William Temple’s a Hessian with no aggression

William Temple of Brunswick, GA (leader of the Tea Party Founding Fathers group) is one of the faces of the Tea Party movement due to his cosplay as a Revolutionary War soldier. Temple also claims to be the pastor of a small African-American church in Georgia. But what is odd about Temple’s outfit, is that he doesn’t look like an American Revolutionary War soldier. His outfit looks like the outfits of the Hessian Jaeger troops. You know, the mercenaries hired by the British to fight the Americans! That’s very patriotic of him…or telling…YOU MAKE THE CALL!

Tea Party William Temple

Pictures of Hessian Jaeger uniforms from a reenactment group

And don’t worry, the teabaggers will have their own “jamboree” to determine which Republican these “independents” will vote for

One thought on “William Temple’s a Hessian with no aggression

  1. The American Loyalists who supported King George during the Revolution also wore green uniforms. Little Billy Temple seems to have his loyalties, or at least his historical facts confused.

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