Drain Clogs – 06-01-2010

Remember when we kicked the South’s butt and ended slavery? It didn’t take. Over 1000 slaves freed since 1997.

CrooksandLiars has a good rundown of the recent spree of Rightwing nuts mainstreaming violent talk against Progressives.

Speaking of CrooksandLiars, their book comes out today!

Barack Obama’s election to this nation’s highest office was an historic achievement in American politics. His victory brought the best out in many Americans, but sewed the seeds of venom and hatred in many, many others.

In the first two weeks of Obama’s presidency, more than 200 hate crimes were committed throughout the United States, including assault, arson, and murder. And within a few months, a seemingly new right wing populist faction called the Tea Party Movement invaded the political landscape.

In a groundbreaking new book, Over the Cliff: How Obama’s Election Drove the American Right Insane (PoliPoint, June 2010), blogosphere pioneers John Amato and David Neiwert carefully document the aftermath of Obama’s victory in chilling fashion.

Amato and Neiwert explain that this “movement” was not the organic uprising it was made to appear, but rather was kick-started by Roger Ailes’ FOX News and follows in a long tradition of movement conservative activism that harkens back to the street theater days of Jack Abramoff, Ralph Reed and Grover Norquist…

Over the Cliff puts the finger on the driving force behind this descent into madness: the extremist Radical Right, where the Tea Party movement’s most unhinged ideas originate, and the conservative pundits and politicians who were willing accomplices to a divisive politics of resentment.

Primaries today in three states – Alabama, Mississippi, and New Mexico. I think we’ll be saying goodbye to turncoat Rep. Parker Griffith.

Memo to media: Do not trust Andrew Breitbart and James O’Keefe

Cartoon of the Day: