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Who invented and created by Hitler?

Who invented and created by Hitler?

A small unidentified non-commissioned officer of Germany becomes the leader of the German people, absurd, but my view is not always komapktno reading lots of articles, I read between the lines and I bring my court, all the rest are fairy tales for young children and the public, but let’s go in order to better understand the facts. I pray that we honestly answer several questions:
1st Who took the money and gold, three days before the “terrorist attack” on America?
2nd Who ordered the war against Saddam Hussein and if Saddam could attack America, absurd! But goals are achieved. Two birds with one stone!
He returned to the position of Head of Government, but welcomed him to another world
Defeat does not mean surrender. Back to the 10 Downing Street became his new obsession. Time magazine 1950th appointed him as a person first half of the 20th century.
President of the Royal Government again became the 1951st year. Memories of the Second World War, which started publishing the 1948th, became an absolute hit. Once he wrote a million words per year on average, the text that would meet about a dozen large books. Churchill has always known how to stay present and engaging the public and politics.
Nobel Prize for Literature won in 1953. year. Disappointment that it was not a prize for peace is not too long. Times have changed dramatically. United Kingdom, however, has never ceased to be an important European country, and global factors, but slipped to the throne, despite all the successes, failed to stop even a brilliant, courageous statesman.
Hitler, Churchill was defeated, but Europe is the world’s wars have done enough to stop being the world center. The real winners of the war were far away from the center of the fallen empire. They sat in the Moscow Kremlin and the White House in Washington.
Stanley Baldwin, president of the British government in his thirties, at a time when Winston Churchill was in the political wilderness, and many looked like the former, described him as a person whom the fairies at birth showered incredible gifts: ingenuity, value, eloquence, ability. Then a fairy, and she worried that no one should be so talented. Decided he was denied the ability of rational deliberation and wisdom. A man who enjoyed the power and the creation of history were the hardest years of age. Winston Churchill was omnipresent in the media, but misunderstood, and often contested. Better and faster than others to recognize what is happening in Europe.

Visit Germany

Very soon after the arrival of the National Socialists came to power in Germany, Churchill was fully recognized what a danger of Nazism. The parliament was thundered against Hitler, and warned against the development of events. Neville Chamberlain, president of the British government after the 1937th, in contrast to Winston, he thought Hitler was just an extreme nationalist. Millions of Germans living outside Germany. If the principle of self-determination understood literally, there are reasons for dissatisfaction. With the policy of appeasement of both sides – the Germans, and Eastern Europeans – certainly could not avoid a new European conflict, held in London.
After the German occupation of the Rhine area 1936th Churchill, who made his name synonymous with fighter against communism and the Soviet Union said that evil must stifle in the cradle, is now focused solely on stopping the Führer. Austria joining the signing of the Munich capitulation, which the Sudeten region 1938th devoted to Hitler, were a key step toward the Second World War.
Hitler was “determined to wipe Czechoslovakia off the map”, I said back in May 1938th year. Winston Churchill in the House of Commons British Parliament 5th listopada 1938th issued Prague assessed complete defeat the British. “Amid the disaster, we first order … All the countries of Central Europe and the Danube valley, one by one, will be drawn into a vast system of Nazi politics. I do not think that this is the end. This is just the beginning “, said lawmakers generally uninterested.

