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Remember those foreclosure queens?

Earlier this year, Yves Smith wrote:

A good Washington DC contact told me that a public relations/media push to demonize those who decide to walk away from mortgages they can still afford to pay (aka “strategic defaulters”) is underway. Expect to see a good bit of moral fervor as those who choose to cut their losses are attacked as immoral, irresponsible, and abusive.

There is a wee problem with the “blame the ruthless borrower” narrative. Banks who acted in a ruthless manner have trained their customers to behave the same way. This shift in prevailing attitudes is the logical and inevitable result of financial firms taking an increasingly predatory posture toward their customers. Borrowers are responding in kind, by taking a cold-blooded and legalistic look at their agreements with lenders.

In retrospect, that was a huge understatement.  Oh yeah, there was the line about “the recovery” too:

Here’s a provocative thought: what if ‘extend and pretend’ within our nation’s troubled mortgage markets is actually providing a lift to consumer spending? It’s not as far-fetched as the idea might initially sound, and it might help explain some interesting data we’ve seen as of late — and it also might explain why the statistical recovery we’re seeing now doesn’t really feel like a recovery to most Americans.

And, if I’m right, it also explains why we may very well slip right back into the throes of recession all over again as we head into 2011.

So the story went that people were leaving their houses to go on a shopping spree or something.  I never said it was reasonable, just that it was out there.  The peak was a column titled: “Honey, I Lost the House.  Let’s Party”

“What a relief, Marge, not to have that huge mortgage payment hanging over our head anymore.”

“You can say that again, Harry. Let’s celebrate. Maybe take a nice vacation. Or buy a new car.”

“What if the bank forecloses on our house? We could be living on the street next year.”

“Exactly. Which is why we need a new car. Maybe something roomy like a Chevy Suburban.”

By now you’ve probably seen the analysis, if you can call it that, on how mortgage defaults are driving consumer spending.

Yes, you read that correctly. Those deadbeat homeowners, facing possible eviction and in some cases unemployed, are throwing caution to the wind — and money at retailers.

Yeah, the problem was that it wasn’t something that could be defined, let alone actually requiring scrutiny.  The Federal Reserve even did a study that concluded:

After distinguishing between defaults induced by job losses and other income shocks from those induced purely by negative equity, we find that the median borrower does not strategically default until equity falls to -62 percent of their home’s value. This result suggests that borrowers face high default and transaction costs. Our estimates show that about 80 percent of defaults in our sample are the result of income shocks combined with negative equity. However, when equity falls below -50 percent, half of the defaults are driven purely by negative equity. Therefore, our findings lend support to both the “double-trigger” theory of default and the view that mortgage borrowers exercise the implicit put option when it is in their interest.

“Negative equity” meaning underwater, paying more than the home was even worth and “income shock” meaning unemployment.  In other words, mostly people losing their jobs and homes at the same time.  There was another study that was going to be used to come up with a technical definition to punish people, but concluded that only 20 percent of the defaults were attributable to people not putting all their income into their mortgage payments and whatever else was apparently to be budgeted for them by the financial sector.  Then, the New York Times commissioned another study, discovering that people with the most income above their capacity to pay their mortgages probably just had higher incomes.  The whole thing was really disgraceful, especially considering the fact that there were a lot of cases where they didn’t even know who owned which properties because they were pumping up the housing bubble so fast they had to contract other companies to try to track all of the little tiny mortgage bits scattered across the four corners of the earth and seize them back for the Bank Collective.

All that may have died, but it’s pretty strange to reflect on now that they’ve been caught just saying they owned the property anyways.  A contract is a contract and all of that.

Dean Baker:

Virtually everyone has had the experience of being forced to pay a late fee or a bank penalty because of some fine-print provision that we overlooked. Sometimes, begging by good customers can win forbearance, but usually we are held to the written terms of the contract, no matter how buried or convoluted the clause in question may be.

That is the way it works for the rest of us, but apparently this is not the way the banks do business, at least when those at the other end of the contract are ordinary homeowners. As a number of news reports have shown in recent weeks, banks have been carrying through foreclosures at a breakneck pace and freely ignoring the legal niceties required under the law, such as demonstrating clear ownership to the property being foreclosed.

It gets even better:

GMAC, the former financing arm of General Motors and now called Ally Financial, has become the poster-child for these sorts of practices. Jeffrey Stephan, a leader of one of its foreclosure units, acknowledged that he had signed thousands of affidavits claiming that he had reviewed documents he had never seen.

In addition to being a major sub-prime lender during the heyday of the housing bubble, Ally Financial also has the notoriety of being primarily owned by the federal government following its collapse last year. This fact may ensure greater accountability at Ally, but there is no reason to believe that its practices are qualitatively different than those of other servicers carrying through foreclosures.

And Fanny Mae, the GSE the financial sector occasionally uses to either blame or attempt to punish poor people depending on the circumstances, is at their service on this one as well:

“We are disturbed by the increasing reports of predatory ‘foreclosure mills’ in Florida working for Fannie Mae servicers,” Frank, D-Mass, wrote in a letter also signed by Grayson and Brown. “Why is Fannie Mae using lawyers that are accused of regularly engaging in fraud to kick people out of their homes?”

And lastly, here’s a video of some jackass pining for the days of debtors’ prisons for you.

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Drain Clogs – 09-28-2010

Sarah Palin finally showed up on Dancing with the Stars, got booed.

Crazy Teabagger Nevada Senate Candidate Sharron Angle is on government health care.

Swiftboating Birther Jerome Corsi wants Obama to “Renounce Lucifer”

Tea Party Patriots got a $1 million anonymous donation from someone horrible. Grass roots millionaires! Remember that Tea Party Patriots was the “grassroots” teabagger group formed by Freedomworks and Washington insider Dick Armey, who still secretly run TPP despite claiming not to.

Health insurance companies decide that they aren’t going to insure kids only anymore. Thank goodness we don’t have single payer, because…..uh…socialism, I guess. Little Billy we be happy as he dies since his mom can’t afford to insure both him and herself.

Senator Saxby Chambliss’s staffers spend their days writing hate comments on websites.

