Look out, Elected Officials! The Constitutional Oversight Posse is coming for YOU!

Our long national nightmare is over! Yes, once again, some guy with a website has declared that he’s not just one dude, but a whole angry mob of Real American Patriots who will Take Back America from the Godless Commie Marxist Socialist Muslims! This latest site is the Citizens For Constitutional Governance (CFCG), and just because they needed a different acronym for their group, they’re also The Constitutional Oversight Posse (COP). I can’t read that name without thinking of Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol. And like Police Academy 4, the Constitutional Oversight Posse is hilarious! So let’s meet the funny, and the people who will save us from anything that happened post-1860!

Your mission, COP agents, if you choose to accept it…

Mission: To hold to account any congressman, executive branch officer, or federal judge who violates the oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States.

The Constitution overrides the dictates of government officials. It carries the will of the people who ratified it. It may be changed by the amendment process only. It may not be changed by twisted interpretations of its words, by errant precedents set by disobedient judges, or by the pressure of a mob-rule majority.

I’m bolding the mob-rule majority section for later. But for now, let’s just realize the COP refuses to recognize interpretations of the Constitution it doesn’t agree with. This is a great out, because they can argue it’s totally for mandatory Christianity for all while screaming about the 2nd Amendment to the letter.

As the Declaration of Independence points out, it is the duty of the people to correct a government that persistently violates its charter.  The government over the last century has demonstrated its inability to restrain itself from violating the Constitution. The government has been indulging in the exercise of powers that would never have been ratified by the prescribed amendment process. Congress, the Executive Branch, and the Supreme Court have all been complicit. To rectify this problem, the Constitutional Oversight Posse has been instituted by citizens of the United States to enforce the Constitution and to ensure that any government official so presumptuous as to try to override the will of the people who ratified the Constitution and its amendments shall be duly brought to justice.

And the COP are using the Declaration of Independence to justify taking up arms against the government. Let’s also like how the COP was instituted by “citizens of the United States” – aka one guy – and he now has more power than the entire rest of the USA because he says so.

The COP will grow its membership until it has at least one million signed members who are eligible to vote in the United States.

One million members!?!?! I’ll point out right here that even the largest Tea Party groups barely have this number, and of the two that claim it, one has a lot of legacy members from before the tea party existed (Americans for Prosperity – which I don’t count as a tea party group regardless no matter what they wrote on Wikipedia), and the other is spread out over thousands of “affiliates” who could easily be sending in inflated member counts. (Freedomworks – which also didn’t start as a tea party group and their tea party spinoff Tea Party Patriots has a considerably smaller roster. Freedomworks list of active volunteers is also lower at 600,000) Most of the other larger websites have realistic numbers of ~120,000-90,000.

But, sure, whatever, one million people, easy. Obviously COP has the experience needed to manage a group of that size.

Once the required membership level has been reached, the COP’s governing board will generate an initial list of violators: government officials who have violated or ignored the oath of office or who have participated in unconstitutional exercises of power. The board will then identify the congressmen who are legally responsible for initiating the impeachment and/or expulsion of the violators.

Ah, until they have a million people, they don’t have to do diddly squat! This is perfect! Then the “board” (aka the one dude) can just pick whoever he doesn’t like that week to target.

No arrest will be conducted without the participation, at the site of the arrest, of at least ten-thousand members of the COP and the assent of at least a majority of the remaining members of the COP. No assault and no physical restraint may be used on the arrested official. No armaments may be illegally employed in the arrest. Any restraints on an arrested official’s mobility will be within the limitations of the first-amendment right to assemble and within the customary guidelines for citizen’s arrests of persons displaying criminal behavior.

Oh, and they won’t arrest anyone until they have a mob of 10,000 to 1 odds of arresting the person. But they’re against mob rule, remember? Except when it is their mob, their rules.