Collapse of the elections

Churchill’s attitude was, if not entirely alone, then certainly far from decisive. Opinion polls showed that 57 percent of Europeans approve the agreement. Only 37 percent of them voted against it. Hitler was, and was named Time’s Man of the Year, an honor that was before him had only FDR and Mahatma Gandhi. The question today is whether Chamberlain was buying time before all the abandoned offices of the armed forces on the island? Hope that the overthrow of Hitler in the meantime, the Germans’ conflicts existed, although they were weak. Would the Germans could do to stop that they decided to hit with force on the threshold? A year later, though still not particularly strong, the British military forces still significantly progressed.
Obviously, and I am torn by doubts, Churchill was in parliament congratulated Chamberlain reached the treaty with Hitler, probably not wanting to antagonize those who could call in the cabinet and the government. Winston Churchill may have seen further, but did not win the election. In his career had been previously the number of failures. For years Moscow has criticized the same words as now Hitler. Musollinijevu Italy for a while praised as an example of organized state. He has a reputation as too independent, and adventurer. Despite the fact that Hitler was constantly demonstrated that Churchill is right, even in the summer 1939th the vast majority of conservatives were against Winston entry into government. All the while it seemed that the policy of appeasement has hope for success, Winston Churchill was out of the cabinet.
“Lord Churchill was easily the best meet,” commented one of the most famous occasion, the daily habits of the British politician Lord Birkenhead. Although it is thought primarily to the best of whiskey and cognac, cigars, meals, expensive hotels and a life of pleasure, but not carnal, some have said that freedom was just part of the “best”, what Winston Churchill allowed to enjoy. Hitler and Nazi Germany began to threaten Britain’s most important value, and so Churchill habits.
Then Hitler intensified its policy and accelerated the change of government in London. German Foreign Minister Joachim von Ribbentrop was first September 1939. at 10 o’clock in the morning, hours after the Wehrmacht units penetrated into Poland, invited the British ambassador in Warsaw to him said that the hostilities there. The same day, Chamberlain, Churchill was invited to talk on the day of publication of hostilities, Paris and London, Nazi Germany, 3 September, he was appointed first Lord of Admiralty, Minister of Maritime Affairs.
He immediately became visible, loud, but the advocates of peace and remains among the British any more. War of the largest European states was a “fake”. The French in the west had 90 divisions. The Germans only 20, poorly armed, virtually no heavy artillery and tanks. Nothing, however, did not happen. These is the “war” months, more Frenchmen killed in traffic, but in a battle with Germany. Hope was that the Third Reich, I still wish the west, to break the Maginotovoj line, the system of fortifications on the German-French border, and that will ensure British supremacy on the seas. Secured agreement from the east with the Soviets, Hitler now had time boost Wermacht. During this period doubled the number of tanks, half a million more Germans entered the armed forces.
Then on 9 travnja 1940th Hitler invaded Norway and Denmark. A day later invaded the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. The French rescue to help their neighbors, but in vain. Chamberlain was the same day the parliament has lost confidence and resigned. The cabinet called on Churchill and Lord Halifax, Foreign Minister. It was put together a coalition government, and it could take only one of them. Winston, never without comment, is now silent, deliberately creating an awkward silence. Everyone in political life, the majority in parliament, the royal couple, a former prime minister, and Halifax are still preferred, but not Churchill.

He slept like a baby

Foreign Minister then said he does not want responsibility. Halifax, who was called Holly Fox – The Holy Fox, was not a weakling, even people who considered themselves less well than Churchill. He dropped probably due to a general attitude that the country needs a dynamic, committed politician, even the irrepressible character. The night after his appointment, despite the news about the bad condition of the French battlefield, Churchill was sleeping great. Finally on the throne, laid in three. “I was aware of the feeling of total availability of relief … impatient waiting for the morning, I slept great with no need for pleasant dreams. The reality was better than sleep, “he wrote in a memoir.
A politician who was in the 65th year came to 10 Downing Street was faced with impossible problems. The French, given the size of the army, should be a serious opponent of the Germans. A week after Winston has traveled to Paris. He was initially in good spirits, and then he sank into depression. The French resistance, eventually, turned out weaker than the resistance of the Poles in September 1939. year. Armored units of General Hans Guderian through the Ardennes mountain range last unusually easy.

