D.C. Douglas strikes back!

From the brave man who brought you The Teabagger Boogie: Dick Armey’s Army of Dicks and of course the voice of the GEICO guy brings you a second heaping helping of astroturfed Tea Party tidings (sponsored by FreedomWorks) in the form of a brand new PSA! The video features a couple of people who don’t look like me or talk like me (so naturally I assume I’ll need to see their papers):

The dangers of drinking and operating a telephone handset, don’t do it (unless you value your career enough to never speak up about anything in the public sphere ever, the teabaggers are always watching). And bravo for using so many clearly hypocritical and delightfully self-serving statements from “brown journalism” sites like BigGovernment and FOX News, complete with footnotes and direct quotes.

D.C. Douglas should continue to push the campaign into the far reaches of the Tea Party universe; there are just so many entertaining possibilities for bits like this. Are those anti-tea bag campaign ads I smell? A line of D.C Douglas talking pull-string action figures that sound off on Wingnuts? Perhaps even a ‘Bosum Buddies’ type sitcom featuring two lovable goofs who decide to get jobs at FreedomWorks, infiltrating the nefarious organization by donning expensive suits, cowboy hats, and “Drill, baby, drill” bumper stickers? The possibilities are limitless.

D.C. Douglas, we want to work with YOU to make all these ideas and more a reality.

6 thoughts on “D.C. Douglas strikes back!

  1. Congratulations D.C. Douglas, you have the prestigious honor of being the first legitimate commenter on our website! You will receive your Politisink coffee mug and tote bag in the mail in 4-6 weeks :).

    Glad you found and enjoyed the post, I hope to follow up with many more of your videos and hopefully some more crazy teabagger phone messages if the usual suspects are still leaving those.

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