Drain Clogs – 03-30-2011

Donald Trump has gone full birther and released his birth certificate. Except it’s not a real birth certificate. He finally released his real one. Maybe someone can teach him how to use Google and see Obama’s, which has been online for three years now. Poor Republican Rep. Dean Duffy can’t live on his meager $174,000… Continue reading Drain Clogs – 03-30-2011

So much for Hollywood

Last year, the CFTC decided to allow trading in movie futures, enabling people to bet on how much major films will earn at the box office (either up or down) before they’ve been finished or even started for that matter. Businessweek, May 5, 2010: Even as lawmakers rail against impossible-to-understand toxic securities and Wall Street… Continue reading So much for Hollywood

Wingnut Web – A Resistnet by any other name…

Grassfire.org’s “cash in on the conservatives” site Resistnet changed their name to Patriot Action Network aka PANetwork to avoid the bad publicity from all the racist members out spreading their poison, and then began attempting a fund drive among their members. But it doesn’t take a whole lot of looking to find the same old… Continue reading Wingnut Web – A Resistnet by any other name…

Worst Week Ever

Hope next week is better. Wisconsin Republicans went totally evil. You remember that Oil Spill in the Gulf? Well, it’s killing people, and we have to turn to Al Jazeera to get answers! Hooray for the US media! Japan blasted by awful earthquake and aftershocks Criminal Florida Republican Governor Rick Scott ends restoration of voting… Continue reading Worst Week Ever

Michigan Republican Governor Snyder pressing to become a dictator

It’s all about small government… link In an outrageous power grab, Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder and the Republican-dominated state Senate passed, and sent back to the House, legislation today that allows Snyder to declare a local city to be in a financial emergency and appoint an emergency manager. That manager can, without anyone else’s approval,… Continue reading Michigan Republican Governor Snyder pressing to become a dictator

Obama’s Space Robots

I was just surfing on PatriotActionNetwork aka PANetwork aka Resistnet grabbing images for a new Wingnut Web, and ran across John W. McSherry’s weird rant about space robots. Apparently, Obama has an army of space robots with lasers that will soon accidentally crash into the Earth and kill us all, or something. In any event,… Continue reading Obama’s Space Robots