Escape from France

On the beaches at Dunkirk squeezed to 335 000 British and French forces. Hitler, however, decided to allow the evacuation. Was it because of the storage tanks or sending messages Britons, historians are still slow. The German leader of the 24th svibnja 1940th commanded deceleration unstoppable progression-panzer units. “The army is the backbone of the Empire,” said Hitler. If we destroy invazijski corpus of British forces, we will break the British Empire, and that the Germans were not wanted at that moment, nor could do. Several years later, at the very end of the war, 26 February 1945., Hitler said that “Churchill was not able to appreciate the sporting spirit that I showed when I refrain from creating irreversible barrier between the British and us. We are, indeed, that they abstained completely not grind at Dunkirk.
British Prime Minister’s probably got a message. “Wars are not receiving the evacuation,” said the parliamentarians after everything ended. Neither the policy of appeasement, which was led by his predecessor. The Germans had to be broken.
In November 1940th arrived in Berlin the Soviet Foreign Minister Vyacheslav Molotov. Disagreements Soviets and the Nazis, an ally of the agreement 1939th, there are about Bessarabia, where Soviet troops entered the Hungarian expansion at the expense of Romania. Announced a direct threat in the basement of the Ministry of the German counterpart Molotov Ribbentrop expressed fears about the British response to the remaking of Europe. “England is over. It is no longer a force, “he replied Ribbentrop. “If this is so, why are we in a shelter, and these bombs are falling,” he asked Molotov.
Soon tickets decoded. England hopeful was to Russia, spoke of Hitler. Without Russia’s no question that America would help because it will then increase the influence of Japan. “Russia is a factor that generally plays England … If Russia is gone, the last British hopes will be destroyed.” This was the reason for relatively rapid break the German attack on Britain.
Hitler already did not believe that Air Force may decide the battle for the island, all entered the half-power. The sooner a deal with Stalin, the war in the West will cease. Just as it was, but with a different result than that which Hitler had hoped, but in a sense, and Churchill. The victory of the Allies finally reached in which Churchill was equal, but only the third, least important factor.

Agreement on the Warsaw

WWII German attack began on Poland. Due to the Polish war has entered the United Kingdom. After the German attack on the Soviet 22nd June 1941. European war became the world. Poland, even on a symbolic level, fell into second place at the moment to decide the fate of humanity after the center of power shifted to Moscow and Washington. The fate of the Poles, it was decided long before the conversation Churchill and Stalin in October 1944. year. During the meeting at which the influence of Moscow and London in Yugoslavia split in half, in the USSR were also representatives of two Polish. Prokomunistička, Lublin and London-based, democratic government is awaiting the outcome. Churcill Stalin had previously said it was difficult with the Poles, their political leaders are constantly arguing. “Where there are two Poles, certainly was upset,” said the Briton. “Where is even one Pole, he will not argue with himself out of sheer boredom, has stepped up Stalin. Churchill really wanted a free Poland, and although it borders look different. The Soviets had to be satisfied.
“You are cruel people who want isprevrtati Europe,” said Polish Prime Minister in exile Mikołajczyk Winston Churchill. “Want to win Russia, will allow you to. I feel like in a mental hospital, “replied the Englishman, Pole. Poles question the eastern border was just as important as the defeat of Nazi Germany. Vyacheslav Molotov, standing with Churchill and U.S. Ambassador to Moscow W. Averella Harriman, Mikołajczyk in Moscow, then clearly said that U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt back in Tehran 1943rd agreed with Curzonovom Boundary USSR and Polish.

Hidden blessings

Poles were stunned silence watching time British prime minister, now a famous American diplomat. Silence and nothing was straightforward answer. Somewhat later, in February 1945. After everything was over, Churchill was the Polish General Wladyslaw Anders asked if dissatisfied with the Yalta Conference in which they confirmed the previous agreement. “It is to say that I am not satisfied. I think that happened a great misfortune. Polish people did not deserve such a solution, and we, the fighters, we did not expect. Poland in this war first spilled blood … filed a huge loss. She was an ally of Great Britain from the beginning … “said is true and annoying Pole. Forget that justice and geopolitics are not always the same thing. Churchill said that about all the time you should negotiate with Moscow. Because Polish is perhaps reluctantly started the war with France and Britain, the Germans, but she, like the Czech Republic, were not important enough in themselves to be entered into a bloodbath. Mali and less people sometimes can not clearly see.
In mid-July 1945. Churchill with Harry Truman, and Stalin was at the opening of the most important war meeting the big three at Potsdam. He then traveled to the island, where they were during the parliamentary elections. A day after winning the vote to British Prime Minister woke up around nine, earlier than they used to. Data from the polls were bad. Put on one of sirenskih suits that I invented – jednodijelnih, secured a patent suits, in which the man quickly jumped and guests could not wait naked or in his pajamas – lit a cigar and sank into an armchair faces darken. Regardless of the grit, are plagued by foreboding end. Living without power and the power was not real life, in the political wilderness thirties were sufficiently instructive.
New back winner in the war, a loser at the polls, could hardly be imagined. Clementine’s wife commented that it could be a hidden blessing, a good thing. If so, he replied, Winston, then he certainly has a very well hidden, I do not ever losing a sense of cynicism and subtleties of the English language.

