Obama releases Birth Certificate, Wingnuts unimpressed

Obama surrendered to the right once again and released his long-form birth certificate to try to quiet the insane birthers. Because Obama underestimates the insane racism of his opponents, this release matters 0.0000%, as no one ever will be convinced if they think he’s a foreign born Muslim commie Kenyan alien robot. Dissenters fall into two camps, one that is convinced this one is fake and is going to insane lengths to prove it, and the one that doesn’t care because they’re following an incorrect definition of “Natural born citizen.” Though this does make the Republicans look even more loony, so maybe this was a shrewd move.

A sample response:

Also, this has prompted death threats from at least one poster on PatriotActionNetwork.com (formerly Resistnet.com):

Despite their name change, we can always expect quality death threats against the president from Resistnet— I mean, PatriotActionNetwork!

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Scott Adams melts down all over the Internet

Scott Adams (Dilbert creator) has gotten into quite a bit of hot water recently, and his attempts to backpedal and promote his geniusness have just made him more and more of a jerk, as he rapidly becomes a living example of the people he mocks in his strips.

It all began with an essay Adams wrote about Men’s Rights where he goes on the attack against women. Partially reprinted below:

Now I would like to speak directly to my male readers who feel unjustly treated by the widespread suppression of men’s rights:

Get over it, you bunch of pussies.

The reality is that women are treated differently by society for exactly the same reason that children and the mentally handicapped are treated differently. It’s just easier this way for everyone. You don’t argue with a four-year old about why he shouldn’t eat candy for dinner. You don’t punch a mentally handicapped guy even if he punches you first. And you don’t argue when a women tells you she’s only making 80 cents to your dollar. It’s the path of least resistance. You save your energy for more important battles.

How many times do we men suppress our natural instincts for sex and aggression just to get something better in the long run? It’s called a strategy. Sometimes you sacrifice a pawn to nail the queen. If you’re still crying about your pawn when you’re having your way with the queen, there’s something wrong with you and it isn’t men’s rights.

It was quickly deleted, but reposted all over the place.

Scott Adams’ comparisons of women to the mentally handicapped or children caused quite a ruckus. Several feminist blogs reposted his essay and began the bashing process, causing Scott Adams himself to pop in on one and defend himself:

Is this an entire website dedicated to poor reading comprehension? I don’t think one of you understood the writing. You’re all hopping mad about your own misinterpretations.

That’s the reason the original blog was pulled down. All writing is designed for specific readers. This piece was designed for regular readers of The Scott Adams blog. That group has an unusually high reading comprehension level.

In this case, the content of the piece inspires so much emotion in some readers that they literally can’t understand it. The same would be true if the topic were about gun ownership or a dozen other topics. As emotion increases, reading comprehension decreases. This would be true of anyone, but regular readers of the Dilbert blog are pretty far along the bell curve toward rational thought, and relatively immune to emotional distortion.

I’ve written on the topic how you can’t mix incendiary images in the same piece without the readers’ brains treating the images as though they were connected, no matter how clearly you explain that they are not. My regular readers understand that I do that intentionally as part of the fun. When quoted out of context, the piece becomes dangerous.

You can see that the comments about the piece were little more than name-calling. When confronted with that sort of reaction, would it be wiser to treat the name-callers as you might treat respected professors with opinions worthy of consideration, or should you treat the name-callers as you would angry children, by not debating and not taking it personally?

You’re angry, but I’ll bet every one of you agrees with me.

Scott Adams

If only this had worked on Scott Adams...

But Scott Adams didn’t stop there. He was only warming up. He then went over to MetaFilter and created a sockpuppet named PlannedChaos to defend himself against attack there. And to also call himself a genius like a billion times.

4. As far as Adams’ ego goes, maybe you don’t understand what a writer does for a living. No one writes unless he believes that what he writes will be interesting to someone. Everyone on this page is talking about him, researching him, and obsessing about him. His job is to be interesting, not loved. As someone mentioned, he has a certified genius I.Q., and that’s hard to hide.

The same handle was used on Reddit:

If an idiot and a genius disagree, the idiot generally thinks the genius is wrong. He also has lots of idiot reasons to back his idiot belief. That’s how the idiot mind is wired.

It’s fair to say you disagree with Adams. But you can’t rule out the hypothesis that you’re too dumb to understand what he’s saying.

And he’s a certified genius. Just sayin’.

Bafflingly, Scott Adams then takes to his blog again to write something completely ridiculous:

The next thing to consider is that in my line of work, some types of rumors can cause economic damage to hundreds of people in the so-called value chain. The stakes are high. I know from experience that when a rumor flares up that says, for example, I’m affiliated with one particular interest group or another, the people who hate that group will stop reading Dilbert comics. And they will aggressively warn everyone who will listen to do the same. This was a small problem in the pre-Internet age. Today, a rumor will send an army of advocates to vote down your products on Amazon.com and defame you on every blog and web site that allows comments. It happens in hours, not days.

