This fall on Fox!

Suckers will be brought down. I heard it on the internet…

People! Look! When I do all sorts of weird stuff with photoshop and kind of squint my eyes while tilting my head 23.5 degrees, I can sort of see some pixels or something, and THAT MEANS THIS IS PHOTOSHOPPED, baby!

Why does his Birth Certificate say his real name? How dumb am I, Christy Bartholomew?

I know, my Birth Certificate that says Cornbread on it is totally real!

Bart Piscitello knows Obama has does it again! He out-frauded the fraudsters!

Obama erased my computer! At least that’s what I tell my wife so she doesn’t know I got a virus from those gay porn websites…

Jill knows Trump masterminded the whole thing just to make her personally look stupid. It worked.

DENNIS W. BAUM doesn’t make it a habit to know anything about anything, especially how to turn off the capslock key.

Yahoo conspires to keep Marty Ferrell down, and definitely not the virus he got “trading files” with jim bays

THUNDER is still around and still abbreviating everything.

The only people who can help you are the guys in white suits with the padded rooms…

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