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Let’s Play Puffie!

WTF is Puffie, you ask?

Puffie is the latest scam circulating on the teabagger boards as a supposed “conspiracy” by the left to get the wingnuts to send lots of envelopes with white powder to elected officials so Obama can suspend the elections and become President for Lyfe. Because that would totally happen because of something this stupid. But try not to dig too deep in the logic of wingnuts, they see conspiracy everywhere because people on the radio tell them it is so.

*************** WARNING *******************

A number of ultra liberal left wing political
groups are plotting to stop the November 2010
elections in the United States.

Their plan it to have a large number of their
members play a game known as “Puffie” and to
get a large number of T-Party members to also
play “Puffie”.

The T-Party members will be fooled into thinking
they are helping their cause to SAVE the
United States by playing this game.

What the result of this game will be is to
spread fear and panic in candidates offices and
give Obama a seemingly valid reason to issue a
presidential order stopping the elections and
keeping the current politicians in office until
the US police forces can end the “Puffie” event
and arrest/prosecute those playing the game.

Of course, only Republicans, Independents, and
T-Party members will be suspects.

Here is the text of the e-mail messages that will
be sent to the T-Party members:

***** Save the United States *****

********** Play “Puffie” *********

“Puffie” was inspired by this eBook which you
can read on your Kindle (or Kindle app on your PC):

“Puffie” consists of many different people in
different locations sending letters to various
candidates with a threatening letter that says:
“Obama Rules” filled with some unidentified powder.

The senders of the letters mix different powders
of things found around the house and are very
careful to not leave any finger prints on the
letters and to seal the letters with a damp cloth.
Of course, use a bogus return address.

Send this message to others on your e-mail list,
along with candidates names and addresses, and
have them join the “Puffie” movement.

Watch the liberal press to see what the reaction is
from the candidates.


Oh, that Amazon link? It’s to an ebook Pending Global Disasters: Germ War Diary (Kindle Edition) by Donald P. Parks

Said ebook is only $6.66. Yes, the Mark of the Beast.

Product Description
This document is classified as SECRET.

Only persons having a need to know may read it. U.S. Government employees MUST be individually authorized by the author of this work IN WRITING before reading it.

The first version was published as an e-book in 1991 and may have been used to inspire the group that brought us the “Swine Flu” event in 2009.

It’s almost as if this entire conspiracy is just some guy using wingnut paranoia to promote his own crappy ebook from 20 years ago!

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Click for this huge conspiracy theory of crap!

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Dumb Conspiracy Theories – The Soros-BP Shuffle

The internet is awash with ridiculous conspiracy theories, because many people on the internet have some sort of mental issues. Shocking news, I know. What is fun is reading some of the conspiracy theories, because they are usually more interesting than the latest schlock on the shelves at Borders. Thanks to the magic of Resistnet, we got the ultimate BP oil conspiracy from poster Edmund Goodwin:

Goal: For George Soros to get richer and to force the establishment of his commie New World Order…

George Soros is the ultimate devil in conspiracy theories lately. It’s like the right is completely oblivious to the fact there are many many multi-millionaires who give money for political causes. In fact, since many of these people pushing the Soros hate work for Foundations and Think Tanks bankrolled by rich families like Scaife, Coors, and Olin, one can only conclude they are turning Soros into a boogeyman on purpose. Because they are.