Scott Adams waxes on about how rumor can cost tons of money and therefore he needs to go out and defend himself anonymously, otherwise he’ll be perceived to be biased for himself.

Of course, if he was really caring about protecting his image, he should have shut the fuck up, instead of saying this next:

The same thing is happening today with a Republican official who emailed some friends a humorous photo of President Obama’s face on a chimp and a punch line about his birth certificate. If your only context is what the Internet says about this story, you assume it’s a typical racist act by a Republican who is already guilty by association. But if I add the context that Googling “George Bush monkey” gives you over 3 million hits, and most of them are jokes where President Bush’s face is transposed on a monkey, you see what’s really going on. Democrats and advocates of civil rights are using the media to further an agenda at the expense of a woman who was probably so non-racist that the photo in question didn’t set off her alarms as being a career-ending risk.

Yes, a Birther crazy teabagger sending around images of Obama as a chimp’s kid is so non-racist! Too bad Scott Adams’ certified genius IQ couldn’t be bothered to compute the historic racism of comparing blacks to monkeys. And I don’t know how anyone, anywhere, including so non-racist Marilyn Davenport, could not see this image as racist:

Soooo non-racist it hurts!

FYI, Marilyn Davenport has not resigned, only issued a half-assed apology “if anyone was offended”

I know when I’m being so non-racist, I excuse myself with “Oh, come on! Everybody who knows me knows that I am not a racist. It was a joke. I have friends who are black. Besides, I only sent it to a few people—mostly people I didn’t think would be upset by it.”

But Scott Adams is only defending himself and his product so he doesn’t take an economic hit..

If you’re rumored to be anti-science, you’re dead to them, and so is your product. That’s a rumor with economic consequences.

He did so by picking the worst example anyone anywhere could ever pick as their example. Then he spends the rest of the post complaining about how he’s going to be taken out of context again and calling himself a genius half a dozen more times.

I own several Dilbert books. I won’t be purchasing any more. I won’t be alone. Thanks to the power of Scott Adams’ genius.

I got your rating right here, pal!

The same group that turned mortgage-backed securities from Grade F failures to Grade A eventual economy destroyers is now downgrading US debt.

Now, I realize all this economic stuff can all blur together in a stream of boring languages, but this is a good example to show off how much of a joke the whole thing is. There are three groups that rate credit in this country: Standard & Poor’s (S&P), Moody’s Investor Service, and Fitch Ratings. They are pretty much all scummy, for reason which we won’t get into right now. S&P is the one we’re looking at today.

The S&P lowered its outlook on U.S. debt.

S&P changed its outlook on the United States from “stable” to “negative” and said the federal government could lose its AAA rating if officials fail to bring spending in line with revenues.

Keep in mind it didn’t change the rating, it just warned things might change.

Notable douchebag Eric Cantor is trying to use this as an excuse to hold the debt ceiling vote hostage so he can get a gold plated douchebag holder or whatever it is he wants. but, as Eric Cantor is a Republican, he’s functionally moronic and the news story he sent out mentions the last time the S&P downgraded their outlook on US debt was 1996…out of fear that the GOP would block a debt ceiling vote! Someone break out the iron…

Krugman says this is no big deal

Barry Ritholtz says the S&P are a bunch of wankers

To which I say “Who Cares?”

Its not that I disagree with their assessment — I do not — but I pay it little heed. It was much more important to me as an investor that PIMCO’s Bill Gross was out of Treasuries a month ago (and indeed, is short) than what S&P says. That was all any bond investor needed to know — no ratings agency necessary.

If ever there was an organization more corrupt, incompetent, and less capable of issuing an intelligent analysis on debt than S&P, I am unaware of them. Why do I write this? A huge part of the reason the US is in its awful financial position is due to the fine work of S&P.

Consider what Nobel Laurelate Joseph Stiglitz, economics professor at Columbia University in New York observed:

“I view the ratings agencies as one of the key culprits. They were the party that performed that alchemy that converted the securities from F-rated to A-rated. The banks could not have done what they did without the complicity of the ratings agencies.”

Hence, the “negative outlook” of US debt has come about because the inability of Standard & Poor’s to have performed their jobs rating mortgage backed securities. Ultimately, this enabled the entire crisis, financial collapse, enormous budget deficit and now political over the debt ceiling.

Of course there is a negative future outlook. Its in large part the work product of S&P and Moody’s.

Why we even have Nationally Recognized Statistical Rating Organization (NRSRO) any longer following their payola =driven corruption, their gross incompetency and their inability to discharge their basic duties is beyond my understanding.

