The greatest Obama lawsuit of them all – Banned for Mulatto!

Like this guy can count to 14...

Yes, crazy town has come early this Christmas, with a man (Gordon Warren Epperly of in Alaska filing a lawsuit trying to get Obama removed from the ballot because he’s a Mulatto and therefore not a citizen. Because of some crap regarding the 14th Amendment not being really ratified or something. This is a… Continue reading The greatest Obama lawsuit of them all – Banned for Mulatto!

Obama releases Birth Certificate, Wingnuts unimpressed

Obama surrendered to the right once again and released his long-form birth certificate to try to quiet the insane birthers. Because Obama underestimates the insane racism of his opponents, this release matters 0.0000%, as no one ever will be convinced if they think he’s a foreign born Muslim commie Kenyan alien robot. Dissenters fall into… Continue reading Obama releases Birth Certificate, Wingnuts unimpressed

Obama existed as a knee before anything else…

In a world where people are idiots, Obama’s entire life history has been fabricated with poorly photoshopped photos! Or these people are too dumb to understand jpg compression artifacts.. No, Obama’s entire life history is FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKE! Via MediaMatters: Jack Cashill, author of the charmingly insane book Deconstructing Obama, claims to have unearthed yet another shocking… Continue reading Obama existed as a knee before anything else…

Drain Clogs – 03-30-2011

Donald Trump has gone full birther and released his birth certificate. Except it’s not a real birth certificate. He finally released his real one. Maybe someone can teach him how to use Google and see Obama’s, which has been online for three years now. Poor Republican Rep. Dean Duffy can’t live on his meager $174,000… Continue reading Drain Clogs – 03-30-2011

The (not so) Secret History of

If you have spent any time on the internet in the world of politics, you have heard of A right wing message board that boasts one of the largest memberships and pageviews of any right wing website. It is its own self-contained community that has a long history of ups and downs. Many times… Continue reading The (not so) Secret History of

Drain Clogs – 08-13-2010

TERROR BABIES!!!! A US politician is seriously discussing this, and a US TV Newschannel is seriously discussing it instead of instantly calling it a giant pile of horse puke. But at least Rep. Louis Gohmert makes a great case….at how freaking crazy he is! Beck makes sense for once in his life. Teabaggers hate net… Continue reading Drain Clogs – 08-13-2010

Drain Clogs – 07-27-2010 is getting sued by a lawyer who buys up content rights from newspapers and then sues blogs that reprint the content. Basically, he’s a Copyright Troll, which is like a Patent Troll. He’s also a giant douchebag if this Wired write-up is to be believed. He has to be bad because we’re siding with… Continue reading Drain Clogs – 07-27-2010