Drain Clogs – 10-29-2010

2 thoughts on “Drain Clogs – 10-29-2010

  1. Hey tars? Got another link for your pleasure!


    Some new guy there has the front line video and frame by frame shots of your darling Lauren Valle, professional protester paid by MoveOn.Org making the first moves on Rand Paul, bro.

    Now if you take the time to review them, you cannot mistake she is the aggressor. Look at it this way; What if it was YOU she was going at while your sitting in your fancy dancy SUV with the window rolled down (dumb move in a crowd, but who says you’re intelligent?) won’t you be a bit taken by surprise?

    Ok kid, I’m outta here. Just in case you decide to welch out and not post these replies with links, I’m cross-posting your junk at the Chronicles. Tell mom and sis (especially) I said “HI”; They should have received the support checks by now…

    By the way? Where is skippo_matic hiding? He ain’t in your closet is he?

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