Drain Clogs – 05-31-2010

First off, Happy Memorial Day to all those who’ve served bravely and continue to serve in our nation’s armed forces, protecting the United States and our way of life from those would would seek to destroy it or are otherwise jealous of how awesomely bad-ass our country and our military are. Now go enjoy a parade and BBQ and some beaches!

Surprise! 78% of the internet believes that FOX News anchor Greta Van Susteren is stupid! Protip Greta: never ask the internet for their opinion on anything. This is how the Tea Parties got started:

Hey, someone found an old BP advertisement from 1999 when the oil giant was just beginning to tap into US pipelines. Who would have thought a mere decade or so later they would have ruined beyond repair some of our nation’s most fragile ecosystems!

Israeli Army commandos stormed a Palestinian aid vessel carrying supplies and food bound for Gaza. UK reports suggest 16 or so Palestinians aboard the “floatilla” have been killed.

The Atlantic asks, “Has the Tea Party done anything for the GOP?“. Besides teaching conservative protesters how to spell their signs incorrectly, the answer is: “NO!”.

Cartoon of the holiday weekend:

Wingnut Web – Resistnet and the two legged bottom feeding scum sucking slugs Edition

In our rush to get Politisink set up and have a variety of information and targets, we have neglected our favorite target, Resistnet.com! That oversight will now be corrected as Resistnet.com gets slammed in our latest Wingnut Web! We got racists, not racists, FEMA camp discussion, Kagan freakouts, Oil Rig Conspiracies, Obama’s gonna murder us all conspiracies, and several posters who don’t seem to be posting in English. Which is odd, as they seem to be against people not speaking English.

Totally not racist!

Is that the same Robert Robertson who is the militia dude who runs one of the sites having a spat with the WRAM nutballs?

I just discovered giant companies are evil, and it is somehow the fault of illegal immigrants!

Let’s blame illegals for this instead of the American-owned slaughter houses doing all the unsafe practices! That sounds like the logic of someone with cysts in the brain.

No. And Why Are You Capitalizing Every Word In The Sentence?

When Obama speaks all I hear are Ke$ha songs!

I’ll just make up some stuff about Mexico to try to fearmonger you into believing me, all while saying it is the other side doing the fearmongering!

This guy must think that all Mexicans are covered in BP oil spill crud or something

Let’s take advice from Iran and China! And isn’t it great that the State Director for South Dakota can’t even speak English right?

This is what happens when you go on the internet while drunk and stupid.

P Diddy was literally going to kill every black person who didn’t die, and every black person is only days away from African violence-fest 2010. but not racist! The movie this moron is talking about is famous 1966 exploitation “documentary” Africa Addio, which is as racist as you would expect.

FEMA camps and World War 11 (which wasn’t as cool as World War 10)

1LT Overthrow The President!

The terrible secret is most progressives had never heard of Alinsky, Cloward, or Piven until Beck and his buddies wouldn’t shut up about them. And while the Alinksy book is a good read, they serve a far greater function as invisible boogeymen to scare the Right (along with SOROS!!!)

Al Sharpton – Devil Preacher

Illegals are now going to be like a swarm of locust and move from state to state devouring state budgets. But not racist!

How dare they allow people the right to vote! Especially….Brown Americans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Garry Newby does a good summary here of all the blatant lies conservatives actually believe about Barack Obama. Except he actually believes all of them, probably because his brain fell out in the late 1980s. I also enjoy the 56 Meg .WAV file attached to this post for no reason!

Illegals have murdered more Americans than there are Americans! My house is the entire country which is why I shoot everyone illegal I see. Or even those that look slightly illegal (brown) or got a tan at the beach!

By “AMERICAN CITIZENS” she means teabaggers, because everyone else doesn’t count!

Making Puerto Rico a state PROVES Barack Obama was born in Kenya! Trust me, I’m a Marvel comics character!

Commies caused the drill spill! Not my precious giant multinational corporations, who love me!

It’s the pot calling the orange tree black!

The cracks were made by Godzilla!

They are saying….THAT I DON’T CARE ABOUT THE SPILL…and just make up my own FEAR MONGERING!

The Communist Muslims are behind everything that happens ever as part of a secret plot to make Obama look inadequate with a lame response to the spill, to have the NY bomber caught with no problems, and to make a mine owner who fails dozens of safety checks to look bad.

