Drain Clogs – Love means never having to say “I’ll Deport You!” Edition

Some roundup stuff from the past week you may have missed… Republican Delegate Dave Albo, one of the co-sponsors of Virginia’s trans-vaginal ultrasound bill (aka state-sanctioned rape), explains that his wife has stopped having sex with him because of his sponsoring of the bill. And, yes, the trans-vaginal portion of the bill was modified, but… Continue reading Drain Clogs – Love means never having to say “I’ll Deport You!” Edition

Drain Clogs – Gun Down Them Condoms! Edition

If you remember the Susan G Komen dumping Planned Parenthood debacle, don’t think that’s the end, because the Republicans have gone full speed crazy into the War on Contraception as part of their War on Women and War on the Poor. The Virginia House of Delegates just passed a bill requiring a vaginal ultrasound before… Continue reading Drain Clogs – Gun Down Them Condoms! Edition

Drain Clogs – One Ding-a-ling to Rule Them All Edition…

Alabama State Senator Shadrack McGill (R, of course!) thinks the Bible says we should give teachers crappy pay. He doesn’t think that about Alabama State Senators, as he voted for his own 67% salary increase. Like Jesus would do. A 14-year-old home schooled girl asked the Maryland state lawmakers to ban same-sex marriage for her… Continue reading Drain Clogs – One Ding-a-ling to Rule Them All Edition…

Sarah Palin breaks hearts and minds on FreeRepublic.com

If you’re like me, you know the best thing about the Grifting Quitter’s big announcement is the exploding heads from the die hard true believers. And no place has a bigger, badder, crazier concentration than FreeRepublic.com. Come join us as we watch the fun! First up is se_ohio_young_conservative, who was one of the Palin or… Continue reading Sarah Palin breaks hearts and minds on FreeRepublic.com

Colbert’s Super PAC

Stephen Colbert stopped by the FEC to form a SuperPAC. Why should you care? Because what he’s doing is brilliant and has real world consequences. Background: On Friday, May 13th, Colbert and his lawyer showed up at the Federal Election Commission building in D.C. to formally request an advisory opinion for the Colbert Super PAC,… Continue reading Colbert’s Super PAC

Draft Sarah Palin!

From friend of the site D.C. Douglas: Hollywood Actor D.C. Douglas Mounts “Draft Sarah Palin” Campaign Actor and part- time political gadfly D.C. Douglas releases a political rock opera anthem for a Sarah Palin/Michele Bachmann presidency. Hollywood, CA ( PRWEB ) April 05, 2011 – – Actor D.C. Douglas has produced and released an online… Continue reading Draft Sarah Palin!

Lou Sarah Palin

Who is Lou Sarah? Sarah Palin’s fake Facebook account used to praise her Sarah Palin account!! Finally, something hilarious out of the whole “former insider writing a tell-all memorial about Sarah Palin” besides the memorial being sent to everyone ever without getting a publishing deal so everything in it is old news.

Arizona Shooting leftover bits

Blood Libel? Are they serious? They are serious. Either Palin is insane or she eats babies. Why would you use that term? Also she used a teleprompter in her YouTube video! Today is the memorial for the Arizona victims, but Palin has now ensured we’re just gonna be talking about her. Giffords shooter Jared Loughner… Continue reading Arizona Shooting leftover bits

Blood on their hands

Vacation time is over, and though I wasn’t going to start up new updates until Monday, it looks like we’re going to have to talk about the shooting of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords of Arizona. At the time of this writing, there is 6 dead, including a 9-year-old girl born on 9-11 and U.S. District Judge… Continue reading Blood on their hands

Drain Clogs – 11-22-2010

Almost immediately after skiplogic posted his article about Sarah Palin, two of Palin’s kids got into a giant Facebook fight where they threw gay slurs around like they just don’t care. Because they don’t. Kids will be dumb, but leave it to FreeRepublic.com to see their words as some sort of epic battle of freedom… Continue reading Drain Clogs – 11-22-2010