Resistnet vs the NAACP

The spat between the NAACP and the Tea Party groups exploded into a bigger mess than I thought it would. You see, despite the fact that we spend hours each week pouring over right wing sites and reading all sorts of awful things, we at Politisink are still decent people, and thus, don’t automatically think about how awful a backlash of racism will be against groups that have been demonized for months on Glenn Beck. Our mistakes. But, besides Mark Williams’s awesome letter that totally proved the NAACP’s point better than they could themselves, Resistnet’s commentors have also been weighing in on this issue. And, being Resistnet, they’ve been weighing in as a bunch of racists.

Miles is our douchebag of the day, because his story is frakking insane. Besides the obvious lies about how much money a family gets and the pre-1994 welfare reform arguments about families spending generations on welfare, there are more spelling errors than if you threw 1000 Scrabble pieces at random on the ground.

Wow, Lynn Bryant DeSpain is a moron. The NAACP fought against Wilson and his racist segregation policies, and the “entitlements” crap he is talking about is probably a reference to things FDR started, not Wilson. This is what happens when you get history lessons from Glenn Beck and Jonah Goldberg. But “seven babies, seven fathers” is totally not racist! Why do the blacks not like us?

They lie, they LIE!

Black people are communists who want RAHOWA to destroy America because of…something! It’s totally true!

Let’s see:
1st – taken out of context
2nd – completely made up
3rd – edited to change the meaning
4th – is two sentences combined into one with a different meaning
5th – edited to change the meaning
also Chris Culp seems unaware there are TWO Barack Obama books. This leads me to believe he hasn’t read them, either. Nevermind his attacking of a child. But he’s totally not racist.

Carl Lundwall, ignoring the One Drop Rule when it allows him to attack a black guy.

Darla Dawald wrote out this standard response to the NAACP, mentioning she’s traveled on the Tea Party Express with a black guy. But she also traveled with Mark Williams, crazy racist.

Both of our black members will totally get our backs!

They did, but this argument is brought up around 900 times by morons who think the NBPP is as large as the teabaggers (and why wouldn’t they believe that, with FoxNews putting the NBPP on at every opportunity?)

Obama made me not know how to spell!

Blacks are the Real Racists!

Why don’t Blacks get on their knees as kiss the ring of me, a white man, for granting them freedom? Those racists! Think about it.

Have you seen the latest email forward with lying quotes from Obama? It’s sunlight!

Let’s back up their insistence that the truth is sunlight with some more lies! Also Obama is a racist who wants RAHOWA!

Fake enemy means the Teabaggers don’t exist or are in cahoots. Hm….

I’m too dumb to understand anything! And all racist comments are made by NAACP trolls! Who apparently have made up the bulk of Resistnet’s membership since it was founded.

A rainbow of whiteness.

Larry M. White knows he’ll be called racist for his racist statement, then makes said racist statement.

mike, willfully unaware for the historic reasons behind those institutions.

I laugh, laugh at them! I pay them no attention except the laughing and the writing about my laughing and the other posts talking about them!

If you don’t like America – move! BTW, we hate Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Congress, Washington, SCOTUS, everyone, everything, but we aren’t gonna move!

The Teabaggers can win the debate against anyone as long as the other people aren’t allowed to say or do anything.

Death to Islam, as Jesus would do

Women are only useful when all men are useless. Thus, Sarah Palin.

When Obama talks, Mike Hampton hears Ke$ha.

It’s actually held up rather well for being a 1990s action film and a sequel!

I’m pro=life, but also letting the babies starve to death as soon as they come out of the womb. Because, FUCK BABIES! – Ronald D. Saville

They only abort the good babies…

Do you hate capitalism…or capital letters?

Dropping the n-bomb and “mulatto messiah” but Resistnet and the Teabaggers are totally NOT RACIST!

Oh, ResistNet, I’m sure you’ll have black members swarming to your site after this!

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  1. Seriously stupid people commenting there that haven’t a clue about the history of the NAACP. They were a huge part of the suffragette movement to get the vote for ALL women, and yet you constantly get these comments about them being only for African Americans. It is simply not true, they support equal rights for all minorities and as long as the unemployment rate for minorities with the same college degrees is twice the rate as whites with college degrees, they will be needed.

    And an occasional misspelling is normal and acceptable, but the level of educational ignorance here is alarming.

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