We must be willing to destroy ourselves to ensure that rich people get more money! Come on, patriots, ruin you life! Do it! USA! USA! USA!!

Obama’s gonna kill us all!

When will people learn that I just made up the definition of terms and thus invalidated Obama all by myself? Take that, Obama!

I agree you are pathetic. You’ll be even more pathetic in 2012, and it will be awesome.

Disappointed 69% of America isn’t crazy!

More like the Phoenix Coats!

Look out, MLB, some bald guy is writing about you on the internet!

The Major League Baseball Players Association Union – the most dangerous threat to America today!

What are Hillary Swank, Michelle Malkin, and Nancy Kerrigan going to do to Mom?

Wickipedia is the official Wiki of the Wicked Musical

Obama will murder all athletes because they are against the AZ law…huh??

Let’s ignore the fact we called ourselves teabaggers first until we found out what it meant!

Hey, look, someone calling themselves Teabaggers in this very thread!

dan taylor is too busy huffing paint to be bothered to type in English or even hit the Shift key.

Wait, Mexico is communist now?

White people are so oppressed! Not racist

And now for Resistnet Chat Theater! Today on Resistnet Chat Theater, Resistnet discusses slugs!

Donald Plumb – not a scientist or engineer, but an avid guy who makes crap up he knows nothing about!

Where is Kagan’s birth certificate?

Anyone brown = illegals to SD State Director JEFF

If we clone them, we’ll outbreed those illegals!

Gordon wins the Politisink Award for WTF Are You Talking About? for this Wingnut Web entry!

Gordon has Gay Marriage Tourettes, causing him to have loud outbursts about gay marriage when the subject has nothing to do with gay marriage.

Trust us, we got more! If Resistnet was to go offline today, we’d have enough Wingnut Web updates to make it through the next three months. But Resistnet won’t be going away, there is too much money to make off of poor suckers who think they are “patriots”! So until next time, Remember the Knights Templar!

Drain Clogs – 05-28-2010

Teabagging Nevada Senate candidate Sue Lowden dodges questions about her Civil Rights Act stance. Maybe she thinks Black people should trade chickens for civil rights!

Puerto Rican Man Almost Deported To Mexico – No, it wasn’t in Arizona!

Republican NV State Candidate Dennis Nolan Accused Of Bribing Rape Victim’s Sister

Glenn Beck mocks his intellectual equal – a little girl

More than 113 census takers have been the victims of assaults or attacks this month, the U.S. Census Bureau said late Wednesday.

Alabama Democrat-turned Republican Rep. Parker Griffith has been failing left and right to get support from the Republican establishment, who oddly enough still hate Parker Griffith and aren’t fooled by his party-switching to save his job. But he did get support from Minuteman founder Jim Gilchrist. And he also hired a Gilchrist-ally’s consulting firm. Meanwhile, primary challenger Mo Brooks said that Jim Gilchrist refused to endorse him unless Brooks hired Gilchrist’s buddy’s consulting firm. Hmmmm……

Politisink hit over 1000 uniques in our first month! Good job, everyone. This just proves we are awesome!

Cartoon of the Day:

Frank, Fiddy, and The FOX Nation

Oh boy, if you thought a four day Memorial Day weekend was a nice present to receive on a Friday then you probably aren’t as cynical as I am since I was browsing The FOX Nation today and found, not one, but TWO horrible, stereotypical, and bigoted stories that the usual Einsteins over at that last bastion of ‘Fair and Balanced’ opinion decided to pick up on. And even better, one story is about every Conservative’s favorite Congressman from Massachusetts (who just happens to be gay) and the other concerns every Conservative’s favorite Vitamin Water spokesperson and bad-ass rap star (who just happens to be black). Try guessing what the common thread is in the comments on both posts (hint: it’s a disease that only homosexuals and black people can get apparently!).

The first FOX Nation post concerned Rep. Barney Frank making a hilariously off-hand statement about newly elected Hawaiian Rep. Charles Djou. Since apparently Hawaii is the bottleneck through which every Kenyan-born illegal Communist alien pours through and infects this country with their disgusting foreignness Frank suggested that perhaps the press should be putting a little bit of effort into tracking down Djou’s birth certificate, cause, ya know, he could be an EVIL USURPER! The FOX Nation was not amused:

Karen Rogers lays down out her diagnosis for Barney Frank, “useing your appendage for the correct, opposite sex body part”. Get that man 500cc of vagina STAT!