Obama and Biden both are trying to shore up the base by insulting them. Thanks a lot, losers, I’ll use my campaign donations elsewhere.

Cartoon of the Day:

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Repent Amarillo – Faith or Fear‏

So I’m on a bunch of email lists keeping track of various hate groups, and thus every morning my inbox looks like the Legion of Doom. Today’s awful email comes from the mailing list from Repent Amarillo, probably best known for getting punked by the “Dude, you have no Koran” guy. So, someone shares their tale of Christian love:

Pastor David, friends and eternal family in the Lord Jesus Christ:

I’d like to take this time to expand upon the words below – I’m compelled to do so by the Holy Spirit, and I hope these words find you well. As it is written:

“I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. No one comes to the Father but through me.” Amen. Never before in our history has Christianity faced such a tremendous threat, and it’s a multi-faced threat that surrounds us on virtually every side: secular atheism, abortionists, socialism, pornography, homosexuality, so-called “same sex marriage,” fiscal irresponsibility, immorality, “gay rights,” Jewish Zionism, and certainly not least, the terror of Islam. Jesus would be red with rage if he were here now.

I’d like to share something that happened a few weeks ago with you all in hopes that my courage – or rather, the courage the LORD instilled in me – might inspire you. I was camping with a friend of mine (former friend now) whom I’d known since grade school. We’d been drinking a little, which the Lord himself did at meals, so this isn’t necessarily a big deal in my eyes, but if it’s out of line, please witness to me. Anyway, he admitted to me that he was a homosexual. And you know what I did? I punched him in the throat. He actually admitted to me that he was a homosexual pervert and had been lying to me all these years. I kicked him out of the tent, which was mine anyway, and forced him to sleep outside. He started crying, saying this shit like “I thought you were my friend” and “please don’t do this, I thought you’d understand” and “please don’t cut me off” and whatnot. I screamed at him to shut the HELL up, because I wasn’t going to have any of his homosexual lies. What was next – was he going to tell me he was a fucking Muslim? Wouldn’t have surprised me at that point, I tell you what. Can I get an amen?

After that, he sent a bunch of emails… shit like “you’re the only one I thought would understand” and “please talk to me, I don’t know what to do, I’m so lost” and “I’m going to kill myself.” Well guess what? HE PROBABLY SHOULD. The Bible is very explicit in terms of homosexuality, and it’s a choice HE MADE. He chose to be an abomination; he chose the lie. Amen.

Friends, that took courage. It was no easy decision, until I prayed about it and the Spirit told me what to do. Just as what Pastor David describes below takes courage. Burning a Koran is NOT going to make you very popular, but in whose eyes does popularity matter? Man’s eyes, or the LORD’s eyes? Amen.

As it is written, the LORD will burn homosexuals and Muslims with Holy Fire in the end days. Let us prophecy by first burning the abomination of their book for all the world to see, as a precursor to what the LORD has in store for them. For it is written “They shall be burned with fire, for strong is the LORD God who judges them.”

Yours in the name of the Most Holy, today, tomorrow and forever,

Gerry Tarrant

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Who are these Teabagger candidates, anyway? – Sharron Angle Edition

We’re going to start a series on the Teabagger candidates filling this election with hilarity and scariness. And we’ll get to them in roughly the order they appeared on the national scene (skipping Marco Rubio for now), thus first up is Nevada senate candidate Sharron Angle.

Sharron Angle defeated fellow crazy candidate Sue Lowden, who lost largely due to her hilarious comment about bartering with chickens to get health care. Senator Harry Reid was scoring low in the polls until Angle appeared, shocking everyone with how awful she was. Her first few media appearances were nothing short of embarassing, and the GOP leadership called her to DC to try to work on her image. Or at least get her out of the limelight for a while. Angle worked hard to try to convince the GOP she wasn’t nuts, but they got distracted by other candidates saying nuttier things.

It should come to no surprise Sharron Angle didn’t spring from the ground, but was in fact a force in crazy politics for decades. In the 1990s, she was a member of the fringe rightwing Independent American Party, which is a Libertarian/NWO conspiracy party. The IAP published an anti-gay flier in the 90s that has been uploaded to the web.

Sharron Angle’s gaffes and awful statements have been a Godsend to Harry Reid, who up until that point was looking to be collecting unemployment after the election. Despite the fact many voters on both sides wish they had better choices, Harry Reid has regained the lead in Nevada polling and the race is now running close to dead even.

Sharron Angle then upped the rhetoric and appealed to the violent gun-clutcher wing of the GOP by saying “2nd Amendment Remedies” were the “Cure” for the “Harry Reid Problems”. The 2nd Amendment Remedies quote took on a chilling new meaning when Sharron Angle went on the radio and agreed with a host who said we had “domestic enemies” in Congress

MANDERS: You know I talk often about this oath that they give and it is to defend the Constitution and all that. But one of the things that is very important to me in this oath that they give is that they will defend against foreign and domestic enemies.

ANGLE: Yes. Yes.

MANDERS: We have domestic enemies. We have home-born homegrown enemies in our system. And I for one think we have some of those enemies in the walls of the Senate and the Congress.

ANGLE: Yes. I think you’re right, Bill.

audio here

Who are these Domestic Enemies? Like all the Republicans who say such things, no one is naming names.

Harry Reid even went off on her over this latest statement, but Sharron Angle refuses to back down.

Sharron Angle is not a friend of the media (to the point where local stations were literally begging with her to give interviews) and she’s shut out the Hispanic media almost entirely. And Angle has stoked Illegal Immigration fears by calling Harry Reid the “illegal immigrant’s best friend”

Sharron Angle wants to wipe out all federal funding for education, and the methods she refers to will also eliminate all state funding of education, destroying every public school. She also wants to eliminate Social Security, which she has repeatedly referred to as an “entitlement”

The greatest Sharron Angle story of them all is how she hates the color black. It seems she started quoting all sorts of Bible verses to stop football players from wearing black jerseys.

