TheTeaParty.net attempting to trick members into paying for renewals

One of my network of fake accounts has been getting these emails about renewing a membership by “donating” money (aka paying) to TheTeaParty.net, despite their never having a paid membership. The emails are obviously designed to trick readers into opening their wallets, and the ploy will sadly be effective. The sign of a healthy movement is when it tries to trick its own members into giving it more money. Of course, that’s what the whole right wing circus is, a giant grifting machine. Will my fake account fall for it? It is a mystery…

Fellow Freedom Lover,

It’s almost the end of January, but I haven’t heard from you yet.

This is going to be our year, unless we don’t have your support.

Will you please follow this link to immediately renew your membership to TheTeaParty.net? Your donation of $25, $50, $75 or more will go immediately towards our efforts to take back our nation in 2014.

TheTeaParty.net is working feverishly to make sure 2014 is the year we take back control of the Senate, and finally for once and all put a STOP to all of Barack Obama and Harry Reid’s disastrous policies and plans for our nation.

As we gear up for what will certainly be a historic year, please show your solidarity in the Tea Party by renewing your 2014 TheTeaParty.net membership.

Fellow Patriot, we have our work cut out for us this year. TheTeaParty.net is working day and night to support candidates across the nation who embody our conservative ideals, but in order to support them we need your help. We need the resources to support and build smart, effective, aggressive campaigns.

Please follow this link to renew your TheTeaParty.net membership right now! Your donation of $25, $50, $75 or more will renew your membership and make certain we have the funds necessary to take back our nation.

No matter where you live, the elections taking place this year will impact you and your family. Don’t be mistaken, even if you live in Omaha, the next Senator we elect in Georgia or Colorado (just examples- there are 33 Senate races this year!) will directly impact yours and your family’s life. These leaders will have the opportunity to repeal failed legislation like Obamacare, and we need more of those votes in the Senate!!

That’s why the TheTeaParty.net is involved in races in every corner of this country, supporting candidates who share and embody our conservative ideals.

Together we will elect candidates who share our commitment to:

Limited federal government
Individual freedoms
Personal responsibility
Free markets
Returning political power to the states and the people

Our nation’s future is hanging in the balance of this year’s elections. We cannot afford to elect leaders who will not fight for our children and grandchildren.

Please join our fight for liberty and freedom by renewing your TeaParty membership right now.

Will you show your support by renewing your 2014 TheTeaParty.net Membership today? Please contribute $25, $50, $75 or more.

You’ve been one of our most loyal supporters, and I hope you will continue your support right now by renewing your TheTeaParty.net membership today. If you want to take part in taking back our nation from the Democrats, then start today by making a $25 contribution and renewing your TheTeaParty.net membership.

Your membership is crucial to winning 2014. Your support will make a difference in the outcome of the 2014 elections.

In fact, for every $100 or more contribution, we will renew your membership, and every member will receive:

a tea party membership card
tea party member handbook
tea party member teacup lapel pin
and tea party member Constitution

But if you can’t afford $100, please give at least $25. Even $5 will help the Tea Party be success in 2014.

Please follow this link to join TheTeaParty.net and make your membership today.

In Freedom,

Todd Cefaratti
Freedom Organizer

P.S. This is our year. 2014 is going to go down in history books. Your TheTeaParty.net membership will impact races in all 50 states, and support candidates who share our conservative ideals. Please show your support, and stand with TheTeaParty.net by making your membership contribution right now.

The follow-up email:


Todd asked me to follow up with your regarding his email below.

So far we haven’t heard back from you. Will you take a moment to read Todd’s email and respond right away?

I know you are still worried about the future of our nation.

Who is going to stand up to Obama and Harry Reid? Who is going to take a stand against their destructive policies and undo the wrongs they have done?

Well, The Tea Party is doing just that, but we have an uphill battle this year. You see this year, with 33 Senate elections and every member of the House up for election, now’s our chance to take back our country.

The Tea Party is working day and night to identify candidates in every corner of the United States, and we need your help.

Will you please renew your support and membership to The Tea Party by following this secure online link to make your contribution of $25, $50 or more.

Our children are counting on us to protect their future. We must act now to do so.

Please renew your membership to The Tea Party right now.

In Freedom,

Kris Hall

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Are you on the Tea Party Sucker List?

This article from the Washington Times (I know!) is a must-read!:

The pattern indicates the presence of valuable “sucker lists” containing broad swaths of tea party donors, many of whom eschew the party establishment and are new to politics, who will respond to generic attacks on liberals without careful scrutiny of where their money is going. Those lists then are rented at great expense.

It details fund raising among many rightwing groups, and goes over some of what we already knew, that many of the rightwing groups do nothing but fund themselves and donate nothing to candidates or causes. But the rise of the Tea Party has given rise to a whole new class of suckers, born much more often than once a minute. Several of my fake online personas have become put on some of these lists, even though my fake personas don’t donate anything. I’ll have a Teabagger MLM update as soon as I get enough free time to type it all up. Expect things to ramp up even more as we enter 2012 and election fever!