HE HE HO HO!!!!! indeed!

Honey, you haven’t needed a license to operate a dress and fake boobs in Boston since the 1970s.

Wait that whole rent boy thing was being run out of Barney Frank’s house?


Batnam has a preoccupation with Frank’s “disgusting POL”

It’s not like the man’s been in Congress since the 1980s or anything.

Damn I need to move to Mass. it sounds like Barney throws some of the best parties in town.

Your comment must have been PRETTY RIDICULOUS if The FOX Nation found it necessary to moderate it! Not like they do a good job of doing that anyway (that’s why Politisink is here).

Our next story focuses on the star of ’50 Cent: Blood on the Sand’, semi-successful rap artist, and wildly successful beverage salesman 50 Cent! Fiddy has been flying under the radar recently working on his budding film career. For his latest role in the movie “Things Fall Apart”, 50 Cent will be playing a football player who is diagnosed with cancer. Because Hollywood special effects have not yet come to the point where we can digitally retouch actor’s faces and appearance, Fiddy lost a shocking amount of weight to properly portray his character in the film:

OMG he’s like REALLY sickly looking! Does he have like cancer or AIDS or did he get a Ballerectomy or something? Can the people at The FOX Nation even bother to read the two sentence excerpt from the three sentence post on 50 Cent’s website? The answer to every question you have is “Nope!”:

Everyone was keen on the money puns for this story (since black people shouldn’t be allowed to have money ROFLMAOLOL!)

You know AIDS is transmitted by pork chops, right?

50 Cent does porno? What industry HASN’T this man curb-stomped every last dollar out of?


President Bush PERSONALLY gave 50 Cent AIDS. You heard it here first.

Pot calling the kettle black? Black people smoke pot. Smoke is what happens when there’s a fire. Fire is primarily orange and red. Mao’s Communist manifesto is bound in a red cov– OH MY FUCKING GOD 50 CENT IS A COMMUNIST! Go read a book!

Why can’t it be all 3?

See you thought I was kidding about the puns!

And there you have it readers. The FOX Nation: still a horrible cesspool of stay-at-home moms and unemployed NASCAR fans with exactly no comment moderation whatsoever and enough brain power between the 300 or so comments on each story to come up with the same tired gay jokes and AIDS puns we read on in their comments last week.

EDIT: Made a slight correction, thanks for the note TC (I for one blame all the gold I’ve been stockpiling).

The sanctity of Ground Zero

The Right has been throwing a fit about a mosque to be built at “Ground Zero” in New York.   As the NYT notes,

Since long before the Islamist terrorist attack of Sept. 11, 2001, a storefront mosque has been sitting on West Broadway in TriBeCa, a dozen blocks from the World Trade Center. No one seems to have ever minded its being there.


No one is known to have protested the fact that three blocks from ground zero, on Murray Street off West Broadway, there is a strip joint. It prefers to call itself a gentlemen’s club. A man stood on the street corner the other day handing out free passes to willing gentlemen.

On Church Street, around the corner from where Cordoba House would rise, there is a store that sells pornographic videos and an assortment of sex toys. A few doors east of the planned Islamic center, there is an Off-Track Betting office.

So what is all the fuss about? Starting with the mainstream on this, Bret Stephens at the WSJ enlightens us:

Opponents also argue that building the center so close to Ground Zero is an insult to the memory of the victims of 9/11. Germany has spent six decades in conspicuous and mainly sincere atonement for Nazi crimes. But it surely has no plans to showcase the tolerant society it has become by building a cultural center down the road from Auschwitz. Japan is no doubt equally disinclined to finance a Shinto shrine in the vicinity of the Pearl Harbor memorial.

Actually, Auschwitz is in Poland and the Poles turned it into a memorial site in 1947. As for the second example, the US has caused all sorts of problems with military bases on Okinawa since the end of World War II.  For what it’s worth, Okinawa is something like a Japanese colony where one of the most horrifying battles in human history took place between the US and Japan, with Okinawans caught in the middle.  The Japanese military forced many of them to commit mass suicide with grenades so they wouldn’t be captured.