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I hope gay people and Muslims are bothered

When some event or some law affects a personal culture or group you identify with (maybe you’re Asian or a senior citizen or a Unicycle enthusiast), you’d probably tend to pay very close attention to that development until its final conclusion. Women most likely felt that way when they fought for their right to vote, African-Americans probably shared a similar sentiment when they campaigned to be recognized as more than 3/5ths of a person.

Back then as it is now, special interests were the strongest voices in these kinds of fights for equality and rights. Southern plantation owners didn’t want to change their way of life and stop making their livings off the backs of slaves, so the Civil War broke out. Women didn’t want to be confined to the house anymore so they took to the streets and shouted a lot and generally bothered all the men, so we gave them the right to vote in 1920 (and then they all took booze away from us during Prohibition, c’mon you hotsy-totsy dames!). If you think about it, pretty much every major cultural group represented here in the United States, with the exception of white people and mainstream Christians of course, had to wage some kind of political fight (and in many cases deadly campaigns) in order to gain their official “acceptance” (uneasy as it may be) into the whole of US society.

In the grand scheme of the globe, the vast majority of minority groups living in this country get treated pretty decently compared to how they might get treated in, say, a country like Iran or in Malawi where they just put you on trial or send you to a witch doctor if you identify as homosexual or other “social deviation”. Right now in one of the most, if not the most free nation in the world, we’re going through one more of these periods of transition in America, from being assholes to a specific group of minorities into a society that accepts them for their differences even if we disagree with their choice of religion or her insistence that your wife should be allowed to get a job outside the household (ha!, women…).

Funny that many of those special interests and influences that kept down other minorities for so long are, in many ways, the same exact people who are now speaking out on Islam as a religion of terrorism, a people who don’t deserve to be considered Americans, or compare same-sex marriage and allowing gays to openly serve in the military to bestiality.

At the moment LITERALLY the only thing that stands in the way of gay people getting recognized as full 100% bona fide acceptable human beings (it’s the law now, buddy!) are one thing and that one thing is Republicans. They’ve actually stood in the way of many things since the elections in 2008, actually just sat there and blocked not even willing to negotiate at all, one iota, no-thank-you-sir not touching that issue one bit. Healthcare Reform, unemployment benefit extensions, immigration reform, economic assistances and tax breaks for small businesses and people who had their houses foreclosed on by the banks, these are just a few of the vast ocean of things Republicans are just flat out shutting down time and time again, right in our faces.

Our entire government and American way of life is built upon having two opposing sides in charge that work out their differences and come to Congressional compromises that push things forward in the country. A healthy country cannot exist if one party has resigned itself to whining and crying on the floor of the Senate and refuses to work with their colleagues.  These same exact politicians are the ones who pander to that same exact base of Americans who are willing to “vigilantly” stand up and burn Korans at the end of Ramadan and think that homosexuals are abominations of Satan (and think Sarah Palin is a holy saint who God has anointed to be the next president of the United States!).

And I hope it really bothers all of these people.

I hope it bothers them enough to want to vote on November 2nd in their local elections. I hope it bothers them enough that they go and register to vote RIGHT NOW and insist to all of their friends and close family that THEY get registered to and cast their ballots in these upcoming elections.

The powers that be are betting on the lethargy and apathy of most people your age, especially college students and people too busy playing Farmville to move from their computer chairs, but the only way to try and prevent the next two years from REALLY sucking balls is by taking 10 minutes to go down to your local polling place on election Tuesday and make your voice heard (whether you’re voting for the idiot or the good guy, it’s your right to cast a dumb vote!).

You think the break down in serious people working in government to get things done is at a bad place now think of the utter deadlock that’ll occur when Democrats lose 10+ seats in the Congress and the new Republican majority wants to ban Muslims from owning property in any part of Manhattan or wants to pass an economic reform in the guise of more tax breaks for the wealthiest 5% of society.

And not only will atrociously unqualified and down-right unelectable candidates like Christine O’Donnell and Meg Whitman and Sharon Angle and Carl Paladino and Rand Paul get elected to important positions of government, but their wingnut supporters will celebrate these victories as a sign from on high that this kind of backwards, fire-brand, do nothing but speaking really loud type of government is the way God wants things to be in 2012. If there is one thing the Republican/Tea Party base is really good at is it believing really strongly in a cause (religious or political) and voting during election cycles (OK, two things then).


[Ed. note: Rock The Vote seems to be the only major organization involved in voter registration these days, unfortunately, but your local DMV and Post Office are other places you can start your magical journey into the wondrous realm of registering to vote]

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Cut off the sower from Babylon, and him that handleth the SICKLE in the time of harvest

Note: This was posted on by a guy named simon kenton

Jeremiah 50:16Cut off the sower from Babylon, and him that handleth the SICKLE
in the time of harvest: for fear of the oppressing sword they shall turn every
one to his people, and they shall flee every one to his own land.
Jeremiah 50:23How is the HAMMER OF THE WHOLE EARTH CUT ASUNDER AND BROKEN! how is Babylon become a desolation among the nations!
Carl Marx, once wrote that, the goal of the Communists was to quote,. “enter
into men’s minds and cast God down from his throne.”
Matthew 12:30-32 (King James Version)
30He that is not with me is against me; and he that gathereth not with me
scattereth abroad.
31Wherefore I say unto you, All manner of sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven
unto men: but the blasphemy against the Holy Ghost shall not be forgiven unto
32And whosoever speaketh a word against the Son of man, it shall be forgiven
him: but whosoever speaketh against the Holy Ghost, it shall not be forgiven
him, neither in this world, neither in the world to come.
Jeremiah 50:25-29 (King James Version)
25The LORD hath opened his armoury, and hath brought forth the weapons of his
indignation: for this is the work of the Lord GOD of hosts in the land of the
26Come against her from the utmost border, open her storehouses: cast her up as
heaps, and destroy her utterly: let nothing of her be left.
27Slay all her bullocks; let them go down to the slaughter: woe unto them! for
their day is come, the time of their visitation.
28The voice of them that flee and escape out of the land of Babylon, to declare
in Zion the vengeance of the LORD our God, the vengeance of his temple.
29Call together the archers against Babylon: all ye that bend the bow, camp
against it round about; let none thereof escape: recompense her according to her
work; according to all that she hath done, do unto her: for she hath been proud
against the LORD, against the Holy One of Israel.