The first major action of the COP after the membership surpasses one million people will likely be the issuance of an ultimatum to the chairman of the House Judicial Committee and to the Speaker of the House warning them that they will be subject to arrest unless they initiate within one month the impeachment and/or other legal proceedings required to remove from office Attorney General Eric Holder and President Barack Obama in a manner that will result, to the maximal extent, in the negation of the unconstitutional actions they have taken while in office. The COP will then use its threat of arrest to hand-hold each and every one of the representatives and senators through the most expeditious constitutionally-allowed process leading to expulsion of the accused.
The COP will thereafter continue to act as enforcer of the Constitution, managing the expulsion of one violator of the Constitution after another, thereby chastening an otherwise errant government and restoring the Constitution as the legitimate ruler of the United States.

As you can see, COP set a perfectly reasonable first target that totally won’t get them arrested for sending threatening letters to Congressmen.

Given the large backlog of violators of the oath and of the Constitution, the COP is likely to be a very busy organization. It will be a very productive organization, as well, because for every official arrested or expelled from the government there will be at least ten who will thereafter be careful not to cross the line.

We’re gonna be pretty busy, but luckily our mob rule will totally scare the politicians in line instead of getting a few of us arrested for threatening the president.

COP, folks! This Posse is on a collision course with justice! Or their site will be offline in a year when they forget to renew the hosting. But FREEDOM!!

Barack Obama has a Posse

Drain Clogs – Love means never having to say “I’ll Deport You!” Edition

Some roundup stuff from the past week you may have missed…

Jan Brewer endorses Romney, become FreeRepublic enemy

Guess you can’t do anything these days without becoming a sworn enemy of FreeRepublic.com. Arizona governor Jan Brewer endorsed Mitt Romney, now let’s watch the sparks fly!

The problem is women just don’t want to vote for the guy who cheats on his sick wives, because of college brainwashing!

To: DivineMomentsOfTruth

Most people do seem to call themselves conservatives in polls still. The big problem is women. Mitt has been winning far more of the women’s vote than the men’s vote. Studies show that women who attend college come out as liberals even if they entered as conservatives, while men who attend college don’t change their political viewpoint at all. The liberals have a done a wonderful job Balkanizing the country and turning every other demographic against white heterosexual males. Republicans need to fight against this more, without simply conceding their positions on things like abortion. Obviously in war or in politics, when you give up territory, you don’t appease your enemy, you only embolden them to go after more territory. I haven’t heard enough from any of the candidates seeking to unite the genders, races, etc. Newt did do a good job talking about the poor, blacks, etc. but needs to speak more to that soccer mom vote. Not by pandering, but by at least explaining how his policies will help everybody including them.

11 posted on Sun Feb 26 12:15:36 2012 by JediJones (Watch “Gingrich to Michigan: Change or Die” on YouTube. Best Speech Ever!)

Egads, the “college conspiracy” thing has legs!

To: JediJones

It’s difficult to change the minds of those who have been indoctrinated not to think for themselves.. This is why Obama and the Left are pushing for Everyone to get a college education.. They want their dumbed-down drones to vote for them.

15 posted on Sun Feb 26 12:49:34 2012 by DivineMomentsOfTruth (“Give me Liberty or I’ll stand up and get it for myself!”)

Brewer is a monster, a total monster…

To: All

I know all along she is a rino, doing everything with her own ambition in mind.

She vetoed the state’s presidential elig bill;
she had a chance to challenge obozo’s constitutional authority (he is not a legitimate president!) to rule against Az’s illegal immmigration law but she chose to fight it the hard way and lost. She endorsed McCain for senate in 2010 battle against J.D. Hayworth……
Of course she endorses Romney! Rino for Rino!

23 posted on Sun Feb 26 15:02:19 2012 by chrisnj

Foster Friess, Aspirin Knees, and Republican Sleaze

Foster Friess is the sugar daddy bankrolling Rick Santorum’s Super PAC The Red White and Blue Fund, and he said something incredibly stupid on tv:

This contraceptive thing, my gosh, it’s so inexpensive. Back in my days, they used Bayer aspirin for contraceptives. The gals put it between their knees and it wasn’t that costly.

This has lead to more backlash and more evidence of the GOPs War on Women. So much so that Rick Santorum has turned to Newt’s old standby of attacking the press instead of talking about the issue:

via CrooksandLiars

Drain Clogs – Gun Down Them Condoms! Edition

Drain Clogs – One Ding-a-ling to Rule Them All Edition…

Colbert’s Super PAC

Stephen Colbert stopped by the FEC to form a SuperPAC.