So what would you do if you were a large, well-organized group of committed communists? Well, besides give each other Nobel “Peace” Prizes? Remember Mandella, Arafat, Obama?

So Edmund Goodwin hates Nelson Mandella now. How dare they end apartheid! Those muthafrakkers!

Look south to commie Venezuela and Hugo. How about Brazil? China is a communist country, as is North Korea. The commies need to break America financially, and break the American people’s spirit, so kill jobs as quickly as possible and spend our tax money as quickly as possible.

So George Soros wants to get richer (capitalism) by doing communism. And Brazil is brought up for no reason. What is the conspiracy to bankrupt America? Get ourselves involved in stupid wars that drain our funding so a certain Commander in Chief and pretend to be a fighter pilot with a big codpiece? Nope, the real conspiracy is much deeper than that…

How? Hmmmmmm… Deny the largest oil company in the world (BP) shallow drilling. Make them drill way far out where it is deep. Let them slide past tough inspections. Make sure the emergency shutoff valve a mile down has a dead battery. Shut off the alarms. One spy on board required.

We’ll use BP, force then to violate safety regulations thanks to a spy.

But I’m getting ahead of my story. First, they need some bodacious nut case to help out. Kim Jong Ill of North Korea, maybe. But how to contact him without being noticed by the sheeple? Send a couple of innocent young ladies (who speak Chinese and are sort-of journalists) across NK’s border. They’ll get arrested.

Asian women can’t be real journalists! Because their slanty eyes prevent them from seeing the truth that only round-eyes can see. But Asian people are sneaky, unlike Real Americans, and also speak Chinese, just like the North Koreans but also unlike Real Americans, who only speak Real American.

Then send Bill Clinton to NK to personally intervene with KJI and “rescue” the girls. Whilst there, he can propose a deal about nukes and small submarines. KJI’s sub can cause an “accident” to an oil rig. The oil spill will be horrendous. Then make sure it IS NOT STOPPED so the spill will eventually wipe out most jobs and businesses along the Gulf coast. Meanwhile, KJI can begin to attack South Korea with impunity and play with nukes (except for the obligatory bluster).

So the plan is to have Bill Clinton and Kim Jong Ill (Kim Jong Il’s sick brother) torpedo and oil rig (which is also being sabotaged by a spy at the same time) via a magic submarine that can somehow get into the Gulf of Mexico undetected in a giant conspiracy to take down Bubba Gump Shrimp and also let North Korea sink a South Korean ship and also nuke South Korea, spoiling the release of Starcraft 2 later this summer.

The spill will make BO’s Cap & Tax easier to pass in Congress. That, in turn, will rapidly kill people’s spirits and their bank accounts as well. Cloward & Piven again and again!!! Then Obama loans Brazil’s Petrobras oil drilling company billions of our tax dollars to drill even deeper than BP was doing! Meanwhile, George Soros has (only just days before) coincidentally invested HUGE amounts of money in Petrobras. Boy, was he lucky! For a very rich guy to get even richer off our tax money— woo hoo!

Obama is sooo evil he is doing a conspiracy to destroy drilling so he can give a company money to continue drilling! It’s the ultimate ploy. Also Soros gets rich because who ever heard of rich people getting richer? The ultimate plan! It makes perfect sense, except for the part where you bother to think about any of it. We get a Cloward Piven namedrop as well, another thing no one ever heard of until Glenn Beck decided that liberals were doing it and suddenly every Wingnut with a keyboard is a Cloward Piven expert.

Nightmare? Conspiracy theory? Truth? You decide. But we need to get our military home so they can defend this nation from “all enemies foreign and DOMESTIC.”

We must bring the troops home so they can stand around on oil rigs looking for spies and secret submarines!

Oh, I forgot to add that this scenario above also facilitates the nationalization of BP !!! Stay tuned.

How are we going to nationalize a company from another country? Stay tuned, another completely ridiculous theory will be printed soon…we hope! Maybe he can work the greys and reptilians into it!

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