2 Timothy 2:15 (King James Version)
15Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be
ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.
When I came home From Iraq I was diagnosed with PTSD, Post Traumatic Stress
Disorder, (a medical term that simply means that as long as I live I WILL NEVER
FORGET!) I was told that I am sick that I am not Right. Then I turned on the TV
and I see Dick Durbin saying American soldiers are committing acts of torture at
places like Abu Grab and Quantico because they had a Al Qaeda terrorist who saws
civilians heads off with their hands tied behind their backs, Al Qaeda terrorist
who place bombs on three year old children, Al Qaeda terrorist who came in our
country when we were at peace and murdered over two thousand American civilians,
and they had these terrorist standing on a bar stool with a dunce cap on their
head and that’s Torture! Why in the hell didn’t he say a damned thing about Matt
Maupin, Shoshana Johnson, Edgar Hernandez, James Riley, Patrick Miller, Joseph
Hudson, Jacob N. Fritz, Jonathan B. Chism, Shawn P. Falter, Jonathon M.
Millican, or any of the other American soldiers who have been captured during
this war! Private Kristian Menchaca of Houston and Private Thomas Tucker of
Oregon were captured by terrorists in Iraq , hacked to death, their eyes gouged,
their bodies defiled. In fact it was the American soldiers who have died
including all those who have been captured in this war (and I haven’t seen any
enemy POW camps but I’ve seen a s*** load of bodies that have been tortured to
death by these scum that Dick Durbin is defending!) that give Dick Durbin the
FREEDOM to call them nazis for putting some Al-Qaida dirt bag on a bar stool
with pajamas and a dunce cap! I might have PTSD but I’m not the one who is sick
it’s DICK DURBIN! Are you Really an AMERICAN DICK?!?! Or just another Communist
who hates AMERICA ? Yah call me a nazi, I take that as a compliment
coming from a pro-f***** pinko, baby murdering communist hipocrite coward like
you! The nazis only murdered 6 million people compared to you communist who
murdered over 200 million! Almost all were christians!
no less than 66 million were white christians! On June 4, 1963, a virtually
unknown Presidential decree, Executive Order 11110, was signed by Presedent John
Fitzgerald Kennedy, with the authority to basically strip the Federal Reserve
Bank(WHICH IS PRIVATLY OWNED!) of its power to loan money to the United States
Federal Government at interest.
President Kennedy was assassinated on November 22, 1963 and the United
States Notes he had issued were immediately taken out of circulation!!!!!!

Rothschild lied when he said, “I care not who makes a country’s laws as long as I make their money.” He judged everyone by his own standards and assumed that everyone was like him and had their price. Unfortunately, it appears he was right about the majority of people. The fact that the New World Order got their puppet politicians to enact the Federal Reserve Act in 1913, and the fact that they had John F. Kennedy killed when he went to repeal it, is proof that Rothschild lied.

Their Achilles’ Heel is The Bible – in The Covenant that prohibits not only legislation but usury upon which their system thrives. Cut off their illegal legislation and usury and they will fall.

“If you lend money to one of my people among you who is needy, do not be like a moneylender; charge him no interest. Exodus 22:25

Hath given forth upon usury, and hath taken increase: shall he then live? he shall not live: he hath done all these abominations; he shall surely die; his blood shall be upon him. Ezekiel 18:13

Usury is unlawful; expressly prohibited by GOD!

Remember when this economic crisis hit, and Congress let Bear Sterns go under,
pushed a bunch of forced marriages between banks.etc? Then they bailed out AIG.
At the time, I thought: “That’s strange.
What does an insurance company have to do with this crisis?”
I think I just found the answer. Among other things, AIG INSURES THE PENSION
TRUST OF THE UNITED STATES CONGRESS!! No wonder they got bailed out right away!
To hell with the people, let’s protect our future, said all our Senators and
Congressmen. Nice to see where their loyalties lie! (I’m from the government and
I’m here to help you!)
In ancient Babylon the priest sacrificed babies to thier god baal, in America
the communist under their b******* socialist programs have sacrificed over 50
million American babies to their god satan! And to top it all off the Communist
muslim Traitor Hussein Obama is releasing more terrorist all the while saying
nothing of my brothers in arms who have been tortured to death. “I will stand
with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.” –
Barack Hussein Obama – Audacity of Hope
They died so that all the communist socialist pro baby murdering, God hater scum
can continue to free load off of you and me on more of their worthless lazy bag
of s*** free hand out programs!
The stupidity of POLITICAL CORRECTNESS started Destroying Our NATION A LONG TIME
AGO! (the COMMUNIST term POLITICAL CORRECNESS was first seen in Mao Tse-tung’s
Little Red Book by the way, due to the overzealous guardians of academic
political correctness a communist engendered abomination that is instituting
censorship little by little! I am an American!!!!! I will never recognize
Once in U.S. history an episode of Islamic terrorism was very quickly stopped.
It happened in the Philippines about 1911, when Gen. John J. Pershing was in
command of the garrison. There had been numerous Islamic terrorist attacks, so
“Black Jack” told his boys to catch the perps and teach them a lesson.
Forced to dig their own graves, the terrorists were all tied to posts, execution
style. The U.S. soldiers then brought in pigs and slaughtered them, rubbing
their bullets in the blood and fat. Thus, the terrorists were terrorized; they
saw that they would be contaminated with hogs’ blood. This would mean that they
could not enter Heaven, even if they died as terrorist martyrs.
All but one was shot, their bodies dumped into the grave, and the hog guts
dumped atop the bodies. The lone survivor was allowed to escape back to the
terrorist camp and tell his brethren what happened to the others. This brought a
stop to terrorism in the Philippines for the next 50 years.
Pointing a gun into the face of Islamic terrorists won’t make them flinch.
They welcome the chance to die for Allah. Like Gen. Pershing, we must show them
that they won’t get to Muslim heaven (which they believe has an endless supply
of virgins) but instead will die with the hated pigs of the devil.
A Chinese General and Author, Sun Tzu, born 500 BC quotes If you know the enemy
and know yourself you need not fear the results of a hundred battles.
This is from the 45 Communist goals that found their way down the halls of our
great Capitol back in 1963. As you read this, 46 years later, you should be
shocked by the events that have played themselves out. Communist Goals (1963)
Congressional Record–Appendix, pp. A34-A35 January 10, 1963 Current Communist
REPRESENTATIVES Thursday, January 10, 1963 .
3. Develop the illusion that total disarmament [by] the United States would be a
demonstration of moral strength.
15. Capture one or both of the political parties in the United States .
26. Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as “normal, natural,
27. Infiltrate the churches and replace revealed religion with “social”
religion. Discredit the Bible and emphasize the need for intellectual maturity,
which does not need a “religious crutch.”
30. Discredit the American Founding Fathers. Present them as selfish aristocrats
who had no concern for the “common man.”
31. Belittle all forms of American culture and discourage the teaching of
American history on the ground that it was only a minor part of the “big
picture.” Give more emphasis to Russian history since the Communists took over.
26. Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as “normal, natural,
healthy.” Leviticus 20:13If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a
woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to
death; their blood shall be upon them.