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Who are these Teabagger candidates, anyway? – Rick Scott Edition

Rick Scott should be a familiar enough name to anyone whose lived through the Healthcare Reform battle of last year. As the founder and former CEO of healthcare giant Columbia/HCA Rick Scott held a commanding post over the lucrative cashcow that is the Healtcare industry. Corrupt wouldn’t even begin to describe the way in which Rick Scott operated his mega-corporation, a company who as the largest healthcare provider in the country was tasked with providing quality medical care and resources for the sick and injured. A company that Rick Scott publicly stated he wanted to run with the penny pinching bottom-line efficiency of a Wal-Mart, hoping one day Columbia/HCA could be “the McDonalds of the Healthcare industry”.

Under Rick Scott’s guiding hand Columbia/HCA began to bilk the federal government out of hundreds of millions of Medicare dollars, falsifying documents, scamming their own sick customers just so Rick could make a few extra million dollars for himself. When the 1994 Healthcare debate began Rick Scott and his company heralded the single most successful campaign to defeat then President Clinton’s efforts to provide coverage and care for the neediest patients in the country. You’d think a Healthcare company would be a little more compassionate about helping their own customers. Scott’s swindling scam continued until 1997 when the government began to get wise to the rampant corruption and abuse of the Medicare system and took action against Columbia/HCA to the tune of $1.7 BILLION dollars. The Columbia/HCA settlement still stands as the single biggest fraud settlement in the history of the United States. It also cost Rick Scott his job as CEO (a narrow margin of 1 vote from HCA’s board decided Scott’s fate).

As a disgraced fraudster who some how avoided jail time for his misdeeds (scamming the government out of money for the sick and elderly) Rick Scott soon found himself working in venture capital (again in the healthcare industry). With his new found funds and the country’s renewed interest in reforming the Healthcare system, this time with a campaign led by President Obama, Rick Scott again began to mobilize his wealth in order to fight “socialized medicine” and “Obamacare”. With his own millions, Rick Scott created the astroturf organization “Conservatives for Patient’s Rights” which was, again, one of the if not the most vocal money-fueled opponent of the Obama Healthcare Reform plan (Dick Armey’s Tea Party was a close second).

After all, if Healthcare Reform did pass this time Rick Scott would stand to lose money in his own awful business interests, like Solantic LLC, a walk-in clinic that charges patients like a fast-food chain would (pricing options fall under  “small, medium, or large” scale) or the failed TV venture he went in on with a former Columbia/HCA executive called America’s Health Network that broadcasts medical and wellness programming. It shuttered in 2001, but not before Columbia/HCA made a bid to buy the network from their former CEO. Then it turns out Columbia/HCA couldn’t afford the deal and declined the investment, and then they laid off 80% of their work force because they were so horrible and out of cash (due to the $1.7 BILLION DOLLARS they were paying back to the federal government).

Oh and he also invested in the Texas Rangers baseball team with George W. Bush back in the 1990s. I’ll let that speak for itself.

And now, Rick Scott is taking his money bags (from Stamford, Conn) to higher ambitions. Rick Scott is officially running for governor of every Healthcare mogul’s favorite place to do business, Florida. It’s no wonder Rick Scott chose to run in Florida actually. As we all know, Florida houses one of the biggest populations of the elderly and aging in the country, a demographic that truly is in need of the latest in healthcare advances. Florida is also known for its lucrative and shady pain clinics, a system set up much like California’s medical marijuana dispensaries except that instead of selling a harmless plant they deal in expensive and highly-potent narcotics (that earn more for the Pharmaceutical companies than any MMJ clinic could ever dream of). Florida would be the perfect place for a multi-millionaire healthcare executive to shack up as governor for a few years, possibly “reforming” their medical system so much that it would allow Rick Scott’s own healthcare business interests to suck up even more money from the poor and disadvantaged.

Richard L. Scott Investments LLC is based out of Florida after all. Like our own millionaire gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman, Rick Scott has spent about $60 million dollars of his own money to fund his campaign. It would seem as though Rick Scott has an incredibly vested interest in running the same state where his healthcare companies are based. A state that sees some of the biggest expenditures on healthcare costs in the country. The only state in the nation where you can find Rick Scott’s Solantic McClinics, the only for-profit clinic in the United States that carries pharmaceuticals from Pharmaca Integrative Pharmacy, Inc., another Rick Scott investment that pushes generic drugs to customers sold at prices well below that of the competition. A strategic business relationship and money making scheme, not unlike the rampant corruption found at Columbia/HCA during Scott’s days, that has former doctors alleging that Solantic pushed them to prescribe unnecessary medications through the Pharmaca brand and required them to run unnecessary tests and procedures on patients who enter Solantic clinics with nothing more than common colds.

And this man, Rick Scott, will quite possibly win the gubernatorial election in Florida. A man whose is banking his campaign and his campaign’s advertising blitz on Scott’s reputation and record as a sterling business man. As a candidate and former corporate scammer who says he wants to “run Flordia like a business” it remains to be seen just how far into the ditch Rick Scott can drive things before getting voted out by the board of directors and walking away with a $310 million dollar severance package.

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Drain Clogs – 07-27-2010

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Drain Clogs 3-7-10

CrroksandLiars has a breakdown of how Freedomworks’ new scam for BP looks awfully familiar to fans of Jack Abramoff, Michael Scanlon, and Indian Casino lobby scams.

Machete’s trailer has caused Wingnuts to go insane. Or more insane.

School for Disabled Forces Students to Wear Backpacks That Deliver Massive Electric Shocks

If you can think of a better name for this that doesn’t involve the word “round-up” leave it in the comments!

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