Why should you care? Because what he’s doing is brilliant and has real world consequences.

On Friday, May 13th, Colbert and his lawyer showed up at the Federal Election Commission building in D.C. to formally request an advisory opinion for the Colbert Super PAC, which if created will be an independent expenditure Political Action Comittee able to accept unlimited corporate, individual, political committee and labor contributions.

This is a real request, says Colbert “I’m making an actual request. I want to find out whether I actually have to list Viacom and the fact that I have a show as a gift in-kind,and if I don’t, I can’t wait to use the resources of my show.”

The Lawful In-kind Contribution:
If Stephen Colbert forms a PAC and then references or uses material from the PAC on his show, there is a question whether Viacom (his corporate parent) must report the time used to talk about the PAC as an In-kind Contribution to the PAC. The FEC created this rule to prevent free advertising of PACs by shows. There is an exemption, called the Press Exemption, which is why Karl Rove can get paid by Fox News and go on Fox News and blabber on and on about American Crossroads with no repercussions, Fox News is a press entity and is exempt. Colbert is seeking clarity as to whether Viacom can count as a press entity.

It is possible the FEC will do ruling here that may strike down the press exemption, or alter it in ways that affect Fox News and their paid contributors who also run PACs like Karl Rove and Sarah Palin. In that event, Colbert has already won, hurting an enemy while producing bits for his own show. Colbert also exposes the lax of regulations and oversight at the FEC on forming PACs and SuperPACs. If Colbert is allowed the Press Exemption, he has free reign to create a multitude of content that will have implications in the 2012 campaign and beyond.

For example, this will allow Colbert to produce commercials to air in markets of close races. Due to the Colbert satire angle, expect them to be “pro-GOP” in a sense of them being anything but. Colbert’s name will ensure viral internet propagation of the commercials, and they’ll also be used as material for The Colbert Report. The commercials won’t even have to air to be seen thousands of times in the districts they are targeting. The 2012 campaign season promises to be more entertaining that 2008 ever was.

Colbert’s success in getting his PAC started will inspire others to do similar work. I am not sure who could set up something as large as his PAC has the potential to be in time for 2012, but I expect there will be a few copycats of varying degrees of seriousness.

Colbert is quoted as saying “I believe the Citizens United decision was the right one, there should be unlimited corporate money, and I want some of it. I don’t want to be the one chump who doesn’t have any.”
Then Colbert spoke:

“As we stand here on this historic site, where 250 years ago today George Washington filed his papers to form his independent expenditures non-connected political action committee, we are also standing at an American crossroads — not to be confused with American Crossroads, the name of Karl Rove’s ‘Super PAC,” Colbert told the crowd. “I mean a metaphorical crossroads, because the Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens United has proved that unlimited corporate money equals free speech. But by the transitive property of elections, does it not also follow that no corporate money equals silence?”

“I want to form Colbert Super PAC for all the PAC-less Americans, to give you a voice in the form of my voice,” Colbert said.

Colbert told the crowd he’d be offering handshakes at $1 a pop and collected fists full of cash as he darted into an awaiting SUV.

Background from episodes of Colbert Report (thanks Lansdowne):
March 10th
Inspired by ads from Tim Pawlenty and his PAC, Colbert decides to form his own.

March 30th
Colbert asks former FEC chair Trevor Potter about PACs and prepares to submit his paperwork.

April 14th part 1
Parent company Viacom urges Colbert to cease PAC activities as it would be an illegal ‘in kind’ contribution of corporate resources.

April 14th part 2
Trevor Potter returns to help Colbert submit the necessary cover letter to turn his PAC application into a SuperPAC application, which allows for corporate donations.

April 28th
Colbert discusses the differences between PACs and SuperPACs. Interview with Russ Feingold about impacts of the Citizens United ruling.

May 11th
Viacom still is reluctant to allow Colbert to continue PAC activities as they would have to disclose details about its contribution of airtime and resources. Trevor Potter then helps Colbert in obtaining a ‘media exemption’ which allows for journalistic organizations to report on PAC activities without considering the airtime a contribution.