No mention of Jesus Christ is allowed in the United Nations.
“If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like
sheep to the slaughter.”- George Washington , General, Commander in Chief of the
colonial armies in the American Revolution and first President of the United
States of America. Political Correctness a term first seen in Mao’s Little Red
Book, a communist engendered abomination that is instituting censorship little
by little.

If you believe that we still have a two party political system then you have
been truly deceived by the enemy! Deception is the true art of war! All we see
is a communist sherade! The only difference that we have are the communist who
promote homosexuality by grabbing their ankles and the communist who promote
homosexuality on their knees!
The Declaration of Independence of the United States of America acknowledges
faith towards a supreme God who created mankind. The Declaration also
acknowledges by all who signed it, the laws of God, the providence of God, and
the judgment of God. The Declaration also appeals to God as the Supreme Judge of
the world for their intentions. Furthermore, for the support of this
Declaration, the signers relied firmly on the protection of Divine Providence.
“If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like
sheep to the slaughter.”- George Washington, General, Commander in Chief of the
colonial armies in the American Revolution and first President of the United
States of America. Political Correctness a term first seen in Mao’s Little Red
Book, a communist engendered abomination that is instituting censorship little
by little.
Carl Marx, once wrote that, the goal of the Communists was to quote,. “enter
into men’s minds and cast God down from his throne.”
“It is impossible to rightly govern a nation without God and the Bible.” George
“It is the duty of all Nations to acknowledge the providence of Almighty God, to
obey his will, to be grateful for his benefits, and humbly to implore his
protection and favors.” .”- George Washington, General, Commander in Chief of
the colonial armies in the American Revolution and first President of the United
States of America.
“I seek social ownership of property, the abolition of the properties class, and
sole control of those who produce wealth. Communism is the goal.”—Roger Baldwin,
leftist, anarchist, and Communist, was born in Wellesley MA and co-founded the
American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).
“The American people will never knowingly adopt Socialism. But under the name of
‘liberalism’ they will adopt every fragment of the Socialist program, until one
day America will be a Socialist nation, without knowing how it happened.”—
Norman Thomas, Socialist Party Presidential Candidate in 1940, 1944 and 1948,
co-founder of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).
“We can’t expect the American people to jump from capitalism to communism, but
we can assist their elected leaders in giving them small doses of socialism,
until they awaken one day to find that they have communism.”—Nikita Kruschev,
former Soviet Premier/dictator.
“My object in life is to dethrone God and destroy capitalism.” Carl Marx
On January 22nd 1973 The high jacked U.S Supreme Court legalized unrestricted
abortions since that time over 50 million babies have been murdered, How can
this be a Christian Nation, how can you follow the commands of God Almighty and
allow this to continue? It is difficult for many people to accept the truth that
several of our nations top leaders have been members of the occultic Bohemian
Grove. George W. Bush is also a member of this occult organization. Since 1873,
the Global Elite Has Held Secret Meetings in the Ancient Redwood Forest of
Northern California. Members of the so-called “Bohemian Club” Include Former
Presidents Eisenhower, Nixon and Reagan. The Bush Family Maintains a Strong
Involvement. Each Year at Bohemian Grove, Members of This All-Male “Club” Don
Red, Black and Silver Robes and Conduct an Occult Ritual Wherein They Worship a
Giant Stone Owl, Sacrificing a Human Being in Effigy to What They Call the
“Great Owl of Bohemia.
”Leviticus 26
1Ye shall make you no idols nor graven image, neither rear you up a standing
image, neither shall ye set up any image of stone in your land, to bow down unto
it: for I am the LORD your God.
Leviticus 19:4
4Turn ye not unto idols, nor make to yourselves molten gods: I am the LORD your
In ancient Babylon the priest sacrificed babies to their god baal, in America
the communist under their socialist programs have sacrificed over 50 million
American babies to their god satan!
Obama wants to support abortion with taxpayer money.
Deuteronomy 19:8-10 8 If the LORD your God enlarges your territory, as he
promised on oath to your forefathers, and gives you the whole land he promised
them, 9 because you carefully follow all these laws I command you today—to love
the LORD your God and to walk always in his ways—then you are to set aside three
more cities. 10 Do this so that INNOCENT BLOOD WILL NOT BE SHED IN YOUR LAND,
which the LORD your God is giving you as your inheritance, and so that you will
not be guilty of bloodshed. Leviticus 26:14-20 14 ” ‘But if you will not listen
to me and carry out all these commands, 15 and if you reject my decrees and
abhor my laws and fail to carry out all my commands and so violate my covenant,
16 then I will do this to you: I will bring upon you sudden terror, wasting
diseases and fever that will destroy your sight and drain away your life. You
will plant seed in vain, because your enemies will eat it. 17 I will set my face
against you so that you will be defeated by your enemies; THOSE WHO HATE YOU
WILL RULE OVER YOU, and you will flee even when no one is pursuing you. 18 ” ‘If
after all this you will not listen to me, I will punish you for your sins seven
times over. 19 I will break down your stubborn pride and make the sky above you
like iron and the ground beneath you like bronze. 20 Your strength will be spent
in vain, because your soil will not yield its crops, nor will the trees of the
land yield their fruit.
“I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly
direction.” – Barack Hussein Obama – Audacity of Hope
“The punishment of those who wage war against Allah and His Messenger, and
strive with might and main for mischief through the land is: execution, or
crucifixion, or the cutting off of hands and feet from opposite sides, or exile
from the land: that is their disgrace in this world, and a heavy punishment is
theirs in the Hereafter…” (Qur’an 5:33).
“Allah’s Apostle said: ‘I have been ordered (by Allah) to fight against the
people until they testify that none has the right to be worshipped but Allah and
that Muhammad is Allah’s Apostle, and offer the prayers perfectly and give the
obligatory charity, so if they perform at that, then they save their lives and
property from me except for Islamic laws and then their reckoning (accounts)
will be done by Allah’” (Bukhari Volume 1, Book 2, Number 24).
“War is deceit” (Bukhari Volume 4, Book 52, Number 268).
“Whoever changed his Islamic religion, then kill him” (Bukhari Volume 9, Book
84, Number 57).
Or how about Mohammed’s raping of his nine-year-old “wife” and justifying it by
saying Allah ordained it:
“My mother came to me while I was being swung on a swing between two branches
and got me down. My nurse took over and wiped my face with some water and
started leading me. When I was at the door she stopped so I could catch my
breath. I was brought in while Muhammad was sitting on a bed in our house. My
mother made me sit on his lap. The other men and women got up and left. The
Prophet consummated his marriage with me in my house when I was nine years old”
(Tabari 9:131).
“Allah’s Apostle told Aisha [his six-year-old bride and nine-year-old sexual
“partner”], ‘You were shown to me twice in my dreams. I beheld a man or angel
carrying you in a silken cloth. He said to me, “She is yours, so uncover her.”
And behold, it was you. I would then say to myself, “If this is from Allah, then
it must happen”’” (Bukhari Volume 9, Book 87, Number 139-140).
When Bill Clinton took office in 1993, China presented no threat to the United
States . Chinese missiles “couldn’t hit the side of a barn,” notes Timothy W.
Maier of Insight magazine. Few could reach North America and those that made it
would likely miss their targets. Thanks to Bill Clinton, China can now hit any
city in the USA , using state-of-the-art solid-fueled missiles with
dead-accurate, computerized guidance systems and multiple warheads. China
probably has suitcase nukes as well. These enable China to strike by proxy—
equipping nuclear-armed terrorists to do its dirty work while the Chinese play
innocent. Some intelligence sources claim that China maintains secret stockpiles
of chemical, biological and nuclear weapons on U.S. soil, for just such
contingencies. “We like your president. We want to see him re-elected,” former
Chinese intelligence chief Gen. Ji Shengde told China gate bagman Johnny Chung.
Indeed, Chinese intelligence organized a massive covert operation aimed at
tilting the 1996 election Clinton ’s way. Clinton’s top campaign contributors
for 1992 were Chinese agents; his top donors in 1996 were U.S. defense
contractors selling missile technology to China . Clinton recieved funding
directly from known or suspected Chinese intelligence agents, among them James
and Mochtar Riady, who own the Indonesian Lippo Group; John Huang; Charlie Trie;
Ted Sioeng; Maria Hsia; Wang Jun and others. Needless to say, China does not
share Clinton ’s enthusiasm for globalism or multipolarity. The Chinese look out
for No. 1. “War [with the United States ] is inevitable; we cannot avoid it,”
said Chinese Defense Minister Gen. Chi Haotian in 2000. “The issue is that the
Chinese armed forces must control the initiative in this war.” By Richard Poe.