Okinawa today:

Recently, Okinawans had been fighting to get a single one of these moved away until the Japanese military recently caved to US pressure.  Freepers rejoice:

WSJ readers hold similar opinions:

Which I guess puts one of the columns Bret Stephens cited into perspective:

One only need look at the current situations in Muslim-majority countries today, where non-Muslim minorities suffer human rights violations sanctioned under Shariah law, which dominates the constitutions of those nations. The reality of a supremacist system within Islamic culture should be enough to preclude any dialogue with those who live by the U.S. Constitution and subscribe to the modern culture of New York City.

The bases are maintained under a treaty called a Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) which effectively put US personnel in Okinawa (and elsewhere) above the law:

In Asia, the SOFA is a modern legacy of the nineteenth-century imperialist practice in China of “extraterritoriality”-the “right” of a foreigner charged with a crime to be turned over for trial to his own diplomatic representatives in accordance with his national law, not to a Chinese court in accordance with Chinese law. Extracted from the Chinese at gun point, the practice arose because foreigners claimed that Chinese law was barbaric and “white men” engaged in commerce in China should not be forced to submit to it. Chinese law was indeed concerned more with the social consequences of crime than with establishing the individual guilt or innocence of criminals, particularly those who were uninvited guests in China.

Following the Anglo-Chinese “Opium War” of 1839-42, the United States was the first nation to demand “extrality” for its citizens. All the other European nations then acquired the same rights as the Americans. Except for the Germans, who lost their Chinese colonies in World War I, Americans and Europeans lived an “extraterritorial” life in China until the Japanese ended it in 1941 and Chiang Kai-shek’s Kuomintang stopped it in 1943. But men and women serving overseas in the American armed forces still demand that their government obtain as extensive extraterritorial status for them as possible. In this modern version, extrality takes the form of heavy American pressure on countries like Japan to alter their systems of criminal justice to conform with procedures that exist in the United States, regardless of historical and cultural differences.

Rachel Cornwell and Andrew Wells, two authorities on status of forces agreements, conclude, “Most SOFAs are written so that national courts cannot exercise legal jurisdiction over U.S. military personnel who commit crimes against local people, except in special cases where the U.S. military authorities agree to transfer jurisdiction.” Since service members are also exempt from normal passport and immigration controls, the military has the option of simply flying an accused rapist or murderer out of the country before local authorities can bring him to trial, a contrivance to which commanding officers of Pacific bases have often resorted. At the time of the terrorist attacks on New York and Washington in September 2001, the United States had publicly acknowledged SOFAs with ninety-three countries, although some SOFAs are so embarrassing to the host nation that they are kept secret, particularly in the Islamic world. Thus, the true number is not publicly known.

Drain Clogs – 05-26-2010

Will Folks, the blogger not married to SC Republican gubernatorial candidate Nikki Haley who claims he was getting naughty with her, has released text messages that he says proves the affair. They certainly prove that texting was done.

James O’Keefe, fake ACORN pimp, got a slap on the wrist for his federal wiretapping crimes today. It helps to commit illegal acts with the son of a powerful district attorney. Keep in mind that is O’Keefe was brown, Republicans would be on TV calling for his summary execution without trial. O’Keefe has vowed to continue his “undercover work”, and is probably continuing it right now by breaking into your house and going through your wife’s underwear drawer.

Rand Paul is even ticking off Libertarians

Cartoon of the Day:

Drain Clogs – 05-25-2010

Current GOP senate candidate primarying John McCain and former Rep. J.D. Hayworth has decided that the USA never declared war on Germany in WWII. This ignores that fact that we did declare war on Germany, several hours after they declared war on us. J.D. Hayworth has a history of making up history, as any good birther does. He must have gotten a contract writing history books for the Texas School Board.

The North Carolina GOP really hates Tim D’Annunzio:

North Carolina Republicans are circulating court documents that suggest a far-right Tea-Party-backed congressional candidate claimed to be the Messiah, tried to raise his stepfather from the dead, believed God would drop a 1,000-mile high pyramid as the New Jerusalem on Greenland, and found the Ark of the Covenant in Arizona.

