We are all doomed!!!! (This time it’s totally for real!)

Got a e-mail the other day talking about this trip I hope somebody looks into about what I am to say. And I hope it is not true! But in 10 to 20 days something is going down. I will post here as to what I got. Darla or somebody check this out ? Thanks!

Here is a some info on what is going on. There are so very many people are saying that something very big is going to happen in the next 10-20 days.— -that it would be foolish not to take notice. I am looking / hoping for something good.

Here in summation is what various insiders and people from different ranks and files are saying: (as I write this, it
is being talked about on Fox – Wed – 3rd Nov)
1) Obama has rented a massive luxurious huge 800 room motel in India for a period in November. He also has rented rooms at 3 nearby motels. He will be out of the country & in India for the entire period in question.- November 8th-till the end of the month. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/northamerica/usa/barackobama/8084055/Barack-Obamas-Indian-delegation-books-800-rooms-in-Mumbai.html

2) A Web bot designer has designed a program that picks up stressors in emails/ news/ articles on the internet. Though he hasn’t always been accurate, he did correctly predicted 9-11. He says all indications of his program strongly point to something HUGE -an event (s)-between Nov 8-14th http://www.ufo-blogger.com/2009/07/latest-web-bot-predictions-2010.html
3) Various financial insiders around the world are saying the US $$ is worthless and are looking for a different base currency and predict a total collapse of the $$ possibly in November, but sometime in the next 4 months. That is NOT a bad thing! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4n3g5lUgkWk

4) The BRIC countries (Britian, Russia, India and China) are meeting to decide what to use for a currency to take things over and use as a base currency when the inevitable collasp occurs. http://www.hurriyetdailynews.com/n.php?n=bric-nations-oppose-us-on-currency-control-2010-10-08
5) the Illuminate (the evil power brokers behind the scene who are in favor of one world tryanny/ dictatorship) are calling an emergency meeting to see if their hope for total one world fascism/ tyrannical government is still possible.
6) Those associated with the Rockefellers and Rothschild’s -(those tyrannical people who own the banks and the Federal Reserve ..those people who make & cause wars for the purpose to make money) and some of their very family members- are separating themselves from these families of organized crime and want no part of their plan to kill off millions of people via immunizations,genetic modified food, chem trails, starvation, depleted Uranium, etc. They have HAD it!! http://www.rense.com/general92/gmo.htm
7) Many inside the White House are talking that Obama will be removed from office during this period by invoking section 4 of the 25th Amendment. Cabinet members and advisors are saying that he is totally lazy, watches ESPN TV all day long, and is disinterested in Presidential duties. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Twenty-fifth_Amendment_to_the_United_States_Constitution
8) Others say that Obama is standing true to his word to release suppressed technologies and that the black hats want to remove him to keep the suppressed technologes suppressed.
9) Do notice that members close to Obama are leaving their post in Droves. http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2010-09-21/summers-may-leave-as-head-of-obama-s-national-economic-council-in-november.html
10) Benjamin Fulford (he has been the international and Asian financial reporter for Forbes and Money magazine) has friends who are very well connected to the insiders- (the people behind the scenes who actually run our government). He says that many of his sources are saying disclosure is close. He gave out many details here on his web site. http://benjaminfulford.net/2010/10/25/illuminati-rule-to-end-this-year-maybe-even-this-week-2/
This prompted him to get a call from David Wilcock.
10) David Wilcock ( who also has many friends who are very well connected to the insiders who run the government )again says that disclosure is close. He talked with Benjamin Fulford ( #13) and they compared notes. Both of them have multiple different sources on the inside. Fulford is NOT an Obama fan. So for him to say something good abut Obama… it must be true. Wilcock is an Obama fan. Both of them are saying that Obama is pushing for disclosure and that within 2 weeks we are going to find out (officially) that we are NOT alone, that suppressed technologies exist, what suppressed technologies exist.. and that mom and dad could of been zipping around like the Jetsons 80 years ago! http://stevebeckow.com/2010/10/25/david-wilcock-attack-on-obama-an-insider-campaign-military-ready-to-share-technology-perhaps-disclose/#more-22179
— and —
11)Also that Obama is going to India to make the announcement with & from a country who also supports disclosure… http://www.agoracosmopolitan.com/home/Frontpage/2007/11/09/01935.html
12) The Mayan calendar points to a big event in this same period in November.
13) Whether you agree with them philosophically or not… Various intuitives also feel something very big is about to happen
14) As does Numerology –it also points to and says that 11-20-2010 will be very big day/ time
15) Reports say that Illuminate / Bilderberg members are looking for countries of refuge and are being turned away.
16) Multiple sources strongly encourage people to buy dehydrated and or freeze dried food and have enough for a minimum of 6 months. It would be dumb not to. We grow 65 % of our food outside the US now. When the $$ collapses -which is inevitable -we will likely be short and not be able to get food for a period of time. Plus some will hoard and make the supply shorter… Walmart and Cosco are offering freeze dried & dehydrated food for hard times. It behooves you to get some. How long the transition will last is any ones guess. The stores shelves will be bare. This is not to induce fear. Yet there will be a transition period. We must cover our bases. Failing to prepare is just plain stupid.

I am not a fan of Obama, but the one and only thing I hoped Obama would do is release suppressed technologies. Werner von Braun said in 1978 that there is enough sppressed technology to turn the WORLD… not just the US, but the WORLD into a 100 year renassaunce. We need it now! If that is the plan release it next month… we will all be better off.
Perhaps nothing will happen. November may come and go without any event. I just read a lot, and have never seen so many indicators point to a specific time period. So I thought I would let you know.
I wish you and your well,