Ephesians 5:11 And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.

Psalm 12:8 The wicked walk on every side, when the vilest men are exalted.

Acts 5:29 Then Peter and the [other] Apostles answered and said, We ought to obey God rather than men.
5:30 The God of our fathers raised up Jesus, whom ye slew and hanged on a tree.
5:31 Him hath God exalted with His right hand [to be] a Prince and a Saviour, for to give repentance to Israel, and forgiveness of sins.
5:32 And we are his witnesses of these things; and [so is] also the Holy Spirit, whom God hath given to them that obey him.

1 Peter 4:17 For the time [is come] that Judgment must begin at the House of God: and if [it] first [begin] at us, what shall the end [be] of them that obey not the gospel of God?

Ezekiel 33:4 then if anyone hears the trumpet but does not take warning and the sword comes and takes his life, his blood will be on his own head.

Enforce God’s Laws. Carry-out His Judgments: arrest, prosecute, and execute all legislators who are guilty of treason for refusing to obey God and failing to act on God’s warning.


Luke 10:19 Behold, I give unto you power to tread on searpents and scorpions, and over all of the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you.

Psalm 118:5 I called on the LORD in distress;
The LORD answered me and set me in a broad place.
6 The LORD is on my side;
I will not fear.
What can man do to me?
7 The LORD is for me among those who help me;
Therefore I shall see my desire on those who hate me.
8 It is better to trust in the LORD
Than to put confidence in man.
9 It is better to trust in the LORD
Than to put confidence in princes.

10 All nations surrounded me,
But in the name of the LORD I will destroy them.
11 They surrounded me,
Yes, they surrounded me;
But in the name of the LORD I will destroy them.
12 They surrounded me like bees;
They were quenched like a fire of thorns;
For in the name of the LORD I will destroy them.

Joshua 23:10
10 One man of you shall chase a thousand, for the LORD your God is He who fights for you, as He promised you.

Jeremiah 50:16Cut off the sower from Babylon , and him that handleth the SICKLE in the time of harvest: for fear of the oppressing sword they shall turn every one to his people, and they shall flee every one to his own land.

Jeremiah 50:23How is the HAMMER OF THE WHOLE EARTH CUT ASUNDER AND BROKEN! how is Babylon become a desolation among the nations!


Luke 22:35-36
Then Jesus asked them, “When I sent you without purse, bag or sandals, did you lack anything?” “Nothing,” they answered. 36 He said to them, “But now if you have a purse, take it, and also a bag; and if you don’t have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one.