Even with new laws, the ratings agencies escape any form or regulation or persecution for their crimes, past and future:

When Dodd-Frank became law last July, it required that ratings agencies assigning grades to asset-backed securities be subject to expert liability from that moment on. This opened the agencies to lawsuits from investors, a policing mechanism that law firms and accountants have contended with for years. The agencies responded by refusing to allow their ratings to be disclosed in asset-backed securities deals. As a result, the market for these instruments froze on July 22.

The S.E.C. quickly issued a “no action” letter, indicating that it would not bring enforcement actions against issuers that did not disclose ratings in prospectuses. This removed the expert-liability threat for the ratings agencies, and the market began operating again.

As for the debt ceiling, ever wonder just who we owe this debt to? Ourselves, mostly:

Any talk you hear of China owning the US is just xenophobic scaremongering.

The State Department spokesman has gone rogue

The Obama administration has gone nuts having everyone use twitter accounts, particularly in the State Department.  This obviously includes the State Department spokesman, who was fired last month for making a minor criticism of the administration’s treatment of Bradley Manning. It turns out that they didn’t take away his twitter account and has decided to make good use of it since then.

Here are some of my favorite posts that he’s made:

Obama’s brain was replaced with Malcolm X’s!

It’s true, just look at these scars!
Obama Scars
There can only be one explanation for this! No, not hair parting…BRAIN SURGERY SCARS!! And what was Barack Obama getting brain surgery on? Well, because he won’t let us dig deep into his private medical records, we can only assume that after Barack Obama was born, his brain was removed and replaced with the freshly killed brain of his secret father, Malcolm X, and now Malcolm X lives again as President of the United States of America!! It’s so crazy, it can only be true!

Obama Scars


Obama existed as a knee before anything else…

In a world where people are idiots, Obama’s entire life history has been fabricated with poorly photoshopped photos!

Or these people are too dumb to understand jpg compression artifacts..

No, Obama’s entire life history is FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKE!

Via MediaMatters:

Jack Cashill, author of the charmingly insane book Deconstructing Obama, claims to have unearthed yet another shocking bombshell about Barack Obama’s past. According to Cashill’s WorldNetDaily column this morning, this photo of young Barack Obama and his grandparents in New York is a forgery into which Obama has been photoshopped:

But that photo is a fake, here is the real photo!:
Obama photoshop forgery

As you can plainly see from that photo, the real photo is a fake and Obama was never there to take his picture…except for his KNEE!!! Where is the KNEE’s Birth Certificate? This conspiracy just got deeper!

This FreeRepublic.com thread proves the photo is fake because there was a tree there twenty years ago and isn’t there now! CONSPIRACY!! Where’s the BIRTH CERTIFICATE!?!?!?!

Here is a wonderful video about the conspiracy of conspiracies!

Draft Sarah Palin!

From friend of the site D.C. Douglas:

Hollywood Actor D.C. Douglas Mounts “Draft Sarah Palin” Campaign

Actor and part- time political gadfly D.C. Douglas releases a political rock opera anthem for a Sarah Palin/Michele Bachmann presidency.

Hollywood, CA ( PRWEB ) April 05, 2011 – – Actor D.C. Douglas has produced and released an online music video today entitled “A Sarah Palin/Michele Bachman Ticket” in an effort to galvanize the Tea Party and ultraconservative Republican base. The music video features imagery of America’s Founding Fathers against a political anthem for the GOP primary race and an ultimate Sarah Palin/Michele Bachmann ticket.

Los Angeles based character actor D.C. Douglas is known for his earnest internet video productions. His controversial, but heartfelt ” Tea Party PSA ” was released in May of 2010 and garnered over 300,000 hits within a few days. It went on to be featured on several conservative blogs as well The Huffington Post and HLN’s Joy Behar Show. His “Burn A Quran Day ” spec commercial for Reverends Terry Jones and Fred Phelps had a similar impressive debut.

Mr. Douglas, in a post on his Hollywood blog, explains that he felt compelled to act after MSNBC and CNN dismissed the prospect of a Sarah Palin run for the Republican nomination in 2012. “It astonishes me that people like Lawrence O’Donell and Anderson Cooper cannot see the benefit of her running…” Mr. Douglas said in a later interview, “After all that America has been through recently – – the recession, Wall Street, God’s natural disaster punishments – – we truly need Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann in the race. Laughter is the best medicine, and their candidacy would be such a healing experience for our country.”

According to his blog post , he hopes the video will be picked up by Fox News and other conservative outlets so that as many republicans and Tea Party members will see it and be inspired to draft Sarah Palin into the 2012 race, with the ultimate goal of her winning the nomination and choosing Michele Bachmann as her running

“You may say that I’m a dreamer,” Mr. Douglas concluded, “but I’m not the only one.”

Mr. Douglas’ film and television work can be seen on his official film & tv website.

Mr. Douglas is represented by David Secor at the Daniel Hoff Agency in Los Angeles.