Drain Clogs – Women killed the Mammoths Edition

Conservatives have turned to murder and mutilation of cats in order to threaten Democrats: NSFW for Dead Cat Photo These gun target signs put up on the doors of Missouri Democrats are totally peaceful surveyor symbols and not a threat the FBI should deal with! And another conservative calls for murdering the President to save… Continue reading Drain Clogs – Women killed the Mammoths Edition

Drain Clogs – 06-20-2011

Clarence Thomas being corrupts as fuck is finally getting a wee bit of traction. Nothing will happen, of course. I’m sure having an Obama impersonator tell racial jokes will totally get more minority votes! The Best Health Care in the World means robbing a bank for $1 just so you can get health care. Two… Continue reading Drain Clogs – 06-20-2011

Drain Clogs – 06-10-2010

You can now rent Obama’s New York City apartment, the one he lived at when he went to Columbia University, even though we all know he didn’t go there because he was a CIA agent. HM Rev. Dr. Orly Taitz TE’s election loss was because of voter fraud, so she’s suing! I NEED ALL THE… Continue reading Drain Clogs – 06-10-2010

Wingnut Web – Israel Massacre Zionist Conspiracy Edition

So Resistnet started a thread about the Israel raid on the Gaza-bound aid ship, which was started by our old friend Dee Admin II. The thread became a giant clusterfrak, and has gone on for pages and pages (41 so far) and the posters are divided into three camps: 1- People who support Israel because… Continue reading Wingnut Web – Israel Massacre Zionist Conspiracy Edition

Drain Clogs – 06-03-2010

What do you do when citizens are taping cops using excessive force? Make it illegal to video tape cops! Is your state one of the three states of shame? Let’s have for-profit prisons run by an all-Christian staff! Or maybe we shouldn’t have for-profit prisons….nah!! A US citizen was among the dead on the Gaza… Continue reading Drain Clogs – 06-03-2010