Revelation 18:1 After these things I saw another angel coming down from heaven, having great authority, and the earth was illuminated with his glory. 2 And he cried mightily[a] with a loud voice, saying, “Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and has become a dwelling place of demons, a prison for every foul spirit, and a cage for every unclean and hated bird! 3 For all the nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication, the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her, and the merchants of the earth have become rich through the abundance of her luxury.”
4 And I heard another voice from heaven saying, “COME OUT OF HER, MY PEOPLE, lest you share in her sins, and lest you receive of her plagues. 5 For her sins have reached[b] to heaven, and God has remembered her iniquities. 6 Render to her just as she rendered to you,[c] and repay her double according to her works; in the cup which she has mixed, mix double for her. 7 In the measure that she glorified herself and lived luxuriously, in the same measure give her torment and sorrow; for she says in her heart, ‘I sit as queen, and am no widow, and will not see sorrow.’ 8 Therefore her plagues will come in one day—death and mourning and famine. And she will be utterly burned with fire, for strong is the Lord God who judges[d] her.

MYSTERY BABYLON WILL BE DESTROYED BY VIOLENCE Verse 21 it says that Mystery Babylon will be thrown down with violence, it says; Rev. 18:21: And a mighty angel took up a stone like a great millstone, and cast it into the sea, saying, Thus with violence shall that great city Babylon be thrown down, and shall be found no more at all.

Jeremiah 48:10Cursed be he that doeth the work of the LORD deceitfully, and cursed be he that keepeth back his sword from blood.
Jeremiah 51:20 ” You are My battle-ax and weapons of war:
For with you I will break the nation in pieces;
With you I will destroy kingdoms;
Jeremiah 50:14 ” Put yourselves in array against Babylon all around, All you who bend the bow;
Shoot at her, spare no arrows,
For she has sinned against the LORD.

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Drain Clogs – 09-21-2010

  • The recession is over! Party time! Party time! WOOOOoooOOOOooOOO!!!

    Wait, everything still sucks! This recession didn’t go anywhere!

  • NY-18 GOP candidate Jim Russell used to write white supremacist essays!

    It has been demonstrated that finches raised by foster parents of a different species of finch will later exhibit a lifelong sexual attraction toward the alien species. One wonders how a child’s sexual imprinting mechanism is affected by forcible racial integration and near continual exposure to media stimuli promoting interracial contact. The most serious implication of human sexual imprinting for our genetic future is that it would establish the destructiveness of school integration, especially in the middle and high-school years. One can only wonder to what degree the advocates of school integration, such as former NAACP attorney Jack Greenberg, were conscious of this scientific concept. It also compounds the culpability of media moguls who deliberately popularize miscegenation in films directed toward adolescents and pre-adolescents. In the midst of this onslaught against our youth, parents need to be reminded that they have a natural obligation, as essential as providing food and shelter, to instill in their children an acceptance of appropriate ethnic boundaries for socialization and for marriage.

    The sociobiological warfare that our youth is subjected to is likely to be even more diabolical since it appears to deliberately exploit a biological theory of sexual imprinting at the critical period of sexual maturity. Movies like this past year’s spate of miscegenationist titles, Save the Last Dance, Crazy / Beautiful and O, a parody of Othello, appear deliberately designed to exploit the critical period of sexual imprinting in their target audiences of white pre-adolescent girls and adolescent young women.

  • Bush’s FBI improperly investigated leftist groups, something we all knew but at least it is in report form now even though no one will be punished ever except Lady Liberty.
  • “You should thank God” for bank bailouts says Charles Munger, the billionaire vice chairman of Berkshire Hathaway Inc. Ummm….No.
  • Let’s hear it for the Lake Crystal newspaper The Tribune that published a racist joke! And by hear it for, I mean tell them to go shove their heads up their butts. Sideways.
  • Corporations are people, except for when it comes to suing them for human rights abuses. Then they’re not. Thank you, 2nd Circuit US Court of Appeals! This case concerns families of seven Nigerians who sued Shell in regards to the company backing the government in doing violent crackdowns against oil exploration, executing the Nigerians. Also check this:

    However, Shell Nigeria acknowledges it has made little human-rights progress with respect to the Joint Task Force, an army-navy-police organization the federal government deploys to patrol the maze of creeks, inlets, and mangrove swamps that make up the Niger Delta. This much-feared force has a well-earned reputation for brutality. In early 2005, for example, the Joint Task Force, responding to an attack on government officials near Odioma, killed 17 residents and burned the town to the ground.

  • How to record the cops.
  • Cartoon of the Day:

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Drain Clogs 09-17-2010

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Wingnut Web – Resistnet’s 9-11 Crocodile Tears and RaHoWa Fever

Wake up in the morning feeling like P-Diddy, until I get an email from Darla D! ruins everything. It seems that Darla Dawald is using 9-11 as a chance to act all sad that, home to racist hatemongers, has been taken over by racist hatemongers! It’s ironic! I had the brew she had the chronic, which is what Darla must be smoking to have not noticed the many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many racism and hate incidents we’ve spotted there. Just check out our archives here and back at the TarsTarkas.NET Blog!

But here’s her email…

Disappointment from Darla

Dear Patriots:

I write this letter to you this morning with a heavy heart. As I sit and look out my hotel window on Ground Zero and as I listen to the bagpipes play patriotic music many people are walking around Ground Zero paying their respects and keeping their promise that we will not forget.

I have to admit though, that in the midst of this atmosphere I have received reports from our admins that many people have basically been openly breaking our No Tolerance Policy, spewing hate, and working against everything we are attempting to do. I completely understand the anger toward the Islamic terrorists that brought down the towers and killed so many 9 years ago today. What I do NOT understand is why you will not follow our guidelines that the Constitution has afforded us as a private business. Your right to speech is guaranteed to you toward your government….that’s it. The 1st amendment does not give the right to any individual to infringe on their rights as a privately owned business or organization.