The GOP are looking to avoid defending another lunatic like Rand Paul. Maybe they shouldn’t have let the genie out of the teabag!

For some non-depressing news:

through an organisation called No More Guantánamos, two New England towns have voted to welcome detainees who have been cleared for release, and similar actions are being planned in other locations.

Vomit of the Day:
Sarah Palin Rogue Warrior One Shot (Antarctic Press)

Special bonus Cartoon of the Day with Quiz: What type of fetish website does this conservative artist, Brett Noel, run? Answer below the fold!

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You are stupid if you don’t vaccinate your children!

How do you convince someone with a particular position on an issue that they are just flat out wrong? Like Obama-groomed-for-40-years-to-take-over-the-United-States wrong or Government-is-prepping-us-for-FEMA-camps wrong or even Sarah-Palin-is-a-down-to-Earth-and-reasonable-politician-who-would-make-a-good-president wrong.

Most of the people who hold unreasoned opinions like these are people of faith to begin with (in the sense that the act of steadfast belief is all that’s necessary for something to be “true” in their minds) and due to their lack of open-mindedness and aversion to considering other arguments (especially when those arguments are in the form of a long two to three page article!) it can be quite the feat to get a “believer” to even think about thinking about considering maybe looking at something contrary to what they believe.

Enter the comic book, a publishing format that has probably done more for child literacy than every grammar school in the country combined times a million, that gives readers who might be challenged by blocks of text, known as paragraphs, a simple, easy, and visually interesting way of following along with a story.

While it might not be as useful to Wingnuts as a comic book about how unlikely it is that President Obama is a Communist Muslim Fascist who was born in Kenya and was trained over the course of his entire life to get elected as President of the United States of America only to create attrition in the government so that a Muslims cabal can take over the world, the comic below would be good to send off to your crazy sister or aunt who believes, despite all the evidence (in the form of long wordy article) to the contrary, that the Measles/Mumps/Rubella vaccine causes Autism in young children.

What a silly and dangerous thing to believe! Why is it both a silly and dangerous belief that’s completely unfounded and void of any unbiased expert to argue the position? Maybe you should read this comic by Darryl Cunningham entitled “The Facts in the Case of Dr. Andrew Wakefield” and learn a little more about what would motivate a medical doctor, who has since been discredited and stripped of his medical license, to perpetuate such a myth and why not vaccinating your children against these three deadly diseases, a trend that has caused cases of Mumps and Measels to break out in many communities all over the world, is just flat out stupid.

Medicine, myth, and intrigue. What other comic book packs a punch like that!?

RIP Joel Barbee

Nutty political cartoonist Joel Barbee has died. Our condolences to his family and friends. Politisink celebrates the life of a prolific birther cartoonist by showing some of his best work. At some point I was planning to do some retrospectives of various right wing crazy cartoonists, but Barbee has managed to get himself mentioned first!

Bada Bingslam

Attack of the Muppets

Welcome to Birthertown!

Spanish involves using lots of dashes


As we all are

Oh, noes!

I have no idea

So, how about those Mets?

Totally not racist

Barack sure is crappy for a secret communist slave

This is normally what happens when you read Barbee


Wow, Barbee, that guy is scary…

Barbee seemed to forget to finish his thought on this one

Just wait until GameraJackson Jr arrives!

Things have names?

It’s Infinity Crotch Frankenstein! Run!

The Circle of Dumbass Birthers

Where’s your Birth Certificate, Barbee?

Oh, okay

It’s like that metaphor or something

La Raza is the Boogeyman of the Right Wing. Okay, the have 9000 Boogeymen.

Totally not racist!


Barbee is tasteful again

Totally not racist!

Largest leather country?

Now we know what killed Barbee…

Waaahhh!! They wouldn’t let a racist guy buy a team!

Sooo many bad things I could say about this


Drain Clogs – 05-24-2010

South Carolina blogger Will Folks of FITSNews claimed he had “an inappropriate physical relationship” with married South Carolina Republican gubernatorial candidate Nikki Haley several years ago. Haley is a teabagger favorite and has gotten the endorsement of Sarah Palin. She denies any affair, but has mysteriously dropped out of sight.

TPM has a synopsis of the recent Liberty Convention, which had more far-right extremists than you can shake a constitution that only has the second amendment at

Cartoon of the day: