A quasi-trained MMA fighter whose mind was blasted on “purple drank”

But FreeRepublic is Not Racist…

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This case is about :

  • A quasi-trained MMA fighter whose mind was blasted on “purple drank” trying to kill a guy with no combat training.
  • The victim saving his own life and likely the lives of other people with a small pistol.
  • A rogue political party legitimizing a pair of race-hustling criminals by the names of Jackson and Sharpton.
  • An open threat of large numbers of brainwashed and ignorant people rioting and demanding a human sacrifice not to riot.
  • A desperate rogue-party president claiming that if he had a son, the son would look like an asshole, i.e. like the purple-dranked-out former MMA artist.
  • A rogue prosecutor and judge insisting on holding the victim in prison prior to trial for no rational reason and in fact seeking to force him to cop a plea to bullshit charges by threatening his wife with prison over more bullshit occasioned by themselves.

It’s also about the basic idea of equality in our society and the question of whether or not we now have special/protected groups of people who are legally untouchable to the extent that the rest of us can’t even defend ourselves when one of them goes crazy on drugs and tries to kill us.
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