We appreciate so many of our members those who have attempted to reason with the individuals determined to argue, demean, incite violence, and infringe upon our rights. In my absence I have instructed the admins to issue warnings, shut down these discussions that have been out of control, and suspend those who will not listen to our warnings. Apparently, this is still an issue. So it is with great sadness that I must write this letter and inform you that if you break the rules we will not warn you, we will simply ban your account. We will not tolerate a mutiny and we will enforce our policies.

It may not be popular but it is necessary. We must protect the integrity of this site and the members who regularly abide by our terms of service.

Today is a reminder of the tragedy we have experienced at the hands of terrorists, let us not fight one another.

God Bless the families of victims and all Americans affected by this date.


Well, I’m sure Resistnet couldn’t be so full of racism before 9-11 that it makes this entire email laughable….let’s check!

Read more…

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Communist Video Games in American Stores – Are Communists using the WII to promote Communism ?

by Tony Rollo,

Here is a spooky experience my daughter and I had …

Last night my family made our weekly trip to get necessities.

At a big box store, my 9 year old daughter made a bee line to the WII demo setup as I was checking out computer hardware.

After I found what I needed, I went over to see what games were on demo that my daughter was checking out.

I am a fan of racing games. I am always looking for a good one for my ten minute vacations I take a few times a day.

My daughter was trying out one called “ModNation” for the WII … she was excited to show me the features.

One section was like a garage where you can choose a car design. A lot of cool car designs and graphics.

There were a lot of “ban the bomb” / peace movement (peace sign) symbols everywhere – but those have again come into vogue and are everywhere on everything these days … I can tolerate them.

But then – my daughter choose the next car design and THERE IT WAS –

A HUGE, RED COMMUNIST HAMMER & SICKLE on the car hood – like some kind of soft drink sponsor’s logo would appear.


My daughter let out a gasp when it appeared – she has been studying communist history in her home education studies …

I think she was more shocked than I was …

It was a very obvious yet subtle advertisement – I get it – it is not some innocent addition to the game.

Could you choose any national flags to decorate your car? NO …

The red hammer and sickle was the only recognizable symbol for decoration other than your run of the mill sports car type decorations.

Upon arriving home I did a search on the web for the game ModNation and communist symbol … I was shocked to see a large number of game sites with references –

But these were postings of kids arguing for and against communism …

Here are a few examples posted recently – (remember – these are KIDS)

Disgusting…might as well throw a swastika for us to mod our karts with if we are including the symbols of murderous regimes….just disgusting….probably gunna have to race around with a bunch of 13 year old communists who think its cool….*barfs*

All the more reason to blow them away amigo.

Why does it matter? You realize that the hammer and sickle is actually a symbol for unity between industry and agricultural systems? Which is what communism tried to do (I don’t argue that it failed). So the symbol itself is something that could be considered inspiring.

This jumped out at me too. If you’re not going to include a swastika in the game (and you shouldn’t), then the hammer and sickle shouldn’t be there either.

Oh well, at least it’s an easy way for idiots to self-identify online.

yes it is an easy way for idiots to self identify by getting their knickers in a knot of such a trivial thing. idiots that think the Swastika is an evil symbol.idiots that fear these 2 symbols for no reason need to learn a thing or two.The Hammer and sickle symbolises the unity between industrial and agricultural workers.

Ever heard of Lenin? The hammer and sickle actually represents a noble ideal, it wasn’t created by some random jerk who decided to kill all jews, if you think it’s a horrible symbol because of what Stalin then you obviously don’t know much about the birth of communism.

My mom and dad are from Russia, their parents and a lot of their family were murdered by Stalin’s regime. Communism is terrible and the Hammer and Sickle are very offensive. They barely escaped with their lives. Stalin is as bad as Hitler and you all don’t understand what he put the Russian people through with his mass murders.

you must be very uneducated to say the least. Haven’t we forgotten and gotten over millions being murdered? Hell, let’s just forget the 60+Million lives lost in the last great war on earth which is the reason for you to be able to live as you currently do–as a bozo and blowing farts on their memory. Shouldn’t we just get over all of them? Hell no, because once we do that’s when it will happen again. You’d be wise to remember that.

Seriously, do you people not realize the immense amount of BS that everyone in the world does. You will not find many symbols that are not frowned upon by some country or another. The america flag isnt known for its mass murders even though it was donned at the same time that Hitler and Stalin wore theirs. We dropped the A-bombs, we had the japs in concentration camps(not as severe as hitler but still) Why shouldnt the American flag be a symbolism of terror and horror if you look at the other flags as such, and the Rising Sun too cant use that either. Like everyone said, get over it. Thats the world we live in.

The symbols should be regarded as how they are meant to be regarded as. The people who took it for their symbol and used it for evil is a perversion and it should be looked at it as such. It all depends on the context.

I just have to make one thing clear: Japanese Americans were in relocation camps. Not concentration camps. Nobody was murdered or forced into slave labor. Some people may have died in the camps, but not because they were starved and worked all day.

5 bucks says we’ll be seeing topics like this if they include a cross sticker.

Ok lets look at a scenario. First we take a military force…what should we call them…hmmm I know we will call them Crusaders. Now they need a symbol, How about a crucifix. Now These Crusaders Slaughter millions of innocent people under the image of a Crucifix. now today in the modern world would the crucifix be seen as a sign of Fear and tyranny.

Oh wait that above scenario has happened…guess what The crucifix is seen to a lot off people as a good symbol. So what makes the hammer and sickle any different.

To me, this kind of rhetoric is chilling. A new generation of “useful idiots” are being cultivated in American living rooms on innocent video game consoles …

But isn’t it encouraging that some of the kids are standing up for the truth in history?

Winston Churchill made the best statement about the world we live in today:

“The empires of the future are the empires of the mind.”

I also had a conversation with a retired teacher / principal who was proud his little 4 year old grandson who was there was learning chinese in school.

That should make it a lot easier for the CHICOMS when they shout commands at his grandson in a couple of decades as he works on an assembly line under guards with machine guns.

You may think this is just reactionary. A lot of people believe that it is just silly to think that communism still exists in this modern “free” world we live in. Tyrrany never goes out of style to the tyrrants and ruling class …

As Benjamin Franklin said: “Small holes sink mighty ships”

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