PatriotActionNetwork gets perverted

In between failing at their rebranding and failing in general, Patriot Action Network seems to be getting a little naughty! We start out with this epic discussion of deep Muslim penetration by “reverend” Larry Wallenmeyer…
Patriot Action Network perverts

And that leads to this wonderful comment by John L. Armstrong about students being insemination with marxist crap. Holy two girls, one cup, Batman!
Patriot Action Network perverts
Jim L. “Shots” Hendershot, Sr. approves

Patriot Action Network and the Big BLACK Bus

The big news over the week was Obama going on a bus tour, with a new, armored bus bought by the Secret Service. this instantly turned the Right Wing Noise Machine into the pack of howler monkeys they are and they all fell over each other to make jokes about “pimpin’ the ride” and “black bus!” and other unimaginative racist crap. Karl Rove even declared that his American Crossroads will use the bus as an attack target. We are sure that Karl Rove will be fair and point out that the Secret Service bought an identical bus for the eventual Republican candidate to use in 2012.

So let’s see what PatriotActionNetwork has to say about this! It will be very patriotic and actiony, I tell you what…

Let’s start out with name-calling and racism!

I am not sure if this guy is in the “Obama is 7/8ths Arab” camp or the “Obama is secretly hawaiian” camp. Or a newer, dumber camp.

This is my favorite quote of the day, because it is pure win:

Howie Subnick also has a way with words. Or experience with turds in punch bowls.

Obama has a bus….that means MARTIAL LAW!!!

Patricia Cole is obsessed with powerful black images.

How will Patricia A. Brittell pay for the troops to storm the White House if she’s suspended all paychecks?

Jokes! Of the unfunny kind!

Anyone? Help?

And some cracks in the line at PatriotActionNetwork.

More in a bit, as more is always coming. Always. Until then, let’s all get purple ears!

Obama Killed Seal Team 6 –

Oh, you knew this crap was coming. Up first is a conspiracy theory so nice, the guy posted it 22 times! Thrill as Obama invents Seal Team 6 out of midair, and then murders these fake people who don’t exist and totally didn’t kill Osama

And to show “Obama murdering Seal Team 6” isn’t just a lone nut, these are but a small sample of posts:

And we’ll dance a jig until next conspiracy! Huzzah!

Don’t panic, it’s only financial markets

In case you haven’t heard, financial markets are plummeting again.  We have yet to see how this will play out, but it was to be expected because absolutely nothing has been resolved since the last time.  The most direct causes–not to be confused with the most fundamental ones–are trouble with the banking system in Europe and trouble with the banking system in the US.  In the media, the former is discussed in terms of countries for perverse reasons and both are further abstracted and described in terms of attitudes held by “the markets” towards everything from employment data to Ben Bernanke’s body language.  I call it financial anthropomorphism and this is a beautiful example.

Insofar as economies produce and consume things, the US and most other “advanced” countries have been basically stagnant since 2008.  The “recovery” was confined to financial markets that have been more or less doing their own thing with a lot more assistance from the federal government than anyone else has gotten.  If you look back, narratives switching between a “double-dip recession” and “green shoots” probably reflect whatever was going on with financial markets at the time rather than real output or employment.

Recessions are technically defined by the NBER dating committee and according to them, the last one began in December 2007 and ended in June 2009.  The dating committee bases its definition largely on changes in trends relating to (reported) aggregate income and expenditures, particularly expenditures (GDP).  Note that expenditures can be on anything, so even something like hikes in health insurance premiums count towards GDP growth (check the national accounts for yourself).  As far as most people are concerned, national income has actually been falling:

Employees have always received more than half the total national income, until now. In 2010, the percentage of national income devoted to wages and salaries fell to 49.9 percent, and it slipped a little more to 49.6 percent in the first quarter of this year. That continued decline may help explain the economic worries of many Americans who have jobs but still fear they are falling behind.

The idea of a “double-dip recession” starting now is basically just a media narrative because nothing has improved at all for most people.  The unemployment and underemployment statistics don’t mean much of anything anymore because so many people have completely fallen off the radar and become unpeople as far as decision-makers are concerned.  It’s worth noting that the system for measuring national income that we currently have came into existence during the Great Depression.

Financial markets coming down to the economic reality in which everyone else exists might finally draw the attention of officialdom.  The course we’ve been on for the past few years isn’t going to improve unless some serious changes are made to how we do things.

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