Drain Clogs – 02-28-2011

The Republican class war continues in Wisconsin, and has spread to Indiana and Maine. The US has wasted tens of billions of dollars on contractors in Iraq and Afghanistan. But, we must cut money from the poors, not these rich companies! US Rep. Paul Broun (R-GA) laughed along with the crowd when a supporter asked… Continue reading Drain Clogs – 02-28-2011

Lou Sarah Palin

Who is Lou Sarah? Sarah Palin’s fake Facebook account used to praise her Sarah Palin account!! Finally, something hilarious out of the whole “former insider writing a tell-all memorial about Sarah Palin” besides the memorial being sent to everyone ever without getting a publishing deal so everything in it is old news.

Wisconsin strikes back!

Newly elected Republican Governor Scott Walker decided he was going to go all Freddy Krueger on the Wisconsin state unions, and even threatened to call in the National Guard to take on demonstrations to his plan. But the demonstrations came anyway, and have continued to grow and grow. Schools closed as teachers threatened to walk… Continue reading Wisconsin strikes back!

More on the private intel stuff

LA Times: Hoping to win a lucrative agreement with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, three data security contractors for federal defense and intelligence agencies developed a proposal to monitor and manipulate the chamber’s left-leaning critics, according to recently released e-mail correspondence. Employees of the firms compiled short dossiers on a few activists that included photographs,… Continue reading More on the private intel stuff

Bank of America hired private intel to target WikiLeaks

This is really creepy. It doesn’t look like there’s much on this story yet, but apparently Glenn Greenwald was contacted about it because he was mentioned in the leaked report (pdf).  There are also news reports being made right now downplaying the the BoA documents, which could be a PR effort on their part. The… Continue reading Bank of America hired private intel to target WikiLeaks

FreeRepublic History of Copyright Infringement

In this thread, Bob J details some of the insider information of FreeRepublic’s copyright infringement lawsuits, both past and present. There is also a condemnation of the ineffectiveness of FreeRepublic in the past few years, largely due to a single figure that you can probably guess is the cause. Archived from: http://truebluefreedom.com/index.php/topic,248.0.html We are not… Continue reading FreeRepublic History of Copyright Infringement