Are you on the Tea Party Sucker List?

This article from the Washington Times (I know!) is a must-read!:

The pattern indicates the presence of valuable “sucker lists” containing broad swaths of tea party donors, many of whom eschew the party establishment and are new to politics, who will respond to generic attacks on liberals without careful scrutiny of where their money is going. Those lists then are rented at great expense.

It details fund raising among many rightwing groups, and goes over some of what we already knew, that many of the rightwing groups do nothing but fund themselves and donate nothing to candidates or causes. But the rise of the Tea Party has given rise to a whole new class of suckers, born much more often than once a minute. Several of my fake online personas have become put on some of these lists, even though my fake personas don’t donate anything. I’ll have a Teabagger MLM update as soon as I get enough free time to type it all up. Expect things to ramp up even more as we enter 2012 and election fever!